title: Beautiful Violence
fandom: Demon Ororon
characters/pairings: Mitsume/Othello
rating: G/Teen
warnings: none
summary: Mitsume doesn't dwell on his relationship with Othello.
notes: for rondaview, for this request on fic on demand.

If he knew better than anyone how to make skin break and bleed, how to inflict pain so that it lasted and burned, how to cripple an opponent as efficiently and as cruelly as possible, then at least he knew how to soothe the wounds.

He was beautiful of course, in a way that Mitsume could never be. He had soft skin, eyes like crystals, and hair like silk. When things were quiet - though those times were few and far between - and he was able to just put his head down on Othello's thigh, let Othello pet him gently, and just be together.

He would hate him again as soon as he started to talk. He would try to kill him the next time they fought.

When he was strong enough, he would leave.

But he was weak still, so he lay there, and let Othello touch him.