title: Bed Head
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Kajimoto/Wakato, Wakato/OFC
rating: Teen
warnings: sexual situations, touching, kissing
summary: Wakato plays with Kajimoto's hair.
notes: mm, the pretentious pair is sexy... also, once again pretending they are in high school.

He does still remember the first time he saw Kajimoto, their first year in school. They weren't friends back then, because Wakato was too shy to approach him. Kajimoto was fixing his hair, before their first tennis practice. Wakato watched him, because he'd always wanted hair like Kajimoto's, but he didn't understand it. Who fixed their hair before practice? It make Wakato want to put his hands in Kajimoto's hair and mess it up...

Kajimoto was so serious and dedicated, he caught their new coach's eye almost right away. Him and Shinjou. No one noticed Wakato in their first year. He was still learning, so much. Back then, it was always him, watching Kajimoto, wanting to be able to talk to him.

And yet, it was Kajimoto that approached him, smiling at him as he asked him to play. Wakato didn't even know what he said in response, but they played, at a court near Kajimoto's house. Kajimoto asked him to come to his house, after, for something to drink, and in Kajimoto's spacious, beautiful kitchen, he told Wakato that he admired his tennis.

After that, Wakato grew bolder. In their second year, Wakato caught their coach's eye, and she developed a program just for him, tailored around his 'pretender' style. Kajimoto was the one who watched him, then, and it felt good. Sometimes, after practice, they would walk back to Kajimoto's house together. Wakato always avoided asking him over to his own apartment. His family didn't exactly live in squalor, but it wasn't like Kajimoto's house. They would lie on their stomachs in Kajimoto's room, and play video games, taking turns watching each other. And sometimes, Wakato would look up at Kajimoto's bed, and he could feel his whole body getting hot.

He never thought about it, because he had always been attracted to Kajimoto. He couldn't understand how anyone could not be attracted to him. He seemed nearly perfect to Wakato.

Of course, it was Kajimoto that kissed Wakato first. They were in public, too, even if it was secluded, and no one was around. They were in a park, near school, and Wakato was leaning against a tree. Wakato's first match as a regular was the next day, and he had told Kajimoto how nervous he was. Kajimoto, out of the blue, had kissed him, and told him, 'I don't think you need to pretend to do great.'

Kajimoto asked Wakato to call him by his given name when it was just them, but Wakato couldn't bring himself to; he called him 'Hisa, though, which seemed to please Kajimoto more. Kajimoto asked if he could call Wakato Hiroshi, blushing just a bit as he did.

Wakato felt really, really lucky.

They kissed again, three times. Wakato had been afraid to touch Kajimoto's hair each time, though. He was afraid that if he messed it up, Kajimoto would be mad. But he wanted to, and he swore, some day, he would.

His fan club started out slowly, just one girl, named Mayu, who made him a banner for his second match. She was cute, and not at all shy. He liked the attention... he liked it a lot... and in the back of the library four days after their last match, second year, he kissed her, and put his hand between her legs. He didn't let her touch him, really, but he liked how easy it was, how quickly he could have her. He didn't think about Kajimoto in reference to it. It was completely separate. He could have justified it in that he really cared about Kajimoto, and this was just... fun, except he didn't really have fun with Mayu, and he more than cared for Kajimoto.

By their third year, his fan club was huge. Girls liked boys who paid attention to them, and so it was easy to make his fan club grow and grow and grow. He was sure there were more girls who liked Kajimoto, because, why wouldn't they? But Kajimoto was so reserved. He heard from his girls how the school perceived his captain, and it was funny, because it wasn't how Kajimoto was to him. It made him feel special.

But he had no idea how jealous Kajimoto was, or what kind of rumors were getting back to Kajimoto. If he'd known, maybe he would have been more cautious, but maybe not.

One day, St. Rudolph's Mizuki showed up for their practice. They'd heard about him, so a few people got in his face and told him that no one was defecting to St. Rudolph's. Mizuki had laughed at them, though, and said the only person he was interested in was their captain. He leered at Kajimoto, and told everyone he had gotten 'a bit of data' on Kajimoto that weekend, and now he wanted more. The way Mizuki watched Kajimoto, and the way his voice sounded when they talked... Wakato didn't like it.

After practice, he ditched his fan club, and chased after Kajimoto, questioning him about Mizuki. He hadn't realized that a gulf had appeared between himself and Kajimoto. He hadn't realized that they weren't still close. He always still felt Kajimoto's eyes on him, so he assumed everything was fine.

Kajimoto baited him, asked him what business it was of his if he was with Mizuki. Told him that he could still go back to his fangirls, and take them to the library if he wanted. Wakato was desperate. He threw his arms around Kajimoto's neck, even though they were in public. Kajimoto relented, and asked him back to his house.

They sat on Kajimoto's bed, and kissed, and Wakato touched Kajimoto's hair. It was cute the way that Kajimoto blushed, and fixed his hair when he got the chance. But Wakato never expected more than that, not even when Kajimoto had tugged on his sleeve, in the locker room a few days later, pulled his aside, blushing, and told him that his parents were going to be away for the weekend.

He had never thought about it, but even as Kajimoto was touching him, kissing him, opening his shirt, Wakato couldn't believe that Kajimoto would want him. He moaned, and begged for 'Hisa to do... something, he didn't know what. 'Hisa was so gentle, so tentative, giving Wakato every chance to pull back, or refuse.

It wasn't like he had expected, wasn't like the dreams he had at night when he touched himself. He had no way to know what it would be like. It was nothing at all like being with a girl, in the back of the library, or behind the bleachers. Nothing like that at all, and it made him regret every time he had cheated on his 'Hisa.

He woke up in bed with 'Hisa, naked, feeling strange. 'Hisa's room was bigger than his, and it was sunnier, too. 'Hisa was still sleeping, and he was making cute little noises with his nose. Wakato ran his hand lightly over 'Hisa's beautiful body... He could never have expected this. He felt like a child let loose in a toy store, who was told that it was all his. He could do nothing but stare in wonder at what he was given.

And 'Hisa's hair was sticking out at all kinds of weird angles! Wakato bit his lip to keep from laughing, and ran his fingers through 'Hisa's hair, kissing his cheek lightly. He was so beautiful, just completely beautiful, unimaginably beautiful...

'Hisa opened his eyes groggily, and smiled as soon as he recognized Wakato. He looked so shy and lovely, hiding his face behind his hand, even though his body was bare. Wakato kissed his shoulder, and smiled.

"'Hisa. You have bed head." Immediately, 'Hisa put his hands in his hair, and then slipped out of bed. Wakato sat up, alarmed. "Wait, I didn't mean..."

'Hisa smiled at him over his shoulder. It was so odd... He stood before his dresser mirror, holding his hairbrush, completely naked, and he smiled at Wakato. "Just one second. I... I just want to straighten it out." He then turned his attention to the mirror, and he started to arrange his hair just so, just the like the first time Wakato ever saw him.

Wakato bit his lip. He had never thought about things before, never went through the chronology, step-by-step, figuring out how things worked. Had never really thought about how he felt or how his captain might have felt. He had taken far too much for granted.

He got up, and put his arms around 'Hisa's waist, tucking his chin on 'Hisa's shoulder. "You can make it look perfect... but then I'm just gonna mess it up again, 'Hisa."

'Hisa blushed, and smiled, kissing Wakato quickly on the nose. "You can do that, if you like."

Happiness swelled up in Wakato, like every chain that had been restraining the happiness inside of him was now gone. His arms tightened around 'Hisa's waist, and he closed his eyes. "'Hisa... I'm sorry. I... I only ever loved you."

'Hisa's eyes widened, and the hand holding the hairbrush fell to his side. He turned to face Wakato. He put his arms around Wakato, too, and somehow, even though they were nude, Wakato felt so innocent, so clean, being held by 'Hisa, being kissed by him. "Hiroshi." Even the way that 'Hisa said his name, so formally, despite the intimacy, so seriously, like he was claiming Wakato... "I love you, too."

It wasn't like there weren't problems. His fan club would get cranky if he never showed them 'special' attention again. And there would be rumors. They would have to be careful. Wakato didn't know 'Hisa's parents, really, but he knew his own wouldn't approve. There were definitely still problems. But things were so much clearer now, and he wouldn't get confused again.

He put his hands in 'Hisa's hair, and laughed at the way 'Hisa winced.

They were in love. It would be all right, somehow.