title: Admittance
fandom: Fruits Basket
characters/pairings: suggestive Kyo/Tohru/Yuki, suggestive Shigure/Akito
rating: G
warnings: damned cat and mouse!
summary: Yuki makes an admission, and Shigure retreats...
notes: for mookiegatto, for her fruits basket request on fic_on_demand. ^_^ um. akito worked his way in. because i'm in love with him. meep.

Shigure sighed, and stood up slowly. When they got like this, the only thing to do was to get out of the line of fire. They had been getting along so well, what with their 'understanding' with Tohru, but she was gone for the week with her friends, and slowly, Kyo and Yuki were reverting back to old habits.

"I've made dinner the last three nights in a row! And breakfast! And I made your damn lunch! You make dinner tonight!"

That was Kyo, always on the brink of a meltdown.

"No. You do it."

And that was Yuki. Stubborn and unflappable.

"Damn mouse! I'm not your damn slave! Carry your own damn weight for once in your charmed life!"

"No. You do it."

Shigure slipped on his coat, buttoning each button carefully. When it was cold and snowy, he tended to be as full of energy as always, loving to play in the snow, but he had spent all day torturing his editor, and he'd been looking forward to a nice evening at home, reading and watching Kyo and Yuki pretend they still hated each other.

"Fuck! Why can't you ever do anything for yourself?! Gods forbid that the precious Prince of the freakin' universe lift a finger to help out around the house! You lazy, stupid mouse! Make dinner!!"

"No. Idiot cat."


"Please don't destroy my house," Shigure called out quietly. "I'm going to the main house to see Akito." No one heard.

He walked out into the snow. The sun was setting behind the trees, leaving behind a trail of perfect blue, visible in between the blackness of the trees. Shigure took a deep breath of the clean, frosty air. He smiled to himself. It was a beautiful night, and it had been a fun day, and he could make the boys fix whatever they broke tomorrow. Tohru would be back Sunday night, and then Kyo and Yuki would be tamed once more.

Might as well make the best of it and enjoy the night.

Kyo balled his hands into fists. He had promised Tohru that there would be no more fighting between himself and the infernal mouse. He's promised her. Otherwise, he'd clock the idiot mouse right now! He was fed up with Yuki's better-than-everyone attitude, his perfect grades, his flawless skin, his quiet, soulful eyes! That damned mouse got away with everything just on looks! It was maddening!

Still. He'd promised. He couldn't go back on his promise. He was a man, after all. He counted to ten, slowly, then counted to ten again, and then counted to thirty. Grinding his teeth, he asked, "Why can't you just do this one thing? One. Stupid. Thing?!"

Yuki glared at him as if he were nothing more than an annoying insect that wouldn't stop buzzing around his ear. "Because. You're better than I am."

Kyo stared. He couldn't have heard that right. "What did you just say?"

Yuki raised his chin just a little, and looked away. "What? I can't boil water. You're good at this. Why should I eat my terrible food when you can cook really well?"

Kyo blinked. He set his jaw, and dug his fingernails into his palms. "Say it again."

Yuki affected an air of confusion as if he didn't know what Kyo meant.

"Say it again," Kyo reasoned slowly, "and I'll cook."

It took him a moment, but Yuki finally took a deep breath and shrugged. "You're better than I am. At cooking. Stupid cat."

Kyo nodded once, and turned on his heel abruptly. He could make something simple, like miso and ramen. And if that damned mouse wanted to eat in the morning, he would say it again. And if he wanted to eat lunch tomorrow, he would say it again. Kyo grinned as he pulled out a pot. Maybe he could even get Yuki to help him with his homework if he promised to make eel domburi.

After all, he was better than Yuki.

Shigure slipped back the door to Akito's room slowly, silently. The only light in the room was one flickering candle, which left the drifting scent of sandalwood wafting through the room. Akito was stretched out across the floor, his arm limply lying straight out, his head resting on his arm.

For a brief moment, Shigure's heart stopped, but then he heard the slight wheeze of Akito's breathing. Some day, someone would find Akito like this, and it would be the end of the current Emperor. Shigure sighed heavily, and padded softly into the room.

"Akito," he breathed, advancing slowly so as to give himself time to gauge Akito's mood. "How are you?"

Akito lifted his head slightly, and then put it back down again.

Shigure smiled, and sat down next to Akito. He brushed the fine hairs away from Akito's eyes, letting his fingertips graze over Akito's forehead just enough to feel Akito's skin. "Have you eaten, Akito?"

Akito rolled over so he was half on his back, and half leaning against Shigure's knee. "Did you come to see Hatori?"

Shigure shook his head slowly. "No, I gave the good doctor the slip, and came straight to see you."

The corners of Akito's lips turned up just enough to form a smile, and he rolled back away from Shigure. "Carry me to bed?"

It was half a request, and half an order. Shigure stood up quickly, and gently put his hand behind Akito's head. He slipped an arm under Akito's legs, and lifted his frail body slowly. It always scared Shigure to feel how light Akito was. He cradled Akito close to his body, and carried him to bed.

"Why did you come here so late?" Akito wondered, whispering into Shigure's skin.

Shigure suppressed the thrill that was running down his spine, and smiled down on Akito. "Well, I missed you. And Yuki and Kyo were fighting."

Akito furrowed his brow, foggily confused. "Aren't they all one big happy family now?"

"Tohru is on vacation," Shigure explained quietly, placing Akito down in his bed. "So they were arguing about who should cook. Kyo-kun will have to, eventually. Yuki is a terror in the kitchen."

Akito shivered. "That damned cat cooking..." He raised one hand to touch Shigure's face gently. Shigure loved to be petted. "You should stay here, and eat with me. I'll have Kureno bring something. Damned cat might poison you..."

Shigure could have explained that Kyo was actually quite good at cooking, and that he really was a good kid, but he enjoyed Akito's attention too much, and one never knew how long Akito's pleasant moods would last. He settled back in the bed, and arranged Akito against his side, running his fingers through Akito's superfine hair.

It was a nice way to end a nice day after all.

"You like it, don't you." Kyo smiled triumphantly over his spoon.

Yuki tried to ignore him, and kept eating quietly.

"It's good, right? Better, say, than anything you could do."

"Shut up."

"Because I'm better than you."

"Shut up."

"It's ok to admit it, you know. No shame in telling the truth. I'm better than you."

"At cooking."

"Yup," Kyo sighed, sipping the soup noisily. "I'm better."

"It's just ramen and miso," Yuki warned. "It's not like it's something to be proud of."

"Still. Better than you, even with my crappy ramen and miso."

Yuki scowled.

Kyo opened his mouth to continue teasing the damned mouse, but he thought better of it. After all, Yuki was being much less annoying since Tohru made him promise not to fight. And it couldn't be easy for the damned mouse to admit his weakness.

And Tohru wouldn't be back for a few days, so he had plenty of time to gloat.