title: again
fandom: DC comics
characters/pairings: Harley/Ivy
rating: G/Teen
warnings: groping plant
summary: Harley comes back home.
notes: for lilka, for this request on fic on demand.

"Same old Arkham, same old guards..." Harley sighed. "Hey, has Mindy gotten married to that accountant yet?" she poked the guard.

"Just get in your cell, clown girl," the man growled. Erik? Lance? Harley never bothered to remember the orderlies' names while she was working. The injury and death rate was too high.

She felt the pushing was unnecessary, but not unexpected. And she definitely didn't need the blankets thrown on the ground. That was just mean.

"Harl? Is that you?"

"Hey! Red?"

"...The Bat brought down the clown again, huh?"

"Welllllll," Harley flopped down on her bed, and spread out. "He got me, and the babies. Mister J ran off with the henches."

"That rat."

"Mm." It was best to avoid talking about Mister J with Ivy, so... "Whatcha wearing, Red?" she asked, adding a suggestive and overblown lear to her voice.

"I'm wearing a prison uniform. Just like you," Ivy replied with a dead voice.

"What makes you think I haven't already taken mine off?" Harley wiggled on the bed.

Suddenly something tickled her foot. She writhed and laughed, and fell off the bed... A vine. It curled up from a crack under the wall...

"You're teasing me," Harley purred. "Now... let me tease you." The leaf slipped up under her shirt.

Harley giggled some more. "Hee. Be it ever so humble... it really is good to be home."

Ivy sighed. "Less talking. More... laughing."

Harley wasn't able to think up a good rejoinder while Ivy's leaves were undoing her bra, but it had been a bad day. She'd get Ivy back later, during tv time.