title: aftershocks
fandom: D.Gray-man
characters/pairings: Komui/Reever
rating: G
warnings: kissing
summary: Reever checks in on Komui.
notes: for corelle, for this request on fic on demand. spoilers for ~chapter 156.

He'd checked the infirmary first, but the Matron had already kicked Komui out. Lenalee was resting, due to check in with Hevlaska tomorrow morning. Until then...

Komui himself had been injured. Had been targeted. Reever knew where he would be, though. At a time like this when the Order was in upheaval, and all the Generals were at home, and they had representatives from the Vatican visiting...

Reever went straight away to the labs downstairs, and sure enough, Komui was there, working on another robot while a silly looking mechanical arm was trying to feed him coffee. Reever just waited, watching, knowing that it was careful work to disturb his boss. Finally, when Komui took a break to give the mechanical arm a rest and just drink his coffee...

"Don't you think you should be resting?" Reever asked, his voice gruff. Komui had met with the Grand Generals and Generals, they'd both been seen by the medical staff... He was going to keep working, though. Reever knew that. Until he could cure Lenalee of her Innocence... but it was far too late for that, now, wasn't it?

Komui looked over his shoulder at Reever, raising an eyebrow. "I don't want to hear that from one of my injured subordinates," Komui replied loftily. "You should be in bed. And coming from me, that's an order, not a suggestion."

Reever chuckled a bit, but it was humorless. Actually, now that he was in a quiet place, and he was alone with Komui... Komui fidgeted, adjusting himself. He had to work with just one hand, and it was awkward. He twirled the screwdriver with an almost elegant speed, though, even still.

Shaking, Reever took a step into the lab. It was a scary place, for sure. Komui surrounded himself with macabre things, like akuma corpses, bloodstained equipment that had been recovered after a battle, needing to be inspected and upgraded, and other things that even Reever wasn't too sure about, and didn't want to know too much, but he felt like it was all just a barrier. This was just a place for Komui to escape to, nothing more. A fortress of his own making within the fortress.

Reever came up just behind Komui. Komui turned a bit, giving Reever a quizzical look. There was a space between them, a space he knew belonged between them, but. But.

He gently took Komui into his arms. Komui was tall, but very lean, and somewhat delicate, or perhaps Reever was just projecting his feelings. Komui didn't resist, even somewhat leaned into the embrace, but he angled his body, too, preventing Reever from holding him too tightly.

"Section Chief?" Komui asked kindly, his inflections intimating amusement.

But it was hopeless, now. Reever tightened his arms around Komui, much more than he should. "I thought... I thought I'd never see you again," he said tightly, his voice shaking.

Komui's hand came up and caressed his hair, his cheek. "Now, now. That was just wishful thinking, wasn't it? But tomorrow, I'm going to be putting you back to work. So for tonight..."

Reever wasn't ready yet, though. He put his hand on the back of Komui's neck, and they jostled a bit, his feet feeling large as he tried to avoid stepping on Komui's feet. He kissed Komui, right on the mouth, though he didn't part Komui's lips.

He pulled back. Komui's eyes were wide and bright, his cheeks just a tiny bit flushed. His glasses were askew on the tip of his nose. He looked... beautifully innocent.

Turning bright red, Reever lowered his chin and took another few steps back. "I... I-I, er, well. I-I'm glad. Glad that you're alive." That didn't sound right. His tongue was too big for his mouth. He was sweating... "I mean. You... you're important... not just to the Order, but..."

He froze. Komui's hand was on his cheek. He looked up. Komui was smiling at him, his eyes warmly watching him from over the rim of his glasses. Reever's mouth gaped, but he couldn't think of what to say. Komui leaned in, and kissed his cheek. And then... he kissed Reever, his tongue just ghosting over Reever's lips. "Reever," Komui said quietly, his deep voice serious and sexy. "You can't imagine how grateful and happy I am that you are alive, as well."

His stomach flipped, and all the pain and discomfort and fear and anxiety quickly melted away. He couldn't think straight at all, barely able to process that Komui had kissed him, kissed him back. That he was able to really express himself to Komui...

Komui patted his cheek, and then raised an eyebrow. "But seriously. We're going to have mountains of work that will make our normal workload look ridiculously tiny tomorrow. Go and get some rest." He winked, adjusted his glasses, and turned back to his work table.

"What about you?" Reever asked in a hushed whisper. "You... you need rest, too."

"I will," Komui promised, nodding. "In a little bit." He turned away from Reever a bit. "Once the Matron calms down, and I can go see Lenalee again."

Reever grinned, feeling... well, it was a bit like everything was right with the world again. Sure, he had intended to take care of Komui, not the other way around, but...

"Have a good night, then... Supervisor." Komui nodded absently. Reever left, then, heading to his own quarters.

Had to follow orders, right?