title: An Excuse
fandom: Gakuen Heaven
characters/pairings: Keita/Kazuki, Naruse, Shunsuke, implied Iwai/Shinomiya, Shichijou, Nakajima, implied Niwa/Saionji
rating: G
warnings: only implications
summary: Keita is still adjusting to BL Academy...
notes: i don't know why, but i absolutely love the idea of Saionji and Niwa together. *_* this is based on the anime.

Keita had been at BL Academy for long enough that he was starting to think that he knew the school pretty well, but there was still a lot he had to adjust to. For instance, when he first arrived at the school, he had been overwhelmed by how accepting and caring his senpais were, making him feel welcome with parties and activities. Now he knew better; they latched on to any and every excuse to slack off and party that they could find.

He had forgotten today's excuse for a celebration, but they were going to go off campus as a group to do something 'fun.' He had been delayed in getting dressed in casual clothes by Kazuki (and he wanted to make sure he wasn't still blushing before going down to the dorm's lobby), so he felt a bit rushed.

Fortunately, when he did manage to get down there (after, thankfully, discovering that Kazuki had put his shirt back on backwards. He'd have to talk to Kazuki about that!), most everyone was just sitting around waiting, but the King and Saionji-senpai weren't with them. He sat down on the couch next to Kazuki, scooting in as close as he could, and he smiled for the group. "I'm glad I'm not the last one here!" Kazuki smiled shyly back at him, licking his lips slowly. Keita flushed a bit, thinking of those lips...

Suddenly, he found himself engulfed in Naruse-senpai's arms. "Hon~ey, I'm so glad you're here, finally! I missed you so much!"

"Na-Naruse-san!" Kazuki angrily rebuked, but Naruse-senpai just stuck his tongue out at him.

"Kazuki is so mean! He steals my honey right out from under me, and then he turns out to be the Chairman, so I can't even retaliate properly!" He squeezed Keita in his arms, pouting.

Keita tried to squirm out of his grip, but it was impossible.

"Hey, about that, isn't it really weird that the Chairman is a student here?" Shunsuke asked, scratching his cheek. "Nya, this wasn't all a plot to get into Keita's shorts, was it? How old are you, anyway, Kazuki?"

"Oh, Kazuki told me all about this!" Keita declared proudly, pushing away enough from Naruse to speak. He beamed at Kazuki, who seemed to still be reeling from Shunsuke's implications. "Kazuki's just 19, but he's already finished college! His grandfather wanted him to his heir, so he pushed Kazuki to finish school early, but the school's bylaws say that the Chairman has to be a graduate of the Academy, so... Kazuki is the provisional Chair until he finishes school here, but... since he's already a college graduate, he's doing a lot of independent study and such, so he'll, like, have a master's degree as well as a high school diploma when he's done!" He beamed proudly at Kazuki (who was probably the smartest person in the world, and the nicest, and the best kisser...), who was just shyly blushing (which was so cute!).

Naruse-senpai tightened his hold on Keita. "Hm, 19, huh? If you're younger than me, you aren't cute at all. But if you're older, then you must really have a baby face. I love baby faces."

"N-Naruse-senpai!" Keita stuttered, looking up at Naruse horrified. He put his hand on Kazuki's thigh, and scowled. Kazuki was his, his!

"So cute, honey!" Naruse-senpai sighed, and cuddled Keita more.

Shinomiya-senpai just clucked his tongue. "You'd think someone in such a position of authority would be better at following the rules. Where are Niwa and Saionji, anyway?" He turned to look directly at Shichijou-senpai, narrowing his eyes.

Nakajima-senpai chuckled darkly. "Oh, there was a minor dispute over whether we should go out for bowling or karaoke. They went to discuss the matter in private. Isn't that right, Omi?"

Shichijou-senpai smiled blithely at Nakajima-senpai. "Mm. I expect they won't be much longer."

"They aren't fighting, are they?" Keita asked, worried. The King and Queen of BL Academy clashed more often than not. "Maybe we should check on them?"

That seemed to amuse Nakajima-senpai a lot. "What do you think, Omi? Shall we go peek in on them?"

"I don't think that's such a good idea," he said sharply, giving Nakajima-senpai a dark look. "It's probably best to just leave them alone."

"What could they be talking about for so long, though," Shunsuke complained. "If we don't leave soon, we won't have much time out before we'll have to get back."

Keita looked over at Shichijou-senpai, worried. He seemed to be trying to ignore everyone, but Nakajima-senpai seemed to want to get on his nerves. "What could they be doing, mm? You're the Treasury's favorite dog. How does our Queen like to settle disputes? Do you think they could be playing rock-paper-scissors, perhaps? Or maybe they're arm wrestling? No, that wouldn't take long for Niwa to top him, hm?"

Shichijou-senpai gave Nakajima-senpai a dirty look. "Oh. I don't know. I imagine... they're probably having sex. Wouldn't you think so, hacker?"

"Computer geek."


"S-s-s-s-s-s-sex?" Keita sputtered. "Wh-wh-what do you mean, Shichijou-senpai?" He pulled away from Naruse-senpai's arms, and latched onto Kazuki's arm. "But they... they... they don't even like each other, do they?"

Naruse started to laugh, which gave Kazuki a chance to pull Keita away from him and put his arm around Keita's shoulders. "You actually don't have to like someone to have sex with them. I'd say it helps, but in the case of those two... Hey, let's go take a peek!" Shunsuke laughed, too, and he seemed willing. Shichijou-senpai and Nakajima-senpai were still glaring daggers at each other.

Iwai-senpai took pity on Keita, and leaned forward. "I know it seems they can't agree on anything, but actually, in our first year, those two were... quite an item." He blushed hotly, and then leaned back, angling his body toward Shinomiya-senpai.

Keita always thought those two looked so nice together. He wondered if they... if they... if they... Well, he hoped they shared sweet kisses, like he and Kazuki did. But then, Kazuki was 19 and he probably wanted...

"They were an item," Shichijou-senpai said stiffly, glaring at Nakajima-senpai. "Until someone decided to interfere."

"Oh, don't act like you didn't prosper from it, too, bottom-boy," Nakajima-senpai said breezily.

"S&M freak," Shichijou-senpai muttered under his breath.

"You wish you could tie up Saionji," Nakajima-senpai boldly stated.

"You...!" Shichijou-senpai started, but just then, Saionji-senpai and the King emerged from the first floor conference room. Saionji-senpai looked just as meticulously neat as ever, if maybe a bit more smug than usual.

The King's shirttails were out and he looked flushed, and his hair was a bigger mess than normal.

"We're going to karaoke. Omi, come along," he ordered, flipping his hair back.

"And we're all really looking forward to it!" the King called out in a more booming voice than normal. "You're singing first, Kaoru-chan!" Nakajima-senpai got up and snickered to himself, and the King looked at him somewhat balefully. "Wh-what? He made numerous... persuasive points."

"You're so easy," Nakajima-senpai accused, going ahead of him.

"Hide!" the King called after him.

"Ahhh, we should have gone in and gotten pictures!" Naruse-senpai lamented to Shunsuke. "We could have sold them for a fortune!" Shunsuke giggled, and Keita had the uncomfortable notion that they were making plans.

"We're going to have to sing?" Iwai-senpai asked Shinomiya-senpai nervously.

Shinomiya-senpai patted Iwai-senpai on the back. "We'll go together."

Keita slipped his arm around Kazuki's waist. "I'm really glad we have each other, Kazuki. I think this school is a little strange."

"Me, too, Keita," Kazuki agreed, and he clung to Keita, though Keita wasn't sure if he was nervous, or trying to cop a feel.

Either way, Keita was glad to have Kazuki with him.