title: Afternoon Tea
fandom: Meine Liebe
characters/pairings: Isaac/Beruze-ish, Naoji, Ed, Camus
rating: Teen
warnings: bondage
summary: Isaac helps the headmaster out with something.
notes: for ponderosa, for this request on fic on demand. oops, tho, missed the blindfold. ehehe. sorry!

He sipped the tea casually, as if the room was not pitch-black, as if he did not have a teacher tied up. "You really ought to try this. It's a special blend. It's quite enlightening."

Beruze curled his lip in disgust, but Isaac couldn't see that. "Thank you, but I'll pass."

"Ah, well," Isaac smiled. "Perhaps you'll change your mind in a bit. I have a full kettle."

"I doubt it," Beruze replied, icily. "I'm quite certain that this is not what the headmaster had in mind when he hired you to test security."

"No?" Isaac asked, puzzled. "But he did give me free reign. One must assume that he knew that my methods would be... unorthodox."

"Untie me!" Beruze insisted, bouncing the chair up and down.

Isaac chuckled softly. "I wouldn't do that if I were you. You might fall over. It's dark in this shed. I didn't realize it would be so dark in the middle of the afternoon. You certainly don't want to fall in here. I won't tell you what the gardeners store in here, but I can assure you, you don't want your nose any closer to it."

Beruze huffed loudly, only becoming more annoyed with Isaac's inevitable chuckle. He inhaled deeply, through the nose, to calm himself. Then he sniffed again. "Do I smell gasoline?"

"Ah, yes, I spilled some while tying you up. It's around your feet. I think I got some on your shoes, too. Clumsy, clumsy," Isaac chuckled, but there was a meaningful edge to it.

Beruze glared into the darkness.

"I have to say, I'm surprised. I would have thought a teacher gone missing would have caused more of a stir. But the campus still sounds quiet... I'm afraid my report to the headmaster isn't going to be very complimentary. Unless..." Isaac stood up, his boots quite loud against the wooden floorboards. His chuckles were definitely getting on Beruze's nerves. He walked around behind Beruze, and put his hand on Beruze's chin. "Mm. Maybe no one's noticed. Perhaps I should have snatched someone more... influential."

Beruze narrowed his eyes. He would not allow this... this commoner to disturb him. He would not take the bait. But he would get revenge, oh, yes...

Isaac chuckled, and then walked around to plop himself in Beruze's lap. "To tell you the truth, I'm getting bored. Aren't you? There's nothing to do in here."

"I believe that is your fault," Beruze sniffed, disdainful. "You should have arranged for entertainment for yourself."

"But I did!" Isaac slipped his hand into Beruze's hair. "I brought you. But you're boring."

"I apologize for not being suitably lively. I am tied down," Beruze sneered.

"That should be part of the fun," Isaac purred.

"Get off of me," Beruze huffed.

"Do you mean that?" Isaac ran his hands down Beruze's chest. He stiffened, even more. "Do you even know how to play? Or is this something that your students can teach you about?"

"You are a vile and disgusting toad on the road of progress. You will be squashed beneath the tread of the tanks that are coming to level this place and start fresh." He tried to hold himself back from Isaac, but the man was draped all over him.

Isaac threw his head back and laughed. "Careful, there. Your colors are showing. Now, now, really. Wouldn't you at least like some tea? It's quite calming."

Beruze seethed.

Isaac picked up his cup. He took a large gulp, and then covered Beruze's mouth with his. He let the warm liquid pour down Beruze's throat, and he let go, swiping Beruze's lips clean before standing up.

"This really is very boring. I'm going to go now. Let me know if anyone finds you." He waved cheerfully, but the light from the door opening was blinding, in contrast to the darkness. When he closed it, Beruze needed another minute to adjust to the darkness again.

He really was going to get his revenge.

He passed a small congregation of students, who greeted him with guarded politeness. It was just the bastard redhead, the petit blonde, and the Japanese boy. "Ah, boys, could you do me a favor?"

"Yes?" Naoji asked, deferentially, despite his wariness. Had to love Asian manners.

"Could you pass along a message to the headmaster for me? I don't want to have to go inside." He made a face at the school, as if the building might swallow him if he entered. "Just tell him I said, 'Confirmed.'"

"Confirmed?" Naoji echoed, clearly questioning Isaac's sanity.

He grinned. "That's great! Thanks!"

He whistled as he left the campus. If he was lucky, he'd get the café before dark.

He hated tea.