title: Trouble
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Dick/Roy
rating: G/Teen
warnings: drunkenness, kissing
summary: Take me to bed challenge fic.
notes: none

Dick swore lightly as he stumbled on the threshold. This seemed to amuse Roy even more than the drunken rendition of "Circle of Life" he was in the middle of, so he decided to stop and laugh.

Dick swore even louder, now carrying his teammate's full body weight, which, naturally, made Roy laugh harder and harder.

"Oh, Robbie, Batsy's gonna haffa wash your mouth out with soap!"

Dick sighed. Last night he carried a 220 pound bruiser to the end of an alley, all trussed up and ready for the GCPD to take 'im away. How could one slightly-larger-than-average teenager be so damned heavy?

"Roy, you could at least try to be helpful!"

Roy continued to snicker. "Hey, Robbie, le's play Brucie and Alfie! Ok, I'll be Brucie!" Clearing his throat while laughing, "Take me to bed!"

Dick growled. Actually growled. "You know, Harper, that mouth of yours is going to get you in trouble some day!"

Roy grinned like an idiot, rubbing against his buddy. "Oh yeah?" Suddenly gaining full possession of his faculties, he raised himself up and took Dick's face in his hands. Kissing him until both of them were stumbling like drunken fools, Roy still managed to smile.

Dick pulled up for air, his eyes sharply focused and his teen hormones at alert. Slipping his arm around Roy's waist, he hauled the other boy up and dumped him on the couch. Pouncing like the trained predator he was, he pressed Roy down into the cushions, growling. "Oh, yeah, arrowbreath, it definitely will."

Roy's chuckles could be heard throughout the tower, were there anyone there to hear them, all throughout the night.