title: The Fall
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Bruce/Dick, Alfred, Tim, Barbara
rating: G/Teen
warnings: none
summary: challenge response - au/elseworlds challenge
notes: none

And so it was in the Kingdom of God that there was one Angel in the Army of the Righteous of fierce power who was obsessed with upholding Justice who was known to flirt with the Edge. He was afflicted with wings like a demon's; they were massive, and leather, of deepest black, and they resembled the wings of a bat.

He was known as the Dark Knight, although because of his wings, he was probably more commonly known as the Batman.

God, who was often called Alfred, had a penchant for baking chocolate chip cookies, and was constantly dusting, worried over His Angel, concerned that in his commitment to Justice, he would one day topple over the Edge and Fall into the Abyss below.

Therefore, He called forth His most favored angel. This Angel was by far the loveliest of all the Angels in heaven. He was graced with shining ebony hair, bright blue eyes, a sweet little bubble butt, and wings of the purest black. Unlike Lucifer, however, who was equally gorgeous, and whose pride led to his Fall, this Angel had not a trace of ego. In fact, he thought very little of himself at all.

His name was Night Wing, and he was the Dark Knight's protégé.

And so God sent Night Wing to the Dark Knight's side, to aide him, a task Night Wing was more than happy to do, as he cared a great deal for his mentor.

With Night Wing at his side, the Dark Knight's flirtation with the Edge ended, as he was always more interested in staying on the same side of the Edge as Night Wing.

Together they slaughtered the ranks of the Dark, as together they were stronger than either would be alone. In time, they had other companions in their quest to end the Dark. Robin was a young Angel of oddly brightly colored wings, and Batgirl was an Angel that used strap-on leather wings to evoke the same fear as the Dark Knight's wings. (And, it was rumored, in an attempt to gain Night Wing's attention.)

However, as one danger was averted, an altogether different one emerged.

For the Dark Knight and Night Wing became as close as two Angels could be, as each moment they spent together increased their intimacy and passion for one another. Unfortunately, there were limits to how close two Angels could be, really.

And so, they together flirted with the Edge, dancing closer and closer still, closer than the Dark Knight ever did on his own.

Alfred saw this, but he only sighed as he continued to dust the breakables in the Drawing Room of Heaven.

It was with a kiss that they Fell together. Miraculously, though, they did not Fall to the Abyss, but to the Earth, where they landed in a patch of grass at midnight. This came to be as they had Fallen for love, and not pride as Lucifer had. Their wings were gone, they discovered as they examined each other, however, they did have new appendages, which they quickly put to prodigious good use.

When Batgirl and Robin went to Alfred to ask why he did not intervene to save them, he merely sighed, and replied, "Young Master and Miss," which was a common title for God to use as He acted the servant to His children, as long as they did not track mud on the Carpets of Heaven and put their dishes in the sink when they were done, "Even I cannot prevent the inevitable. The Dark Knight was destined to Fall, as Lucifer before him did.

"At least he didn't Fall alone."