title: Alternative Boyfriend
fandom: Gravitation
characters/pairings: Hiro/Fuji
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Hiro decides.
notes: for Bry, for his request on fic on demand.

Hiro watched the youngest member of Bad Luck storm off. This time, though, he felt... well, it was certain, wasn't it? It wasn't because of Shu this time.

This time, it was because of him.

Fuji's words stayed with Hiro.

Fujisaki dropped his head to his keyboard. Sadly, the loud clang of discordant notes didn't sound much worse than anything else he had been playing. He had been so sure that Shindou had the worst part of the breakdown of labor, since he'd had to write so many song lyrics. But now he had a half dozen songs to write, to lyrics that would probably sound great once everything was put together, and Shindou was singing them, but as just words on the page...

Well, they weren't exactly inspiring.

Hands were on his shoulders, and he nearly jumped out of his skin.

"Relax, relax... C'mon, Fuji, it's time to quit. You know you won't get anything done like this."

He turned, blanching. Nakano-san... Hiroshi... Hiro... he was... massaging...

Hiro smiled, and Fujisaki's heart started to pound.

I don't understand it.

"You've done a lot. Let's get out of here, and kick back. Tomorrow's another day, right?"

Hiro... wait, no, Hiroshi... No, no, it was still Nakano-san, wasn't it? That smile. That sexy, devastating smile... "With me?" Fujisaki croaked. "You want to kick back... with me?"

"Who else?" Nakano-san winked. He pinched Fujisaki's cheek. "C'mon. Let's go."

You follow him around like a puppy, and you pick up all the pieces of the mess he makes...

Nakano-san was holding his hand, leading him away. Fujisaki should object. They had work to do... they had to be the best. Had to beat Nittle Grasper, and that meant working, working, working, because, because, because...

Nakano had his arm around Fujisaki's waist. He turned his head suddenly, and all that hair, that beautiful hair, that Fujisaki had been dreaming about in panicked, sweaty dreams, it was in his face...

But he's in love with someone else. He doesn't even see you.

Nakano gave him a spare helmet, and it was the one that he normally had Shindou wearing, and their fingers brushed against each other, and Fujisaki felt like those fans who crammed their way to the front row so they could scream and reach up at Hiro as he strummed his guitar and posed sexily in those leather pants and, oh, he had to get on the bike now.

"Hold on. I'm going to go fast, ok?"

He put his hands around Nakano's body, and Nakano touched his hand for a moment.

Just a moment, and then they took off.

You deserve better, and you can't even see it. And there's better all around, and you can't even see it.

They were at Nakano's apartment, and he was pouring sake. Fujisaki kept fidgeting, because he... he didn't drink, and Nakano's apartment was small and intimate, and he was sitting on Nakano's bed, because there wasn't really any place else to sit, and his fingers were clutched in the sheets that clung to Nakano's body as he...

"Here." He reached up automatically, and took the small cup. "Let's relax together, mm?"

That just made him more nervous. He smiled to cover it up, and lifted the cup to his lips. Hiro watched him, the liquid just touching his lips, and Hiro's... Nakano's? He was nervous, about to spill.

Hiro leaned over, and licked the sake from Fujisaki's lips.

"Sweet. You're sweet.

"I'm seeing you now, Fujisaki. Are you ready?"

Fujisaki swallowed hard, and kissed Hiro back.