title: a summer afternoon's dream
fandom: Samurai Champloo
characters/pairings: pseudo-Jin/Soujoubou (tengu)
rating: Teen/Mature
warnings: dreamy supernatural sex
summary: It's hot, and Jin wants to cool off, but that's not quite what happens...
notes: takes place post series. Information about tengu taken from here.

He stopped, and leaned against a tree. The sweat was running down his back, and not in a good way. He wasn't even sure where he was going. He thought that he was no longer running away from anything. He thought that he was going someplace.

Then, shouldn't he know where that place was?

He didn't even know what mountain he was climbing, or why he was climbing it.

He pushed his top down, letting it hang from his waist. There was no reason for him to cling to propriety, since he was all alone on the mountain. It had been days since he'd seen another human being, and there were no traces of a town nearby.

He sank down, and sat against the tree, looking up at the sky, and the too bright sun. The mountains were supposed to be cooler. Damned summer.

Even the birds were quiet, probably asleep in the heat of the day. The air was thick, and felt dirty. He combed his fingers through the grass just to feel the coolness, and he plucked a small flower from the thicket. A purple flower, with yellow lines shooting up the petals. He closed his eyes. When had he last eaten? He was sick of being poor. It might almost be worth it to pledge his sword to a lord, just to be fed three times a day.

Actually, no, it wouldn't be.

He heard... water...

Eyes blinking open, he listened carefully, holding his breath to be sure. The sound of his heart thudding in his chest just got louder, though. He leaned against the tree to stand up, and then pushed off, heading off in the direction of the sound.

From far away, he hadn't seen any water on the mountainside, but even a small stream could mean fish. Could mean he could cool off. Could mean life.

He slipped through the thickening trees, feeling desperate. The sound was getting louder. He must have missed it! A great mountain river flowed through here, it must!

He broke though the trees, and found the source of the sound... a waterfall of the clearest, most beautiful water he'd ever seen. Spray misted the air all around it, offering a sample of the cooling that was in store. Jin licked his lips.

And then he realized that he was not alone.

There was a young... woman? She was watching him from the other end of the pool at the base of the waterfall, her long, shimmering white hair covering her slim, sensual body.

Jin narrowed his eyes, trying to get a better look.

Her frame was narrow, and somehow, he thought the best way to describe her was bird-like. It was true, her nose was a bit pointed, but other than that, she was a pure beauty, and her skin looked smooth, soft, and perfect.

Licking his lips, he started to evaluate his chances of getting between her legs.

"Oh!" She started, and she surged forward, grabbing a wrap covered in soft, shimmering... were those feathers? The wrap floated on the surface of the water around her as she pulled it tightly over her body. "Samurai!"

Jin put his hand on the hilt of his sword, and bowed shortly. "Excuse me. I didn't know I was intruding."

She looked him over, turning slightly. She certainly wasn't stacked... that was a bit of a disappointment. But as she turned, he could see her long, elegant hands. She had long fingernails, painted white with a swirling pattern of light blue. Her lips were seductively curved, but she wore no paint on her face at all. She held her wrap tightly over her chest, but even just a glimpse of her neck was enough to heighten his passions.

Still. It was rude to disturb a woman's bath... even an incredibly sexy woman's... though, for some reason, he couldn't help but think that Mugen would just jump into the water with her.

That bastard.

"Oh, it's all right. You're... a modest man, aren't you?" She giggled slightly, and lifted her leg to step out of the water. He licked his lips, looking over the impossible smoothness of her legs, wanting to put his hands on that skin... "It's been a while since you've been in the company of another person, hasn't it, samurai?"

He blushed, and turned. "My apologies. I..."

"Don't run away," she asked, setting herself down on a smooth rock. She picked up an ivory comb from her silk purse, and started to comb out her hair. "It's been a while since I've had any company, either. You seem... interesting. Anyway, weren't you going to bathe?"

He looked her in the eye... from the distance, they appeared to be bright blue. "I would not intrude like that."

"I don't mind," she shrugged with casual indecency. "Do you take down your hair when you bathe?"

"Sometimes," he hedged.

She smiled. "I like dark hair."

He reached up slowly, and started to undo his hair. She watched him, holding her breath, her lips parted.

He felt his cock twitch.

He pulled out the hair tie, and let his hair fall over his shoulders. It was a nuisance, down like that, but he liked the way he had her rapt attention.

He liked that a lot.

"You're quite beautiful, Samurai," she smiled, looking at his hair.

"I'm not," he shrugged. Did she really intend for him to bathe right in front of her? Not that he minded. He undid the tie on his pants, and let his clothes fall off his body. The woman leaned forward, and grinned. "And my name is Jin."

"Jin," she repeated, and she leaned down, picking up a long fan made of seven feathers to hide her face. "My name is Soujoubou."

"Soujoubou, it's a pleasure to meet you." He slipped into the water, and started to rinse his body off. He bent his head down to hide his frown. Wouldn't Soujoubou be a...? "Will you teach me the hidden secrets of martial arts, then?"

Soujoubou laughed. "If you have a good dream on this mountain, who knows what you will learn?"

He looked up at her. She... was stunningly beautiful. Her hair... looked like silk shining in the sunlight.

"Do you need to learn the hidden secrets?" she asked in a singsong voice.

"One can always be stronger," he asserted flatly.

"And what has strength gained for you?" she asked baldly.

He was silent for a moment. The image of his master's blood appeared before his eyes. But then... "My blade has served to protect people I care for."

"Well, well. Come here, Samurai Jin."

He waded over to her. The water was cool and comforting, but his blood was getting hotter and hotter. He stepped out of the water, and stood naked before her. She reached out, and touched his chest...

Touched his scars.

"And these?"

"The marks of a samurai," he said quietly.

"Is it your fate then to die in the service of someone else?"

"Who knows?" he asked, and boldly, he reached out, and touched her face. She was even more beautiful than he had imagined, and her eyes were like the ocean drenched in sunlight. They seemed to be endless. "Everyone dies."

"True," she replied sadly, holding his hand in place, and turning her face, to kiss his palm.

"You risk causing my to lose my control," he warned her with a whisper.

"Your control is yours to keep," she reminded him softly. "But I wouldn't mind seeing you out of control."

The air had a dream-like quality to it, both heavy and cool, and his body felt strange, heavy but his skin was tingling. He ran the back of his fingers down her neck. "Who are you?" he asked, mystified.

"I already told you," she smiled. "You should be careful, though. This could turn into a bad dream before you know it."

"I doubt it," he said, and he leaned down, and kissed her. He slipped his arms around her, and pulled her up. Kissing her... was like tasting rich, heady wine. One taste could not be enough.

They ended up prone on the soft grass next to the water. Her elegant fingers stroked up and down his back, her nails biting into his skin enough for the sensation to burn over his nerves, but not enough to break his skin. He kissed her lips, her cheeks, her gorgeous eyes, and her neck, pushing open her wrap...

"This is the point where the dream would turn bad," she whispered, turning her head to the side. "I like you, Jin. But will you hate this body when you see it?"

He couldn't even understand what she was saying. Hate her body? How was that possible? Her breasts were small, true, but... He opened her wrap, and he saw. She had no breasts. And. She had. Well. He had.

Jin looked at her... his face, but his eyes were shut tight, and she... he looked afraid.

He kissed Soujoubou's nipple, licking it. It perked up. He breathed heavily over Soujoubou's skin. "Is it possible to hate this body?"

He moved down, incited by Soujoubou's delighted groans. The smooth stomach was the same as a woman's, perhaps even more beautiful than the body of any woman he had ever bedded. At the crotch... Well. That. He was familiar with that of course, familiar with his own, at least. Soujoubou's was slimmer, and the hair surrounding it was as white as the hair on Soujoubou's head. That.

Well, he wasn't quite ready for that.

He opened Soujoubou's legs, and kissed inside of his thighs. He moved down, and... that was the hole he'd have to use. The same, but different, but... Different enough that...

"We'll need something... to ease the passage..." he said, licking his lips.

Soujoubou's hand slipped down Jin's body, taking Jin's cock roughly. His long nails scratched the inside of Jin's thigh. "No. I'm stronger than that. C'mon, Samurai Jin. Show me your mettle."

Jin narrowed his eyes, and grunted.

It wasn't like being with a woman, after all. Soujoubou's hole was tighter, hotter, and Soujoubou's hands were all over him, grabbing at his hair. When he looked into Soujoubou's eyes, he felt lost, broken, shattered... ready to be made new.

Soujoubou's fingers were wrapped in his hair, and it occurred to Jin that... well... that... Soujoubou might need... He wrapped his hand around Soujoubou's cock, stroking it with long, steady strokes. Like handling a sword, in a sense, and Soujoubou clearly liked it...

Soujoubou bore down on him, and he gritted his teeth, thrusting harder, and...

He could hear Soujoubou's shout, but the world seemed to shatter. He opened his eyes...

He was sitting against the tree, still. He still had his pants on, but... it might be good to wash them out. His hair was tied up. There was no sound of water at all.

There was a single white feather in his hand.

Slowly, Jin stood up. It would be best to get off this mountain with all due dispatch. He was having... strange dreams.

Soujuobou was the king of the tengu, and he taught the warrior Minamoto Yoshitsune the arts of swordsmanship, magic, and tactics in the 12th century. i know tengu are not supposed to be beautiful, but in the spirit of the Samurai Champloo, er, shut up and enjoy the story? ^_^;;;;