title: articles of ownership
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: Ritsuka/Soubi, Yayoi, Yuiko
rating: Teen
warnings: crankiness, possessiveness, sexual situations
summary: Ritsuka waits, and gets annoyed.
notes: for red, for this request on fic on demand. *chu*

The swing creaked, rusty metallic. He tipped his head back, and watched the clouds above his head discreetly cover the sun.

He was bored.

Someone poked him in the shin with their foot, but he didn't bother responding, because from the timid way it was done, he was sure it was Yayoi. "They're late, huh?" That required no response, because he was sure Yayoi could tell time, and remembered when they were all supposed to meet. Ritsuka wasn't wearing his watch, after all.

There was another creak as Yayoi took the swing next to him. "Isn't it strange, though? Soubi as a teacher..." Ritsuka made a face. Of course it was strange! He couldn't see it at all! He understood that Kio would want to teach. He was good at it! Soubi never talked to people, and he was always being annoying. It was probably pure laziness on his part. He just applied to the places that Kio applied to, after all.

And see, that was annoying about him...

"Is it ok to be living with a teacher?" Yayoi stage whispered to him.

Ritsuka furrowed his brow, and glared at Yayoi. One good thing about not having a tail anymore was that it wasn't behind him, giving away his moods. "He doesn't teach at my school," Ritsuka scoffed.

He also hated Yayoi's school uniform. He hated high school in general, though... He took off his own school jacket right away, and stuffed it in his bag. It was lame, walking around like that. Made him feel way too young. He wanted to just go out and get a job, but Soubi insisted. Soubi didn't ask for much, so Ritsuka put up with it. For now. He was always thinking of dropping out, though. Soubi shouldn't make him do things he didn't like!

Yayoi's school uniform, though, made him look like a tiny businessman. It was really obnoxious. And now Soubi was dressing for school everyday, wearing dress shirts and pressed pants.

Ritsuka hated it. He wanted to wear clothes he liked, and everyone else should, too.

"That's true, I suppose. It seems a bit weird. I wonder if he could get into trouble?"

Ritsuka didn't care if he did, though. Being an art teacher was a bit of a cliché, he thought. Soubi should have more dignity.

"It's weird that it's Yuiko's school, though!" Yayoi laughed. "I guess being an art school, they have more need for art teachers, but..."

Ritsuka leaned back until his head was practically in the wood chips. He was bored, and Soubi was late, and he was getting annoyed. He thought about sending Soubi a text, even thought about taking his hand off the chain to get his phone out of his pocket...

There was a bright burst of giggles from the far end of the park. Yuiko and Soubi were there, but Soubi was flocked by a group of tittering girls. One was tugging on his arm, saying Sensei! over and over in a shrill voice.

Ritsuka ground his teeth.

Soubi pointed, indicating that he expected them to all leave him now, but that just made them whine and complain. Yuiko broke away, looking sheepish, and ran to Ritsuka and Yayoi. "Sorry we're late! Soubi-san's fanclub wouldn't leave him alone!"

Yayoi laughed. "Soubi-san already has a fanclub? I guess that's not too surprising..."

Yuiko made a face, and looked at Ristuka sympathetically. "They're really annoying. And that's Nana-chan who's holding his arm. She's already won some big national award for her sculpture, so she's like the queen of the campus. And the one with blue hair..."

Ritsuka jumped off the swing, and grabbed his bag. "Ritsuka?" Yayoi questioned, but Ritsuka didn't look back as he walked away. He gestured goodbye to them.

"Ritsuka-kun!" Yuiko called out to him, but he just yelled back.

"I'll see you later. Tell Soubi I'm going home!" He didn't have to listen to all that crap. Fan club. What bullshit.

He didn't need to bother with that shit.

"Ritsuka? I'm home?"

It was annoying that Soubi could make that into a question. Ritsuka turned up the volume on his game, and ignored him. He squashed the button for the laser extra hard, but that didn't make the monster die any faster.

"Ritsuka?" Soubi came into the living room. Ritsuka could practically hear him frowning. "I was worried when you left... I'm sorry I couldn't shake those brats faster. Are you all right?" He came and sat next to Ritsuka. He reached out to brush Ritsuka's hair back. It was getting long. Maybe he should make Soubi cut it... "Those girls are so annoying! I knew teaching at an all girls school would be irritating, but I thought since it was an art school, it would be fine."

Plus, it was one of Kio's choices, so it wasn't like Soubi even thought about it. Ritsuka smashed through the crystal wall.

"Every free period, and lunch, and after school now... I think I'm going to have to start giving them detention." Soubi sighed heavily, like he was really burdened down heavily with being so popular.

Ritsuka scowled, and leaned in while he beat on the boss monster.

"Ritsuka? Are you angry with me?" Soubi asked cutely.

Soubi, however, was not cute, and it was annoying that he tried to be! And it was annoying that he let girls follow him around when he was supposed to be following Ritsuka, and it was annoying that Ritsuka had to wait for him, and it was annoying that Ritsuka had to be annoyed!

The boss monster sliced him right in half, and Ritsuka tossed his controller away. Then he turned and pushed Soubi to the floor, and jumped on top of him, wrapping his hands around Soubi's neck.

The neck his brother had carved.

"What's your name?" he demanded.

Soubi's eyes widened, but he did nothing to resist Ritsuka. He could crush Soubi's throat, and Soubi wouldn't do a damned thing... "Loveless," he said, his voice cracking from limited air.

Ritsuka felt wild. He hated that name, hated the idea that he needed it even now, even after all this time and everything, but he was grateful, grateful that Soubi still felt that way. That Soubi still knew.

He ripped Soubi's damned dress shirt open, and ripped off the button on his damned pressed pants. He was just about as big as Soubi now, so it was easy to press him down, and easy to lift his hips. He got Soubi's pants off, at least, but he didn't need his shirt all the way off, and he didn't need to take off anything himself, just needed to open his pants. He didn't have any lube, and a part of his brain recognized that it was a bad thing, but he couldn't hold back, either, seeing Soubi getting hard for him.

From him.

He put his mouth to Soubi, getting his entrance wet, despite the taste, and then he kissed Soubi, pushing his tongue all the way into Soubi's mouth. Violating him with the rancid taste, but it was gone fast. Soubi had excellent control over his body, and maybe what he was muttering was more like a spell than sex talk.

Ritsuka wasn't asking one way or the other as he pushed in.

It was tight, but Soubi took him in easily, in one deep, hard thrust. Ritsuka dug his nails in, trying to cut Soubi's milky skin. He was grinding his teeth, and growling. He looked into Soubi's eyes.

Maybe... if he what he saw was something other than blind trust and devotion, he might have come to his senses, he might have pulled away, but as it was. As it was.

He rocked his hips at first, but he only took a few tries to get a rhythm going, and then he was pounding into Soubi with all of his effort. They were skidding along the wooden floor, and Soubi, his hair a mess and his shirt open, moaning and panting and grabbing weakly at Ritsuka's arms, looked like a whore. He looked like an angel.

Ritsuka wanted to fuck him blind.

He bent his head down, he slammed his hips into Soubi, he repositioned his hands to gain better purchase, he grunted, he growled, he bit his lip and tasted blood.

He grabbed Soubi's cock and made himself hold back until Soubi spasmed, and then he thrust as hard as he could into Soubi's slack body, and he came.

He collapsed on Soubi's chest.

They panted together, the air hot and sticky and thick with heartbeats. His own, pounding in his chest, but slowing down. And Soubi's, right against his ear. He felt his eyes get wet. He loved this sound...

He loved...

He caressed Soubi's chest, circling his fingers around Soubi's heart. "This is mine," he muttered. It wasn't what he should say and it wasn't what he wanted to say and it wasn't how he wanted it to be, but it was true. And it was the easiest way for him to say what he really wanted to say.

In response, Soubi only said, "Thank you."