title: A tool's heart
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: Seimei/Soubi
rating: Teen
warnings: death, implied violence
summary: Seimei instructs his tool how to feel.
notes: for 900_0001, for ... guess?! ^_^ this request on fic on demand. also, somewhat influenced by the translation of episode 10 as seen on this site, so some potential spoilers, i guess, but not really.

He stepped closer to their bodies, stiff and still. There was blood sticking to the blades of grass, and the chains from the Restriction were still binding them together, but they could no longer feel pain.

"What are you doing? Release the System. It's over."

He reached out to touch the bodies. He'd never felt a dead body before, but he'd seen them, at Sensei's. He didn't really understand this. They were young.

"Soubi." Seimei took his hand. He shook his head, smiling softly. "Soubi, there is no mercy for the weak. We are perfect. Are we meant to endure the attacks of the useless refuse of the world? Is that compassion? Repeat after me, Soubi. We are perfect."

He looked up into Seimei's clear eyes. "We are perfect," he echoed, and he knew why Seimei wanted him to say it. It was a spell, and it would bind them together. Soubi stood up, still holding Seimei's hand. "We are perfect."

Seimei's expression softened; he was pleased. "I'll go home with you tonight. You're injured. We both are. But don't get used to it. I have a family."

Soubi nodded. "Thank you," he intoned, tightening his grip on Seimei's hand.

It was true that Seimei was perfect for him. But to Seimei, he was just a thing. It was enough, though, because he was a valuable enough thing that Seimei occasionally considered his feelings.

Seimei walked calmly through the streets with Soubi, his cheek bleeding, their hands clasped.