title: being Hyotei
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Ohtori, Hiyoshi, Hyotei
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Ohtori tries to be a good regular.
notes: for mookie, for this request on fic on demand. not quite 700 words, and more Ohtori than Hiyoshi, so... hope it suits?

It was troublesome, sometimes, being Hyotei. Naturally, Ohtori Choutarou wouldn't go anyplace else on the planet - unless Shishido-senpai went there first - but it was still a bother.

Mukahi-senpai had been dragged off halfway through practice by Oshitari-senpai. Mukahi-senpai had said he'd give Ohtori his old chemistry notes after practice, because Ohtori was feeling a bit nervous about the test he had at the end of the week. It would take twice that much time to track Mukahi-senpai down, and there was no way that Oshitari-senpai would understand; he was first in his class, and he never studied.

It wasn't fair.

Shishido-senpai told him not to worry about it, but then he'd gone off with Atobe-buchou, and Ohtori had no idea where they went. That was...


But Ohtori wasn't allowed to interfere, or at least, that was the feeling he had. Even though Shishido-senpai was a scholarship student and he lived in a small apartment, he was one of Atobe-buchou's closest friends, and...

Well, Ohtori was lucky that Shishido-senpai spent as much time with him as he did.

However, the most troublesome thing was, with Oshitari-senpai gone, and Atobe-buchou gone, and Kabaji was probably with Atobe-buchou... Jirou-senpai was most likely asleep somewhere...

That meant that Ohtori was the only regular left to lock up.

He took one final tour of the grounds, making sure everyone had left. There were some first years doing strength training on the lawn, but they had their bags with them. However, on H court, Hiyoshi was still hitting the wall, using his Enbutenshu.

"Hiyoshi-kun," Ohtori called out. "I'm cleaning up. How much longer are you going to be?"

Hiyoshi caught his ball neatly, and turned to look at Ohtori. "Huh, don't tell me, Atobe absconded with your... partner, and now you're doing his work for him. Pathetic."

Ohtori frowned. He didn't exactly like that implication... and he didn't like how everyone assumed things about Shishido-senpai and him, just because they were doubles partners. It wouldn't be right for him to just assume things, like that he and Atobe-buchou were off to Atobe-buchou's palatial estate to make out or something. Assumptions just lead to mistakes, and sorrow.

"Whether you think it's pathetic or not, I'm going to be locking up the club house, with your stuff in it or not." Ohtori raised his chin, just like Shishido-senpai said to. He turned, though... he didn't want to be rude, per se. He just didn't want to have to wait around uselessly.

"Hold up. I'll come with you. I can finish my workout at home." Hiyoshi caught up to Ohtori, matching his pace. "Do you have music lessons today?"

"During the season, I'm self-paced," Ohtori replied diffidently.

"What will you do next year?" Hiyoshi asked.

"Probably the same. I don't intend to pursue music professionally, so it's really just a hobby," Ohtori shrugged.

"That's not what I meant," Hiyoshi said sharply. He grabbed Ohtori's elbow, and turned him so they were facing each other. "You're the only other regular who is a second year. Well, Kabaji, but... Do you intend to try for the Captain's place?"

"Are you afraid of the competition?" Ohtori asked lightly. "We could play a match, if you're worried."

"Not hardly," Hiyoshi narrowed his eyes. "But. Why do you play tennis?"

"Excuse me?" Ohtori stepped back.

"Why? I can't understand a guy like you. You're strong... but easy going. I could understand it, if you were playing because of your partner. If you were playing to prove yourself. But once the senpais are gone... what reason will you have left?" Hiyoshi looked Ohtori over, speculatively. "Unless I've misjudged you. But I really can't see what your reason would be."

"We're Hyotei, Hiyoshi-kun." Ohtori started to walk toward the clubhouse again. "Our reasons are all the same.

"We do it because we're the best."

He grinned. When he got home, he'd call Shishido-senpai's cell. Maybe... maybe he'd ask him for help training.

It might be troublesome, but it was worth it, to win.