title: After Show Party
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Souta/Naoya, implied Eiji/Kimeru
rating: Teen
warnings: suggestive sexual behavior
summary: after the show, in a dark corner of a dark bar.
notes: for sourangel, because she rocks.

They were playing Gackt music. This could not be a coincidence. Kimeru was prancing about, tugging at Takigawa's arms, as if the "buchou" would dance. He didn't even dance on stage... Souta was coming back with drinks. They were blue, and had bubbles. He didn't want to know what they were.

Souta put his arm around him, and leaned in close to talk, so close, Souta's lips brush against his earlobe. "You still have your bandana on."

He sipped his drink slowly, half-emptying it before speaking. "You still have your glasses on. Inui-senpai."

Souta smiled against the skin on his neck. "I like the bandana. It's sexy."

He smiled, and put down his glass. Kimeru had coaxed Takigawa out onto the dance floor, but that didn't mean they were dancing. Well, it was a form of foreplay, at least... Sometimes, he envied Kimeru's... boldness.

Souta ran his thumb up and down Naoya's neck. "Do you want to dance, Naoya-kun?"

He put his hand on Souta's thigh, and ran it up and down, on the inside. "I like to dance, Souta-senpai... but I like to do it onstage, or in private."

Souta licked Naoya's ear, and breathed heavily on him. "Would you like to dance with me, Naoya-kun?"

He meant to make a joke, to compare Souta to Atobe, but as much as the other man loved to make jokes about their "day job", he wasn't as familiar with the source material as Naoya was. And anyway, Souta was kissing him, so he tongue was too busy to form words.

And his hand was in Souta's pants. He wasn't really sure how that happened, but Souta was pleased, so he was pleased.

In another ten minutes, they would slip out the back and go to Souta's apartment. Hopefully, without attracting any attention. He hated it when Kimeru paid attention to him. It was like being in the spotlight, naked. He had told Souta that once, and Souta had gotten the most wicked look in his eyes.

Naoya moved his hand faster inside of Souta's pants. He loved the wicked look in Souta's eyes.