title: J'onnverse: Unsuspecting
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: J'onn/Bruce
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Response to chicago's Many Faces Challenge.
notes: response to chicago's Many Faces Challenge. *sigh* i really thought this was one challenge i could avoid, since i'm not really familiar enough with the j'onnverse to write even a challenge fic for it, but then... -_- ah well, here's hoping it doesn't completely suck...
J'onnverse is Chicago's baby, and this was written as a gift for her.

Bruce shook hands with Koyasu Takehito, bowing slightly as he did, to conclude their business. The lounge of the Gotham Plaza was just starting to get busy, as people got out of work and were ready to start the night.

Bruce sat back, sipping his coffee. It would be a perfect opportunity for J'onn to play one of his... tricks. Or try to, at any rate...

There were two possibilities. There was an unassuming woman at the bar with close-cropped dark hair, small glasses, and a completely forgettable mouse-grey business suit. And there was a woman standing near the piano next to the bar with big, blonde hair who was practically falling out of her skimpy red dress.

The dark-haired girl was rather purposely not looking at anything, while keeping on eye on the mirror behind the bar. The blonde bombshell looked like something out of a movie.

Smirking, Bruce stood up and walked suavely over to the piano.

Leaning close to the blonde, his whispered in her ear, "You aren't even trying, now, are you?"

"Excuse me?" Her vacuous eyes blinked stupidly at him. But she was smiling, and moving her hips closer to him.

"Not that I don't... appreciate the occasional slip, mind you." Bruce was in full playboy mode, leaning ever closer to sneak a glance down her fake cleavage. "But it isn't much of a challenge unless you are trying."

"What am I supposed to try?" She batted her eyes playfully, her thick eyelashes glued together with cheap mascara.

Bruce slid his hand down her flank, slipping behind her to rest on her rear. "Something like that, perhaps?"

"Katie! Get the H - E - double L away from him!" The Texan in the ten-gallon hat was red-faced, his fat hands balled up at his sides as he sputtered.

Katie giggled, kissing Bruce lightly on the cheek before sashaying to the Texan's side. "He touched my butt!" Her bubbling giggles trailed behind as her escort grabbed her by the waist and hauled her away.

Tight-lipped, Bruce sat down next to the dark-haired girl. "You can laugh if you want to."

She managed to restrict herself to only a few guffaws.

Watching her from the corner of his eye, "Second guess still counts, you know, J'onn."

The disguised Martian smiled. "Of course it does, Bruce."

er.... that sorta met the challenge requirement? at least it was within the word count...

since no one cares, the name of the Japanese business man i gave is the name of the voice actor who did Hotohori from Fushigi Yugi, and also Zechs from Gundam Wing. ^_~