title: To Be Sure
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Heero/Duo, Hilde
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Heero needs to keep checking.
notes: for merith, for Mother's Day. ^_^ exactly 500 words. boo-yah!

It took him eleven months to figure it out, but he really had no place to go except back to Duo.

Duo wasn't bothered. He even had a room ready for Heero. Sure, he'd been surprised to see Heero on his doorstep, but not shocked.

He was never shocked by Heero.

He did try sleeping in the guest bedroom, but first he had to check the apartment for bugs, and then double check to make sure everything was secure.

That wasn't enough.

He snuck into Duo's room, and sat down on the bed. He almost touched Duo's face, wanting to brush Duo's hair out his face, but he restrained his hand.

He poked Duo's shoulder.

He needed to be sure.

It wasn't easy to adjust to everyday life. Duo was patient with him, but he got frustrated. He never felt secure in those open-air markets Duo loved. He didn't like bars that were dark, either. He felt most insecure, though, when Hilde came over to visit, but he was cheered by the fact that Duo seemed uncomfortable, too. She always looked hungry to Heero, which Duo nervously explained was just her sizing up how many children she would get out of him.

That did not make Heero feel more secure.

Duo wanted a ship, one of his own, one he had paid for, so they worked. At first, Heero was just following Duo because he had nothing else to do, but then, it seemed silly to be there and not help, so, he worked.

They worked well together.

And every night, he would go in and poke Duo on the shoulder, just to be sure. Duo eventually started leaving his door open, for Heero's sense of security, but Heero still needed to poke him. Heero felt guilty, and he tried to stop, but Duo didn't mind. At least, he didn't say anything. Heero thought that was odd enough, but he hoped it was because Duo understood.

He just needed to be sure.

Perhaps Duo had been kidding. He suggested Heero sleep with him, so Heero wouldn't have to keep wandering around in a dark apartment. If he had been kidding, Heero would have felt even guiltier, but he didn't think so.

They started having sex shortly after Heero moved into Duo's room, so Duo was probably happy with their arrangement.

It didn't change anything, though. Heero still needed to poke him every night. Now, it was even worse. Heero would think he couldn't hear Duo breathing anymore, and so he would need to poke him just to be sure.

He tried to apologize, but Duo just kissed him soundly and smiled. He said that one day, Heero would be sure, and he could wait.

Heero didn't want to keep Duo waiting, but he couldn't help enjoying the sense of peace that came over him when Duo's sleepy confusion melted away with recognition, and he smiled at Heero.

Maybe one day he would be sure, but until then, he'd keep checking.