title: Aperture
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Yumiko, Tezuka, Fuji
rating: Teen
warnings: nudity, some groping, pre-Tezuka/Fuji
summary: Fuji needs a favor, and Yumiko takes an advantage.
notes: for top_cagnotte, for hidden dragon serve's request:
Tezuka/Fuji, Tezuka/Yumiko. I'd love to see a future fic where Fuji is a photographer and he gets his lover and his sister to model for him (maybe last minute request due to cancellation or something? Up to you). Also, perhaps some unrequited love on Yumiko's side for Tezuka? I'd love to see the Fujis talking about Tezuka. Bonus if you can throw in Sanada/Yukimura somehow as well!
this fit so beautifully with a bunny i already had that... i kinda am smudging the request a little. instead of being future!fic, it's just... they're in high school, but i pretty much always bump them up into being high school students in series, to unsquick all that mad mad sex they have. *coughs* so, i don't think i can fit sanada/yukimura in there, but... they'll be there in spirit? *ducks*

He slowed his pace as he neared the clubhouse, because he could see Fuji hanging back. A dawdling Fuji could only mean that he had something on his mind, so Tezuka stopped, and waited patiently for whatever it was that Fuji was going to say.

"Good practice," Fuji smiled, and stretched out, his racquet bracing his arms behind his back.

Tezuka just made the same noncommittal noise he always made when idle conversation was directed toward him.

That somehow made Fuji beam, though. "Momoshiro's smash is getting irksome. I think I'd rather play against Taka from now on." Fuji laughed slightly; it wouldn't be long before they'd stop coming to practice. They would have exams to look forward to, after all. Oishi was already showing signs of stress. Taka came to practice now only when it was convenient for his schedule at the restaurant.

They would be leaving Seigaku soon, and so they had futures to secure.

Fuji had looked away after saying that, and he didn't appear to want to say anything more, so Tezuka took a step toward the clubhouse.

"Oh, by the way, Tezuka. I have a favor to ask you."

Of course. Tezuka turned to regard Fuji openly.

Fuji smiled a bit more purposefully. "I need to build up my portfolio for my applications to art school. I had an idea for a photo shoot, but I... can't really afford models." He shrugged, looking more pleased with himself than sheepish.

Tezuka frantically considered what Fuji could possibly want other than the obvious.

"I realize it's asking a bit much, but... would you be willing to model for me? I also asked my sister. You'll like where I thought we'd go to shoot. It's a bit of a hike in a really beautiful forest."

Clearly, he needed to say no. Because... this would involve Fuji taking pictures of him. A lot of pictures of him. And that... Not that it would be bad, but...

"Please?" Fuji laughed, and stepped closer to Tezuka. "I could just use my sister, I suppose, but..." Fuji's gaze moved down Tezuka's body intimately, his grin widening. "Schools for photography in California are really competitive. I need to really show that I can capture something evocative and alluring."

Tezuka, however, stopped listening after California. "You're going to school in America?"

"Hoping to," Fuji rocked back and forth on his heels. "My parents agreed to pay if I got in. You're going to America to go pro, aren't you?"

Tezuka looked away, his expression carefully schooled in a visage of boredom. "When did you want to do this... shoot?"

Fuji beamed.

He watched Fuji's feet rocking back and forth on the dashboard. He had almost told Fuji several times already that it wasn't safe to have one's feet on the dashboard while the car was in motion, but... It was Yumiko's car, and she wouldn't appreciate him telling her little brother what to do in her car.

The car was a bit small, and cramped. His knees were starting to ache a bit, being folded up nearly to his chest. He didn't say anything, because there was nothing to be said. Yumiko's music was playing on the radio, and she hummed along, tapping her fingers on the steering wheel. Tezuka found her to be a bit intimidating. She kept watching him in the rear view mirror. He had a feeling that she was suspicious of him.

They'd been driving for what felt like ages. They passed Chiba a half hour ago, but Fuji had turned, and told him that where they were going was a bit more up the road. Tezuka didn't mind, really, but he was looking forward to stretching his legs.

He wasn't looking forward so much to the rest of it, but... He just had to remember why he was doing this...

Fuji turned around and smiled at him. "We're almost there."

Tezuka nodded. Yumiko looked at him in the rear view mirror again, grinning to herself. Tezuka had the uncomfortable feeling she was thinking of the best ways to prepare and cook him.

Fuji chuckled to himself, and turned back around.

He leaned back against the tree for a moment. Through the thicket here, he could see speckles of the ocean, sparkling in the sun. It had been a beautiful hike, and this was a gorgeous location. A small pool, with a waterfall, surrounded by trees... Tezuka was sure this would be beautiful.

Beautiful, he thought, even without any people in it. Nature was really the most beautiful canvas in creation. After all...

"Are you hiding?" Fuji poked his head around the tree, sounding amused. And then he looked down. "Very nice. C'mon, Yumiko is ready..."

Tezuka didn't move. "Fuji. This... swimsuit. If you needed me to wear one, I could have brought my own. It's... a bit small."

Fuji grinned, too widely for Tezuka not to feel a bit uncomfortable, and he walked around the tree to stand in front of Tezuka. "It's a Speedo. Of course it's small. You may be under the wrong impression here, Tezuka, so let me clarify for you. I didn't ask you because I needed someone to stand in place while I take pictures of the scenery. I asked you to model for me because you have a gorgeous body, and I want to capture it in all of its sexual appeal on film. So, can I have your glasses? Yumiko's waiting."

Tezuka swallowed hard.

Still, Fuji... Fuji needed this for his college application. For a school in California. And Tezuka was definitely of the opinion that Fuji going to school in California would be a good idea.

He walked back with Fuji to the small pool and the waterfall. Yumiko was already in the water... in a tiny white bikini. Tezuka looked to Fuji, because surely... his own sister! But Fuji was just grinning.

A sense of unavoidable dread quietly filled Tezuka's heart.

Yumiko looked up, and looked him over, and then she and Fuji shared a look. This was patently unfair. At least she was his sister. Fuji wouldn't want to do anything too odd with his sister, after all.


It was Fuji...

Fuji hummed happily to himself as he got his cameras together. He put Tezuka's glasses carefully in his backpack. "You can get in the water, Tezuka. It's a bit cold, I'm afraid, but you should start to feel warmer shortly." Fuji took off his shirt, but he was still wearing swimming trunks. The normal kind, that went down to the knee, almost.

Feeling a tiny bit resentful, Tezuka slipped into the water.

It was cold. And he wasn't sure what he was supposed to be doing. Yumiko was watching him, too, looking just like Fuji did when he was laughing hysterically inside his head.

Tezuka scowled slightly.

Yumiko splashed some water at him. "Come on, Tezuka-kun. Don't be so sour. Let's just have fun today, all right, so that we can show off our best for Syuusuke." She smiled, and then dipped under the surface of the water, emerging dripping a moment later, tossing her head back so her long hair whipped water in his face. She smoothed her hair back, and then she let her hands slide down, and she caressed her breasts, circling her nipples, which were already erect enough to be highly visible.

"Now, now, Yumiko. I haven't even started yet! Tezuka, could you get wet, please?" Fuji asked with a sunny smile.

Tezuka closed his eyes, and submerged himself, enjoying the moment of sensory deprivation, in which he could pretend that he wasn't about to be photographed in skimpy fabric disguised as clothing, with Fuji's older and obviously disturbingly uninhibited sister.

It didn't last.

He thought perhaps that he could just stand still, and Fuji would take pictures, and it would all be over before he knew it. It wasn't like that at all. He had to pose without appearing to pose, he had to look this way and that, trying to get him to have a facial expression that wasn't in the scowl family, he had to move subtly to better take advantage of the light...

And still, Fuji just grew more and more dissatisfied as time went by. He started out photographing them separately, but Tezuka just wasn't getting it right, he could tell. With a laugh, Yumiko came up behind Fuji, and put her arm around his shoulder. "I think Tezuka-kun is just nervous. Why don't we just skip the solo shots, and go back to modeling together. I'm sure I could... loosen him up." She winked at her brother.

He just grinned. "You're welcome to try," Fuji invited.

Tezuka's heart dropped.

Every time that Yumiko's breasts accidentally brushed against his arm, he stiffened more. Her hands seemed to absently trail over his body without her knowledge. When she realized how much she was touching him, she would just laugh, and tease him for being so stiff, why couldn't he relax?

Mournfully, he looked to Fuji, but Fuji was fussing over his camera, his mouth set in a firm line.

"I think I know what we need," Yumiko declared, which just earned her a grunt and a raised eyebrow from her brother. She chuckled, and leaned back against Tezuka, her hands slipping under the thin straps of her bikini bottom. "We just need a little more... sex appeal. Don't you think so, Tezuka-kun?"

She wasn't really asking him, though. She leaned back, her head on his shoulder, the wet tendrils of her hair clinging to his arm and his chest like seaweed.

And then she pulled the string that was tying her bikini top together, and tossed the top aside.

Fuji laughed. "Sex appeal, eh? All right. Show me."

"Now, Tezuka-kun, you can't just stand there," Yumiko instructed, taking his hands. "A beautiful woman is showing off her body to you." She put his hands on her stomach, and his thumbs were brushing against the underside of her breasts. "If you don't show some interest, you'll hurt my feelings." She pushed his hands down, slipping them under the flimsy strings of her bottoms.

Tezuka's mouth went dry, but Fuji's camera was whirling.

She laughed, and lifted her hands above her head, lifting her hair up. It felt odd as it tickled his skin. He felt weird. This situation...

"We might be crossing some lines here, sis," Fuji teased, but his camera was working hard. "Are you sure you feel comfortable like this?"

"Why wouldn't I? Are you saying I don't look good?" She pouted, and took one of Tezuka's hands, pulling it up to cover her breast.

He froze.

"See, this is good, right? But we can do better, I think." She left Tezuka's hand on her breast, patting it slightly, and then she moved her hands down.

At first, she just pushed the straps of her bottoms down until they were only just barely decent. A few small hairs were just barely visible. Tezuka looked away, but that didn't help too much, because Yumiko was still shimmying against him.

He heard a tiny splosh, and he looked down, finding that Yumiko was totally naked.

He looked up at Fuji, panicked. Fuji pulled the camera away. "Sis, I don't think porn is really the best route to go for submissions. I think maybe you should move your hands down to cover up, ok?"

"I have a better idea." To his abject horror, Yumiko took Tezuka's hands, and covered her groin with them, arranging his fingers to... her satisfaction.

Fuji raised an eyebrow, quirked a smile, and continued photographing.

Tezuka began to sweat. He tried to clear his throat, tried to say something, tried, above all else, not to move his hands at all. Which wasn't easy, the way that Yumiko was posing. She moved her hands over her breasts, and over his arms. He felt like he might melt into the water, and float away, if only he were a luckier man.

Fuji pulled the camera away from his eyes, his brow furrowed critically. "Ah, I don't know... something looks..." He bit his lip. "Tezuka... I'm sorry, but can I ask you to remove your suit? It's disrupting the line of your body."

Yumiko laughed and turned around, hooking her fingers under the waistband of Tezuka's suit. "Of course he doesn't mind. After all, I'm standing here nude. It's rude for Tezuka-kun not to return the favor." She pulled them down, going down almost to her knees as she did.

Tezuka wanted to protest, but even if he opened his mouth, he could not push air out when his lungs were collapsed and aching with shock.

Rising up again, her hands grazing over his skin, she smiled appreciatively. "Mm, Tezuka-kun... Are you sure you're the same age as my little brother? It's hard to believe. You are so... mature." She grinned, and stepped closer to him.

Water flowed around them, around their naked bodies. Her bare breasts were pressed against his chest. She was pushing him back, into the waterfall, her hands on his hips. He focused on breathing, pulling in air, and letting it go, taking life-giving oxygen, and expelling toxins.

He just needed to focus.

"Tezuka-kun, you seem nervous," she murmured, her lips against his skin. "Have you ever been with a girl before? No? I find that hard to believe. I bet you have many admirers. Have you ever been kissed by a girl before? Well, a first time for everything." She winked, and leaned up, even though she wasn't that much shorter than him, but her whole body was so close to his, and his cock was rubbing against the inside of her thigh. Her lips were just a page's thickness from his...

"Enough!" Fuji tugged on Yumiko's arm insistently. Tezuka breathed a sigh of relief.

"What's the matter, Syuusuke? Jealous?" Yumiko pouted, reaching out to put her hands on Tezuka again.

"Out of film," Fuji cheerfully informed her.

Yumiko sighed, narrowing her eyes, but she just shrugged. "I guess we're done, then."

"Thank you," Fuji cheerfully replied. Yumiko waded back to the shore, picking up the pieces of her bikini, and Tezuka's swimsuit, but she seemed totally unconscious of her nudity. She stretched out, and took a towel, drying herself off with exaggerated movements.

Tezuka turned his back to her. He cleared his throat, and looked at Fuji from the corner of his eye. He was a bit ashamed of his lack of coverage, but he could pretend it didn't matter because Fuji had seen him before in the clubhouse. He wasn't very good at pretending. "I'm sorry I wasn't... better."

Fuji laughed. "Really, Tezuka, you were fine... enough. I'm sorry my sister... took liberties."

Shrugging, Tezuka ignored it, as if it were nothing. "Do you think you have what you need?"

"I think so," Fuji beamed, patting his camera. "You really didn't mind? I'm fairly certain I didn't get any shots that featured..." His gaze drifted down Tezuka's body to rest at his groin, and his lips quirked in a half grin. "Anyway, I wouldn't print anything like that, and I'll destroy the negatives. I wouldn't let your reputation get tarnished."

It was a kind gesture, but it was more than Tezuka required, really. "As long as you have what you need."

"Boys, do you need some alone time?" Yumiko called out. "I wouldn't mind watching from here, if that's what you're planning."

"She's annoying sometimes," Fuji smiled brightly.

"I understand sisters can be like that," Tezuka shrugged, but he circled around, heading for shore while still trying to shield himself from Yumiko's line of sight. Fuji waded back more directly, and had a towel waiting for Tezuka when he got out of the water.

"You two are so cute," Yumiko sighed. "I feel sorry for the girls of Seigaku."

Fuji rolled his eyes, and Tezuka nodded in agreement. He felt sorry for the man that she fell in love with; he was in for a hard life.

They ate lunch at Fuji's favorite place in Chiba, which was on the beach. Yumiko flirted with some of the surfers who were there, and Fuji kept up both his and Tezuka's conversation easily, allowing long lapses of comfortable silence when they were appropriate.

On the ride back, Tezuka closed his eyes, a bit weary from all the traveling, and from being cramped in the backseat for so long. He was neither awake nor asleep, but numbly aware of the music on the radio, the tires on the pavement, and the conversation in the front seat.

After a while, Yumiko shifted in her seat, and said to her brother, "Do you think he's really asleep?"

Fuji turned around in his seat. Tezuka wasn't sure why he didn't just open his eyes. But he didn't, so Fuji turned back around. "I suppose so. Tezuka's not the type to pretend."

"Is he your lover?" she asked, rather directly.

Fuji laughed, but it sounded a bit nervous to Tezuka. It wasn't Fuji's normal laugh. "I don't think I'm his type. You made more progress with him today than I have."

"Are you sure? He went to great extremes today, for you. He even let you photograph him naked. All for you," she replied smugly.

"Well, technically, you were the one to undress him. He didn't actually agree to that." Fuji sighed. "He... he thinks of me as a friend. That's good... enough. I'm sure he isn't interested in a gay relationship. He's going to America to go pro. He can't afford..."

"Syuusuke, let me let you in on a secret to the universe. Are you prepared for this? If I'm naked, and wet, and rubbing my naked, wet body up against a human being, and they aren't getting as aroused as all hell, than that human being just isn't interested in women. At all. It doesn't really matter what his career choice is. He is who he is. He did this today for you. He's yours for the taking. And from what I could see today, I would highly recommend taking. It'll be worth it." There was a pause, and then she said louder, speaking to the back seat, "And Tezuka-kun, you can stop pretending to be asleep now. We're done talking about you."

He didn't open his eyes right away, but he didn't bother commenting to Yumiko, either, nor did he satisfy her by looking embarrassed.

Fuji turned around to look at him, and for a moment, they just looked into each other's eyes. Tezuka could never be sure if the things he saw in Fuji's eyes were real, or if they were just the things he wanted to see, but after a moment, Fuji winked, and turned back around.

Fuji insisted on walking up to the house with Tezuka. It wasn't unpleasant, and it gave them a moment of privacy. Tezuka walked a bit slower than his normal pace, trying to take a bit more time for whatever might be said. The sun was setting behind his house, transforming the building into a dark, hulking mass against a huge, painted sky.

"Thank you, again, for your help. It meant..."

"Don't mention it," he replied quickly, looking away. "Do you... what do you think your chances of getting in are?" He sounded anxious, as he might be if it were his own application to college.

Fuji shrugged, smiling. As always, he was unconcerned. "Oh, I'm going to school in California. This is my first choice school, but I have a few others. And even still, with the differences in schedules that American and Japanese schools have, I'm confident that if I don't make it for the first term, I will for the second."

Tezuka nodded, smiling. It must be unusual for him to smile, because when he did, it always got a reaction from Fuji. "Good. I'd like that, a lot." He leaned over quickly, and kissed the corner of Fuji's mouth. "I'll see you in school Monday, then."

He strode into the house, feeling a bit at odds with himself. And, at the same time...

They were going to America together.