title: a Day Off
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: Seimei/Soubi
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Seimei takes Soubi for a walk through the park.
notes: for 900_0001, for this request on fic on demand. my second crack at this. ha. but i've written two seimei/soubi ficlets so far in which seimei was kinda or totally an asshole. wanted to take a look at him being the person that ritsuka knew.

Soubi bought the popcorn, and the coffees. Seimei walked a few paces ahead of him, and swished his tail around so that it teased Soubi's groin. Every few steps, he would look over his shoulder, to make sure that Soubi was still behind him.

Soubi found them a spot that was somewhat out of the way. The tree they were under had already lost its petals, so the crowds had passed it by. Seimei sat down in the tree's shade, and Soubi reclined with his head on Seimei's knee. Seimei fed Soubi popcorn, letting Soubi lap at his fingertips as he did. He combed Soubi's hair out with his fingers, and removed the bandages from Soubi's neck.

"Beautiful," he murmured.

Soubi lifted his head when he felt it. Someone else was nearby. Seimei put his hands on Soubi's shoulder, and drew him to lie back down.

"We're taking the day off, remember?" he smiled.

Soubi remained alert, but whoever it was left, and they spent the rest of the day in the shade, watching the people watching the flowers losing their petals like snowfall.

They walked to the subway to get home, and Seimei let Soubi hold his hand, as long as he kept the bandage off. He even let Soubi kiss him, chastely, on the lips, as long as he said he was Seimei's first.

Kio was complaining when Soubi got home, but Soubi just went to the balcony, and text messaged Seimei. Seimei wouldn't get the message right away. After being gone all day, he'd spend the night taking care of his cute little brother. But Soubi watched his phone, anyway.

The stars were out that night, and the moon was full, so Soubi sat under the stars, and fantasized about his master, looking up at the same moon.