title: a minute more
fandom: Blood+
characters/pairings: implied one-sided Riku/Haji, Saya/Haji
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Riku watches and waits.
notes: or teinte, for this request on fic on demand.

He watched them as they practiced, licking his lips. He wanted to try it, too. He should have powers now, after all, right? Be able to move really fast and cut through things with his hands and be superstrong...

He didn't feel special, but he was supposed to be, and he wanted to try it. He wanted to be of use to Saya-neechan, too.

He wanted to be closer to Haji...

David and Lewis came, and they talked to Saya for a bit. She went inside with them, leaving Haji to clean up. At least Riku could definitely help with that, although he wasn't sure Haji wanted his help. Haji never said anything, one way or the other.

He was just so cool...

Riku came to his side, and grinned up at him. "You're so strong, Haji. How long after you took Saya-neechan's blood were you like that?"

Haji gave him an odd look, and then put his large hand on Riku's head. He handed Riku Saya-neechan's sword while he went to collect his cello case. Once again, Riku wasn't going to get an answer. He carried the sword over to Haji, giving it to Haji to store away. He touched the case gently.

"It's really clever, hiding a sword here. Was that your idea, or Saya-neechan's, or someone else?" He looked up at Haji hopefully, but Haji didn't even look his way. He ran his human hand over the case, and then picked it up. Riku quickly jumped to his side, and reached out bravely, letting his fingers run over Haji's long coat. "I really like this coat," he sighed.

Haji gave him a sidelong look. "I know a place in town..." he said quietly. Riku's tummy flipped, and he beamed. Haji was especially adorable when he was being shy!

Riku was about to ask when they could go, but then Saya came out and called for Haji, and he made a beeline for her side. Riku paused a moment before he caught up with them. He felt strongly he belonged with them now, but there was something about them being them that made him feel like he'd never really belong.

He ran to catch up, though, because it looked like Saya wanted to go into town. Riku just wanted a few minutes more alone with Haji.