title: Anticipation
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Shinji/Akira
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Kamio waits in line, listening to his favorite music.
notes: because Bryan told me to. heh.

"I don't like this line. It's too long. This park needs to learn better line management. What's the point of going to the amusement park if you are going to spend all day in line? It's not amusing to wait in line. We wait in lines everywhere. We waited in line for an hour at the post office when we sent your grandmother that cake, and why couldn't she get her own cakes? There are bakeries everywhere. And grocery stores. Grocery stores have bakeries. I don't think it's a good idea to send cake."

The cars on the ride arched their way up the steep first incline. Kamio loved this part. He couldn't wait to be on the first car!! It started out slow, and then it got really really fast, and then it kept turning and rolling around... It was the best!! And Shinji looked good today. It was the way the sunshine was bouncing off his hair. Kamio loved that.

"There are perishable ingredients in cake, after all, and it takes time to travel. Plus, cake is only really good when it's fresh, so it can't be good if it is through the mail. I don't like cake. Actually, I don't like the frosting, it's too sweet, and it's too thick. I tried to make frosting once but it didn't work. I don't like eating things I can't make. That man was looking at me. I hate it when people look at me. Why do they have to look at me? Am I pretty? Stupid man."

Kamio tapped his finger against his hip to the rhythm. He loved this. He knew this better than anything. He tapped his foot along with the time, and grinned. There was nothing like getting into a rhythm, nothing. Like when your heart and your lungs and your muscles and your brain were all in sync, you could do anything, hit any ball, you were on top of the game, you were the game. It rocked.

"He reminds me of my teacher. He's always looking at me, too. And yelling at me. Ibu-kun, pay attention! Ibu-kun, stop talking! Ibu-kun, go to the headmaster! I've had detention six times this year, and I haven't done anything wrong. That's unjust. School sucks. I hate it. I wish we could just go to tennis. That would be much better. The teacher is jealous because I'm smarter than he is. Can you believe he mistook an integral for a differential? That's so stupid."

Kamio lived for things that rocked him to his toes, like tennis, or really good music. Like BLOOD. BLOOD was awesome. He loved it. And he loved Gackt, but people always looked at him funny when he went on about Gackt, like he was Shinji or something. Dir En Grey was awesome, too, and when he felt mellow, he absolutely had to have some X/Japan. And Lucifer when he was feeling sexy.

"I hate school so much. It's so boring. Everyone in my class is so dumb. And they ask such dumb questions. All the girls are in love with our dumb teacher. I hate it when girls are in love. They get so silly. Would that really impress anyone? I'd hate it if someone was clinging on to me and acting like a fool. Love is so stupid. I mean, why bother? I mean, I don't know, maybe sex is good or something, yeah, whatever. But you shouldn't have to act like a fool because of it."

Kamio looked at Shinji from the corner of his eye. He bit the inside of his lip to hide his smile. He hated it when Shinji was annoyed, but he loved this. Just standing was boring, but he had this rhythm going, and it was sunny, but not hot, and he could watch the roller coaster fly, and look forward to the ride, and just be with Shinji. It totally rocked.

"I wouldn't mind being in love. I wouldn't act like a twit, though. I hate people. It would be nice to be close to someone who wasn't annoying. Being close to someone might be nice. I think. If they didn't have bad breath, and they were fun and stuff. People always assume that I don't like fun, but I do. This would be fun if we weren't waiting in line. I hate waiting in line. It's so pointless. And this line is the worst."

Kamio grinned, and started to hum to himself. Yup, today totally rocked.


Kamio blinked as Shinji tugged on his earphones. "Huh?"

"You forgot to turn your cd player on."

Shinji's eyes were so openly curious and blank, so pretty. Kamio smiled. "'Sokay. Was just... lovin' my own rhythm."

Shinji looked down at Kamio's now still finger and foot, and sighed. "You're so weird."

"Takes one to know one, Shinji."

Shinji shook his head and started to mumble again, and Kamio picked up the rhythm. They moved forward in line as the roller coaster started its ascent again.

The best part of the roller coaster was the anticipation, for sure.