title: bananas
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Trowa/Wu Fei
rating: Teen
warnings: sex in a tree
summary: Trowa drives Wu Fei up a tree.
notes: for nekofreak, for this request on fic on demand.

"Barton," Wu Fei sighed. "How the hell do you do these strange things to me?"

Trowa paused in his attentions to Wu Fei's hip. "What do you mean? Strange? I've done nothing strange to you, Wu Fei."

"I'm tied up in a tree," Wu Fei flatly returned.

As if reminded of that fact, Trowa got back to suckling on Wu Fei's hip, his fingers caressing Wu Fei's skin.

Growling to prevent himself from getting distracted, Wu Fei wriggled. "Naked." He looked balefully down at their clothes, there on the ground.

Undeterred, Trowa took a more aggressive posture, and started to lavish attention on the space just below Wu Fei's cock.

Groaning, Wu Fei struggled against his restraints. That was the last time he was having champagne, ever! "What if Winner comes out to check on us? Do you want our friends to see us like this?" he pleaded desperately.

Trowa pulled back, frowning, looking over their situation critically. "You know what? This is really fucking hot."

Wu Fei could only whimper, and wrap his legs tightly around Trowa's waist.

In a tree was suddenly the answer to a question he would never actually respond to out loud...