title: XTLC
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Atobe/Tezuka
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Tezuka is sick, and Atobe is going to take care of him.
notes: for my floofy meemobunny, who is, i think, sick now. ;_; *cuddles*

"Are you still being sick?"

Tezuka thought about opening his eyes, and then decided against it. "No. I was lying here, feeling miserable, and then I thought, what am I doing? I should just stop being sick. That would be better. So, now I'm just napping."

"Stop that," Atobe teased, combing his hands through Tezuka's hair. "You know how cute you are when you're being sarcastic. You'll make me want to kiss you, and then I'll get exposed to your virus. That's just mean of you."

"I will stop being cute, then," Tezuka sighed, looking up at Atobe looking down on him.

He wasn't entirely pleased with how Atobe was smirking...

"Come on, then. Since you insist on being unhealthy, come on. I made soup for you." He tugged on Tezuka's hair, wrapping a long strand around his forefinger.

Tezuka swatted his hand away. "You can't make soup."

Atobe made a face. "Stop being so difficult. You know perfectly well that when I say 'I made soup,' I mean 'I went to the kitchen and told Elise to make soup, and then stood around and made snide comments about how long it was taking.'"

"You shouldn't antagonize the kitchen staff. Without them, you would starve to death in a week," Tezuka remarked dryly.

"You wouldn't let me starve, would you?" Atobe purred.

Tezuka shrugged. "I have a meet next week. You're on your own then."

Atobe scowled. "Get up and eat your soup, damn it. If I've only got you for another week, I don't want you to be sick for any longer than you have to be. And in case you didn't know, I think it's incredibly rude of you to go and get sick during one of the few breaks you take in a year."

He let Atobe drag him off the couch, but only because Atobe was going to twist his bad shoulder otherwise. He trudged over to the table with the tray of soup set neatly on it. "Despite what your grandmother may have told you, soup does not have magical virus-killing powers."

"My grandmother was a conniving shark who married six times to better position herself and her family in society. We suspect my other grandmother slowly poisoned my grandfather with rat poison to gain control of his company. Now, eat your soup." He handed Tezuka the spoon, and stood over him, watching expectantly.

Tezuka sighed, and plunged the spoon in, lifting up a decent chunk of chicken. He perhaps was hungry, so this might well be for the best. Unless there was rat poison in here...

As he sipped his first spoonful of soup, Atobe put his hand on Tezuka's shoulder, and then let it slip down, under Tezuka's sweater that was pulled tightly closed, under the soft shirt he wore when he wanted to feel comfortable. His hand slipped all the way down, his fingers circling Tezuka's nipple, and Atobe leaned down, putting his head on Tezuka's shoulder, embracing Tezuka.

Sighing, Tezuka stirred the soup. "Keigo," he said softly. "It's not that I don't appreciate..."

"This isn't for you," Atobe said, sounding a bit desperate, almost as if... he were begging Tezuka to give him permission to continue. "You make me wait a long time between visits, and then you go and get sick."

Tezuka was quiet for a moment, leaning unconsciously into Atobe's embrace. "Thank you for the soup."

"Don't mention it. It was easy to make.

"Get better, Kunimitsu."

zomg, didn't think i had tezzie/atobe fluff in me. O_o of course, this exists without context... *laughs* fuji must have dumped him and he's still rebounding... *coughs* ^_~