title: untitled
fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
characters/pairings: Janeway/Seven
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Janeway and Seven have a conversation.
notes: this takes place just after the ep with the doctor needing to defend his 'personhood' in order to control the distribution of his holonovel. [[while proofing this, i realized that i don't really remember the episode that it is based on. d'oh! but, it does have that thread of connection between Janeway and Seven that was such a part of the show...]]
also, this was written for my bestest best friend. because she rocks. ^_~

The Captain wasn't surprised when she heard the whoosh of air that heralded Seven's entrance into her cabin. Years ago she had programmed her door to recognize Seven's signature as well as her own, but as it had only been the last few months that Seven would take advantage of that without ringing, she still needed to stifle the slight giggle it inspired.

Seven was so brisk and efficient, one would hardly describe her as insecure. But Kathryn saw so much more of Seven than most did.... in many different ways.

Wrapping herself loosely in a robe, she left her bathroom and headed straight for the replicator, ordering a glass of whiskey for a nightcap. Seven scowled disapprovingly at her, but said nothing.

Smiling with the feeling of being bad, no matter how ridiculous it was, Kathryn settled herself on the couch with her feet under her, waiting.

She had long past given up the habit of talking to Seven first, knowing that would only make the conversation longer. Privately hoping this was one of the nights that Seven would simply start taking control without words, she waited and sipped her nightcap.

Seven wandered about the quarters as if she weren't wandering, as if she didn't know what this space better than she knew the couplings of a warp coil. Picking up random knick knacks, examining them, and moving on, keeping her disapproving manner, as if she were silently judging Kathryn's 'extravagant' lifestyle, she moved through the room without meeting Janeway's eyes.

She picked up a book. The old fashioned kind, bound in leather and cloth and printed on paper. It was wasteful, and useless, and an inefficient use of resources on such a tight ship. It was so Kathryn.

"I... I wanted to thank you, but I don't know if that is the proper was to phrase it."

Janeway was momentarily taken aback, not prepared for Seven to break the silence, entranced by her form in the silhouette of the lightening in the place where she was standing. "Well, what would be thanking me for? I don't remember being particularly nice to you today."

Smiling, as always.

Seven turned to face her. "For all your efforts on behalf of the Doctor. Even though the result was less than satisfying... I appreciate the effort."

Kathryn sipped carefully from her glass, watching Seven carefully. "You make it sound like I did you a favor."

Blushing, Seven turned away. In that soft voice that Kathryn loved, she replied, "It felt like you did. I know... that you don't... appreciate the Doctor's perspective as I do. I can't help feeling that your actions were partially motivated because you knew how I would feel about it."

Grinning, "Seven.... I do appreciate your affection for the Doctor. And your... kinship with him. But my actions were not motivated by any desire to please you. I... suppose that I was overcome by the irony of the situation. That the Doctor was on trial for personhood over creative control of a novel that exposed his feelings of oppression by 'organics' that did not recognize his personhood. It was the right thing to do."

"Never the less."

Kathryn had to smother the urge to laugh out loud. Sometimes, she was as amused by Seven, not because she was funny or pathetic, but because she was so damn cute. Of course, Seven would never understand that, so she repressed as best she could. It didn't matter; she would be letting it all out soon...

"Seven." And the Captain had that voice that said so much and never failed to draw everything out of her...

"I spoke to my aunt today."

"How did that go?"

"I was... surprised by how pleased she was to hear from me."

"Love never dies Seven. No matter how much passes between people, love never dies."

Seven's head snapped around to look directly into Kathryn's eyes. She was blown away, as always. Sitting near her lover on the couch, Seven wasn't sure she should pursue this. But how long could this fester?

"Does that mean.... you still love...?"

Kathryn's hand reached out to touch Seven's thigh, squeezing slightly with an air that was both sexual and comforting. "Of course. Time passes, and people have to move on, live in the moment they are in, but the love never dies. It changes, sometimes, but never dies...."

Seven relaxed, as she only did with Kathryn. "I suppose... with the Doctor's trial.... and talking to my relative.... I am. Overcome with the awareness of... limitations."

Gently, Kathryn put a hand on Seven's neck pushing her head down onto her lap. Pulling the ties out of Seven's hair, she began playing with the long locks, feeling the golden silk fall through her fingers.

"There's been something on your mind for a while now. This trial seems to be feeding on that. It's ok Seven. Here, everything is ok." Kathryn was using her bedroom voice, the soft whisper that she used with so many of the crew but that when she used it with Seven, it was her bedroom voice. Seven reached out to cuddle, although she didn't think of it like that.

"I suppose... I have been preoccupied... with thoughts of the future. Of rights, of family, and of personhood. And of limitations. I do not like to see myself as... limited." She felt the strands of hair near her temple being pulled away and falling back down. She smiled. "I have limitations, Kathy. And I worry... they will hinder my future." A long pause, in which Kathryn enjoyed the use of the name Kathy. Seven certainly wasn't the only one who called her that, but there was an intimacy involved in someone so formal being so familiar. "Someday, you may want. Or need. More than I can give."

Kathryn hushed her gently, soothing with whispers.

Seven's voice was small, almost a childlike voice. "But you may. It is almost... inevitable. You may someday want children, family, and I... I won't be able to give that to you..."

Kathryn kissed her temple, and forehead, sweetly. "Today is someday, beautiful. And today, this is all that I want. More than I need, and all that I want and more...."

Seven sighed, loving being called beautiful by such a wonderful and strong woman.

Turning and wrapping her arms around Kathryn's waist, she burrowed her nose into the robe until she came across flesh.

Tonight was enough.