title: Bad Dream
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Tim/Wally (sorta), Dick/Roy
rating: G/Teen
warnings: dreaming
summary: ...yeah.
notes: for mizzmarvel, on fic_on_demand, tho that's a misnomer, because this is nothing like what she wanted. le sigh. but maybe this will inspire someone to write what she really wanted... hey, stranger things have happened. i saw a video once of a MAN wrestling a BEAR. can you imagine! a MAN! wrestling a BEAR! so yeah!
still, tho, this was hard to wrap my brain around, even in this half-assed version, because in my brain, it's a little like asking me to slash two of the straightest characters in the DCU. *boggled* hence the craptitude.

Eager lips unclasp hidden seals to find hot flesh.

A black-gloved hand slid through strawberry hair.

A tiny gasp parts excited lips.

Red-gloved hands spread out a yellow-lined cape, before pushing down a pliant body.

Green legs parted, a yellow belt tossed aside.

A groan, loud and fast, stuttering, followed by a sloppy kiss.

Red material peeled back, revealing a lean, long chest covered in fine, nearly invisible red hairs.

Red kevlar peeled back, revealing a slim, muscular, smooth chest.

Fast tongue moving over the smooth chest, teeth latching on to a dark, pert nipple hard enough to elicit a shout.

Black fingers grasp at pale flesh.

Red head dip between green legs, lascivious tongue dripping over quivering flesh.

A gasp, a groan, dark hair spread over yellow fabric as a head dips back, baring an irresistible neck for hungry lips.

Lips part to issue a passionate cry.


Dick Grayson bolted up from bed, panting, ripping the sheets away as he did. The shadows haunt with images from his nightmare, driving him to slide out of bed and flick on the light. Running his hand through his hair, he paced the room, chasing away the dredges of the dream.

"What the fuck?" Roy blinked, groggy. "What fuckin' time is it?"

"Early," Dick stated briefly.

"What's eatin' you?" Roy is too tired to even be teasing.

"Bad dream." Dick shook his head, shuddering slightly.

Roy sat up, forcing himself to be a bit more conscious. "Yeah? What was it? Joker? Two-Face?"

"Wally and Tim going at it like jackrabbits."

Roy's eyes widened until his eyeballs could have literally slipped right out and rolled off of his face.

Dick grimaced. "I'm... going to sweat this one out."

Roy nodded mutely. "Give me five, and I'll join you."

...oops? sorry!!!!