title: Touch of Fingers
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Heero/Duo
rating: G/Teen
warnings: none
summary: Duo dreams of his roommate.
notes: for chibiwings, her ficlet on demand. i hope it works. ^_~

There was the wet sense of a finger moving down his bare back. He shivered, and he could feel it down to his soul.

"You're going to get paint in my hair."

It was what he said, but in truth, he didn't care.

"No," his lover contradicted, "I would never do anything to hurt your hair."

It was just brushes of fingers on his skin, like phantom footsteps of tiny little elves, leaving tracks across the canvas of his back. He tried to look over his shoulder, and see what was being done to him. "What is it?"

Heero repositioned himself on Duo's legs, frowning as a master does when he contemplates the tragic flaws of his masterpiece. "It's a depiction of the epic battle between the monkey ninjas and the gazelle samurai."

Duo peered over his shoulder. "Really?"

"Well," Heero conceded, "it's a little hard to tell." He spread his hands out over Duo's back. "It started out as a sonnet, but I messed up some of the kanji."

Duo grinned. "No one will ever see your art. Isn't that sad?"

Heero picked up the can of paint, and poured it over Duo's body. Suddenly, they were together, Duo bouncing in Heero's lap, in Heero's arms, the combined echo of their groans shaking him.

The damned alarm picked just then to go off.

The worst part about living with Heero Yuy was that after a night of really good dreams, Duo was always left feeling transparent and embarrassed. Heero was in the kitchen, like always, making breakfast. Heero liked making breakfast foods, like toast and coffee, and so he always cooked before he showered, giving Duo a chance to clean up, at least.

Heero wasn't wearing a shirt. He often went around the apartment in various stages of dress, apparently viewing their living quarters as private and his roommate as innocuous, and therefore he wasn't bound by social mores.

Duo wasn't sure yet whether that was a good thing about living with Heero, or a bad thing.

Heero greeted him with a simple meeting of the eyes. He had given up verbal greetings nearly a year ago. Duo didn't miss them; at about the same time, Heero started to really talk to Duo. It was a tradeoff, but Duo was much happier with the closer connection than he had been with pleasantries.

Clearing his throat, he began to peel his orange. "Oh, I was gonna do a load of laundry. You have anything for me?"

Heero frowned. "You did the laundry two days ago. If you have stuff to wash, I can do it."

Duo blushed, and turned to cough to hide it. "Nah, man, it's no biggie. I got it."

Heero shrugged, but he was still clearly troubled about Duo's compulsive laundry habits. He took the skillet off the burner, and doled out a helping of scrambled eggs for the both of them. Eggs were an exceptional thing for the breakfast routine, so it must have been a special day. Duo was just about to comment on it when Heero spoke up.

"I'm going to sign up for an art class. You want to join me?"

Duo nearly choked on his orange slice. Heero got up to pat Duo on the back, his face concerned. Duo felt his face get hot again, and he wanted badly to just slip away for a second to get under control. "Uh, sorry, went down the wrong way... Um, what did you say?"

Heero didn't move back to his seat. He brushed Duo's bangs away from his face. "Art class. Are you all right?"

"I'm fine," Duo shrugged, trying to blow it off. "Art class, huh? What prompted this?"

Heero shrugged, putting one knee on the floor to stabilize himself at Duo's side. "I've never tried it before."

"Hey, never know. You might be good at it!" Duo winked, feeling a bit more centered. He'd feel a lot more centered if Heero didn't have his arm on the back of Duo's chair.

"Never know," Heero repeated, tonelessly.

Duo shrugged, scooping up some eggs onto his fork. "Sure, why not? It could be fun."

Heero hesitated before getting up. "You have something in your hair."

"Huh?" Duo pulled his braid forward. "I do?"

Heero traced the crusty region. "You should take better care of your hair. You hardly ever think about it, but it's one of your best traits."

Duo blinked, utterly blindsided. "It... it is?"

"Yeah," Heero stood, reluctantly. "Right behind your eyes."

Duo gaped as Heero retook his spot at the table. It took him several pounding heartbeats before he was able to go back to pretending to eat normally.

Heero liked his eyes, and his hair. How had he never known this before? Was there any way to use it to his advantage? And had Heero touched the stain in his hair, and if so, why would that excite him?

"You like finger painting, right?"

The question came so far out of nowhere, Duo nearly spontaneously combusted right there with a forkful of eggs just about to enter his mouth. "Whu-huh?!!"

Heero shrugged, concentrating on his eggs. "The art class. It's finger painting."

Duo gaped at Heero as Heero calmly ate his eggs.

He wondered if Heero had heard him talking in his sleep. He wondered if Heero could read his mind. He wondered if Heero had checked the age limits on this 'art' class.