title: A Day Late
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Saeki/Atsushi/Ryou
rating: Teen
warnings: sexiness, nudity, twincest
summary: Saeki is a day late, but he can make up for it.
notes: for the Kisatwins birthday, appropriately a day late. as always, let's pretend they are in high school. ^_~

He waited for what felt like forever before the door was opened, but he didn't fidget. He wasn't surprised when it was Ryou who answered the door. It was always Ryou.

He grinned. "It was your birthday yesterday."

Ryou grinned right back at him, folding his arms over his chest and leaning against the doorjamb. "Oddly enough, I was aware of that."

"I forgot," Saeki shrugged carelessly.

"Still not surprised," Ryou continued to smile.

Saeki looked over Ryou's shoulder at the soft sound of footsteps behind Ryou. "Ah, 'Tsushi-kun. Good to see you. Guess I missed your birthday, too."

Ryou's eyes narrowed ever so slightly, and he stood just a bit straighter, as if to block Saeki from being able to get to his twin. "Did you come over today just to point out random facts, Sae-kun?"

Atsushi came to stand behind his twin, and he winked at Saeki.

Saeki ignored Ryou, and looked directly at Atsushi. "You look good, 'Tsushi-kun. I see St. Rudolph's agrees with you."

Ryou was practically snarling at Saeki, but Atsushi was blushing lightly. "Ah... thanks, Sae-san."

Saeki leaned forward quickly, and kissed Ryou's cheek so fast, the other boy couldn't stop him. "C'mon, come with me, and I'll make it up to you... both of you... for missing your birthday."

He walked away, supremely confident they would follow. Of course, Ryou didn't want to, at least he pretended not to, but Saeki imagined that Atsushi looked at him or something, and soon, they were both chasing after him.

Saeki just walked, knowing they would follow. He could hear them behind him, eventually, the way their footfalls synced up, they way they bumped into each other every few steps, the way they didn't speak, but still seemed to be communicating. Saeki grinned wider, and picked up the pace.

He led them to the beach, past the thinning crowds and the smooth sands, to where the rocks were. He waited for them to catch up, grinning like mad. Ryou was watching him suspiciously, but Atsushi was looking a bit curious.

It was always like that. They were identical, but somehow, it was always easy to tell them apart, even before Mizuki had had his way with Atsushi. Ryou was the aggressive one, the one who protected Atsushi. Atsushi was the quiet one, who studied and got Ryou out of trouble with his pretty eyes.

Frankly, Saeki couldn't imagine them apart. Even now, when Atsushi wasn't with Ryou all the time, it was like Ryou carried Atsushi's shadow with him wherever he went.

Saeki loved the twins.

"Let's go," he turned, navigating the rocks carefully.

"Wait a sec," Ryou huffed, his feet planted firmly on the rocks. "Where are we going, exactly?"

"Don't you want your presents?" Saeki teased, and then turned to go.

Ryou wasn't about to let Atsushi go first, but even on the often narrow path, the twins walked side by side. Eventually, they caught up to Saeki, who was sitting on the rocks next to a small tide pool.

"Well?" Ryou asked, testy. "Where are our presents?"

Saeki pointed down into the tide pool, grinning.

Atsushi's eyes widened, and Ryou's eyes narrowed. "And how are we supposed to get them?"

Saeki winked at him. "What, you can't swim?"

Atsushi paled slightly, and Ryou got that challenging look in his eyes.

"If you don't want to," Saeki shrugged, pulling off his shirt. "I can go get them."

As he started to undo his jeans, Ryou laughed. "Is this part of our present, then? It's cold, Sae-kun."

"You'll warm me up when I get back, won't you? 'Tsushi-kun?" Saeki winked at them, standing up and stripping to his skin, and then he neatly hopped into the water.

He knew exactly where to go to get the charms he had gotten for the twins that morning. He got the one for Atsushi first, kicking off the bottom of the pool to get to the surface easily. He put his arms up on the side of the pool, and held his hand up slightly, the wet chain hanging off of his finger. "'Tsushi-kun, come here."

Atsushi knelt down in front of Saeki, and reached for the chain, but Saeki surged up, and kissed him, taking his time, since Atsushi wasn't fighting it. He pulled on Atsushi's lower lip as he dropped down again, his heart pounding at the look of abandon on Atsushi's face.

He put the charm in Atsushi's hand, and curled his fingers around it for Atsushi.

Turning to Ryou, he grinned. "One sec, and I'll get yours."

Ryou snorted, pulling off his hat. "If that's the toll..." He pulled off his shirt, and stripped off his pants and boxers, slipping out of his flip-flops. "I'll just get it myself." He winked at Saeki, and slipped into the water.

Saeki laughed, and followed the trails of Ryou's long hair down, showing Ryou where his charm was. The pool was deep, and fairly big, but their bodies still brushed together. Ryou looked at him, under the water, and then smiled, and kicked up.

Just as they got to the surface, Atsushi slipped into the water, also nude, much more cautiously than either of them had.

"'Tsushi!" Ryou protested. "What are you doing?"

Atsushi blushed, and looked directly at his twin, ignoring the way that Saeki was leering at him. "Didn't wanna get left behind."

"The charm looks good on you, 'Tsushi-kun." They were all three in there now, their bodies pressed together in the cold water, the sun setting above them.

Ryou ignored Saeki, and put his arms around his twin. "Never could happen, 'Tsushi." They started to kiss, not chastely, not shyly, and definitely not like it was their first time.

Saeki brushed Ryou's long, gorgeous hair out of the way, and kissed his cheek, kissed Atsushi's cheek. Put his arms around them.

Ryou stopped kissing his twin, but didn't pull away at all. He grinned against Atsushi's lips. "You wanna play with us, Kojirou?"

"Always," Saeki purred.

Ryou's arms tightened around Atsushi. "Why should I share with you? I only have him for a weekend."

Saeki ran his hand down Ryou's back, squeezing his ass slightly. "Isn't it more fun with three, Ryou-kun?"

Atsushi pulled away from his twin, and kissed the corner of Saeki's mouth. "This is our real present, isn't it? We might as well enjoy it."

"Use me however you like," Saeki offered.

The twins looked each other in the eye, and grinned wickedly.

The next morning, Ryou was almost late to class, probably because he saw his brother off at the train station. As he passed Saeki's desk, he casually dropped a note.

Saeki read it as the teacher took roll.

Btw, Sae-san... we already have about fifty Gemini charms. So lame. Still. It's ok if you forget our birthday next year, too.