title: Year of the Monkey
fandom: Fruits Basket
characters/pairings: one-sided Ritsu/Ayame, Ayame/Shigure/Hatori, Akito
rating: G/Teen
warnings: language
summary: It is New Year's Eve in the Year of the Monkey.
notes: none

Hatori shook his head. Thank all the little gods this day only came around once every twelve years...

The ceremony was supposed to begin in just five minutes, and Ritsu was still wrapped up in his robe, a shivering, quivering mess of nerves.

Of course, Shigure was the last person who should have been helping him settle down. Shigure was all too capable of saying things like "Don't worry, Ritsu, you can't screw up; no one expects anything of you," in a perfectly soothing tone of voice.

What Hatori wanted was a bottle of sake and ten minutes for a cigarette.

The door burst open, and Ayame came in with a swoop and a swagger. He was wearing a very traditional Chinese robe of black silk with red buttons and trim, and he was loudly proclaiming himself the savior of the day. Hatori would believe it when he saw it.

Ritsu was quiet now, but only because he was staring at Ayame in open-mouthed wonder and adoration.

"Ritsu! Tch, tch, you aren't even dressed, you silly monkey! Now, look, I made something very special for you for your day!" Ayame took Ritsu by the hand, and lead him in front of the mirror. Ayame stood behind him, holding him in his arms. "Look! It's a garter, like the western women used to wear to hold up their stockings. I embroidered it myself; see the monkey motif? So, when you are up there dancing, you will feel this sliding against your skin... up and down your inner thigh..." Ayame leaned closer, breathing heavily against Ritsu's neck. He brushed his lips against the shell of Ritsu's ear. "It will be like my hands are on you all night long. Giving you courage."

Ritsu's eyes were nearly ready to pop right out of his head. He was breathing heavily, and he was too stiff to even respond to Ayame rubbing against his side. He barely had enough mental capacity to take the garter belt from Ayame's hand.

"Ok!" Ayame boomed. "Do you need any help getting dressed, or are you set?"

Ritsu turned bright red, and hid his face behind his shoulder and hair. "N-n-n-n-n-no, I can d-d-d-o it, th-th-thank you."

Ayame clapped his hands loudly, causing Ritsu to jump. "Excellent! All right, we'll leave you to it, then!"

Ayame swooped back out, snagging Shigure and Hatori as he did.

Shigure was shaking his head. "You are shameless, Aya. Why did you get Ritsu all wound up like that?"

Ayame chortled in a way that only Ayame could make kinky. There was a sudden pop, and whoosh of smoke from the room behind them. Ayame grinned. "I bought us at least ten minutes to sneak away and really see in the New Year properly. I even managed to sneak in some sake."

Hatori sighed, checking his watch. Ritsu had probably just slid the silky undergarment up his leg, imagined Ayame touching him there, and got so embarrassed, he transformed; they would have at least half an hour before the dance was could possibly start. That was plenty of time for a drink, a blowjob, and a smoke. He headed off in the direction of the most logical place for Ayame to stash the sake.

"Well?" He looked over his shoulder, not stopping. "You coming?"

Ayame beamed, and tripped off after him happily. Shigure smiled and shook his head, following eagerly. He grinned as he passed Akito, lurking in the shadows, watching them go. "There's been a delay, Akito-san, so we're going to have a quick cigarette break."

Akito smirked, leaning back against the wall, his robe slipping open at the neck to reveal his slim, boney chest. "Have fun sucking the fag."

"Huh?" Shigure blinked, stopping in his tracks, but when he turned around, Akito was gone.

He didn't want to waste time, though. He hated it when Hatori and Ayame got too far ahead of him.