title: any Job
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji, Yumiko
rating: Teen
warnings: off-screen violence, demons
summary: Tezuka does his first task for Fuji.
notes: for nana... because she rocks. however, i'm in a strange frame of mind, it seems, so she may not want to be associated with it... *sheepish!!!*

He waited outside the room, smoking a cigarette quickly, because Tezuka wouldn't approve if he saw. He leaned against the wall, listening... Tezuka's approach was quiet, quick, and aggressive... In a way, Fuji wanted to watch, but it seemed odd. It wasn't a spectator sport, what he was having Tezuka do.

It became quiet, and Fuji dropped his cigarette, stubbing it out with his foot. Tezuka came out of the room, looking down at his hands oddly, like he didn't understand them.

Fuji smiled.

Tezuka looked at him, and he rolled his eyes and let his lips curl up a bit sardonically. "By the way, my sister's expecting to see us. Is now a good time?"

Tezuka stared at him blankly, and then nodded slowly. Fuji nodded, and went to Tezuka, squeezing his side. He looked back into the room... it looked just as he expected. Yes, it would have been good to watch. It was Tezuka's first time, after all. He'd done beautifully.

As they walked to the car, Fuji let his arm brush against Tezuka's. Actually, he wanted to put his hands all over Tezuka, all over his skin, under his skin... Tezuka walked like an automaton, looking neither left nor right the whole way. Fuji didn't like that.

Once they were inside the car, a black Lexus with a black interior, very soothing, Fuji took Tezuka's hands, took the leather gloves off of them, and tossed them in the back, unconcerned about whatever stains might be on them. He brought Tezuka's hands up to his lips, and kissed Tezuka's palms softly.

"Fuji..." Tezuka said softly, painfully, needfully.

Fuji smiled up at Tezuka, and winked. "You remember how to get to the main house, correct?"

Slowly, Tezuka nodded, and then he nodded again, quickly. He gently pulled his hands away from Fuji, and started the car... Fuji pulled one of his hands away from the wheel and took a firm grip with both hands. Tezuka gave him an odd look, but he started to drive. Fuji stretched out, putting his head down in Tezuka's lap, even though he knew Tezuka wouldn't approve, even though he was a bit crowded. Tezuka's scent was strong from that position. He must have worked up a bit of a sweat, then.


Fuji couldn't keep his head down the full way, though, eventually needing to sit up to keep from cramping. He thought about telling Tezuka to pull over and park somewhere so Fuji could ravish him for a bit, but Tezuka seemed tense, and Fuji enjoyed that; it reminded him of when he first met Tezuka.

They left the city and wound down until they were on country roads, moving fast along the picturesque scenery that streamed next to them. Tezuka turned up a road that cut through a bamboo forest, and Fuji grinned. As happy as he was to leave home, he was happy to return as well.

The main house sprawled lazily in the lee of the mountain, shaped somewhat by the path of a rambling creek. Tezuka pulled around to the back like a proper member of the household, parking the car next to the small collection of cars already there. Fuji waited for Tezuka to open the door for him, brushing up against Tezuka as he got out. He fixed Tezuka's perfect tie, and flicked off a few flecks of dried blood, and then he leaned up and kissed Tezuka.

"Let's go," he chastised with a smile.

He walked confidently to the door, knowing Tezuka was a half a step behind him. He didn't need to open the sliding doors to the house himself, nor did he need to close them. He slipped his shoes off, and walked across the polished hallways until he came to the room that his sister used most often.

She was sitting there on a low sofa, her kimono opened and draped around her shoulders, her baby at her breast. Fuji beamed, but Tezuka made a small sound. Fuji could just laugh, picturing Tezuka looking down at the floor. He went right over to his sister...

"Hideto looks hungry!" he plopped down next to her and put his head on her shoulder. The baby looked up at him and gurgled. He thought the kid would be cuter if he had fluffy black wings or little horns, but that would probably have made delivery hell. More so.

"Well, all little boys get hungry, Syuusuke," Yumiko laughed. "That's what mothers are for."

Fuji stuck his tongue out at her, but she was already looking past him to Tezuka. He looked over his shoulder, and grinned. Tezuka wouldn't meet her eyes like this.

"How did it go, then? First job, right?" She licked her lips slowly. "How did he do?"

"How would you think?" Fuji scoffed. "He's perfect, right?"

Yumiko chuckled softly, but Hideto pulled away, and started to fuss. She pulled him away from her breast, and readjusted her kimono before shifting Hideto up to her shoulder. "Tezuka-kun. Come here for a moment, please." Obediently, but reluctantly, Tezuka moved closer. "Like a rabbit, isn't he? Well, well. Please hold Hide-chan for me for a moment, will you?" Tezuka opened his mouth to protest, but it was too late. He had a baby in his arms. "Good boy." Yumiko leaned back and sighed, stretching out. "Are you happy, Tezuka-kun?"

Fuji almost laughed. People thought he was bad, but his sister was truly evil. He loved her so much. The look on Tezuka's face was impossible to describe, and so, so funny.

"You traded your arms for those of a demon's, so you could play for a bit longer. But even still, your tennis days are over, and this is what you're doing..." Tezuka made a face and looked down at Hideto. Fuji had to laugh! Yumiko swatted Tezuka shoulder and grimaced. "I didn't mean holding my son! The job today..."

"The job doesn't matter," Tezuka replied firmly, softly. Hideto looked up at him and gurgled. Fuji was fairly sure he might spit up on Tezuka, but that would be funny, too, so. "It was worth it." He looked up at Fuji, their eyes meeting for a moment.

For just a moment, looking into those eyes, Fuji felt the foreign feeling of guilt niggling at the corners of his mind, but he ignored it.

"Mm," Yumiko sighed. She reached out and caressed her son's face. "Well. I'm sure you'll apply yourself to whatever task you're given. You'll stay for dinner, of course." She shifted a bit, lounging even more. Really, Yumiko was a lazy mother. Although, perhaps she was just enjoying the sight of her son in Tezuka's arms.

Truly evil.

He leaned in and kissed his sister's cheek. "I'm going to take a nap. I'll leave you Tezuka. Be gentle with him... he's already worked hard today."

Tezuka gave him a look, but he just smiled in return, which only increased Tezuka's panic.

He did feel tired, though. He shouldn't be so selfish, but it was good balm for that damned guilt. It was Tezuka's own choice to give Fuji his arms, though.

Fuji would have to have been stupid to refuse them.