title: The Tattoo
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Dick/Roy
rating: Teen
warnings: mentions of sex, bad language, suggestive tattooing
summary: Roy doesn't want everyone to know what he did last night.
notes: this is an answer to Chi's challenge. basically, just a fic with this line:
"You've seen it; why does everyone else have to?"
because i am a challenge whore. ^_~ (tho, there are some things i won't do. heh.)

The shower spray had relaxed him quite a bit, but he still felt torn apart from the inside out. There was nothing quite like getting pissed drunk, passing out, then dragged out of bed a few hours later and forced to save the world to make a guy feel like he'd been stuck in a blender running on high and asked to host a symposium on quantum mechanics.

He didn't like it when Lian was gone for too long, but he couldn't say no to her when she asked with that one expression, the one that reminded him of a kicked puppy begging to be allowed to fetch his slippers. It was a sign of her devious cleverness, which he supposed was his fault. Not like he got to pick which genes he was passing on to his daughter... Anyway, there was no one in the world he trusted more than Donna, so he was sure his daughter was safe on her 'camping trip' to Paradise Island.

Roy was so distracted by his hangover and his thoughts about his daughter that he didn't realize that there was someone else in the showers with him.

"Roy! You didn't tell anyone you were injured!" Only Dick Grayson could say that and sound affronted. Well, maybe that wasn't true, but he was the only one who could say that, sound affronted, and get away with it because he was so damn lovable.

Roy scowled and turned to face the other man, grabbing a towel as he did. "I'm not. That's from..." Suddenly, Roy's jaw clamped shut, and he tried to meet Dick's eyes without flinching.

"What?" Dick eyed him questioningly, and Roy couldn't help but notice how Dick's hair was mussed up, falling into his eyes, and his nipples were a little peaked. Dick didn't usually shower in the Tower, but since the only people there at the moment were 'insiders', he was being less reserved.

Roy got distracted resisting the notion to push Dick's hair out of his face, which gave Dick the opportunity to pull Roy's towel out of the way.

"What's this bandage then?" Dick's hand was reaching out to touch his ass gently around the area of the bandage before Roy's aching brain could react. The feel of the other man's hand on him again elicited too many tactile memories all at once, and Roy found himself leaning into the touch before he knew it. "Do you mind if I look?"

If Roy didn't want Dick to see it, he probably should have said something. At least, that was the conclusion he came to as Dick slowly peeled the bandage away, revealing the scarred skin underneath. Dick gasped, his open mouth forming a smile as he ran his fingers over the raised scab of the tattoo.

"Roy! What the hell?"

Roy burned bright red, and if Dick's hands weren't on his skin, he would have pulled away.

"Is this a suggestion?" Dick leered at Roy, stepping just a little forward into Roy's personal space. The smell of Dick's aftershave tickled the hairs in Roy's nose, and he could remember very clearly waking up with his nose buried in a pillow with that scent. "I guess the main question is... Is that a proper name, or a noun?"

"What, that's your name? I always thought that was just what people called you." Roy scowled and glared, but he still failed to intimidate his ex-lover.

Dick traced the arrow pointing to the crack in Roy's cheeks. "If this is an instruction for someone else, maybe I could get them for you. I think Garth is still around..."

"No!" Roy pulled a little away from Dick, snagging the towel back to cover up his front. "It's bad enough that you've seen it; why does everyone else have to?"

Dick leaned in very, very closely. "I'd rather no one else saw it. You know that."

Roy felt fatally unbalanced. His head still hurt, and his joints ached from his hangover. He was naked in the shower with his ex, who was touching him. He was embarrassed and ashamed of what he had done in his drunken stupor. And he badly wanted to bend Dick over the sink and take him like a cheap rent boy.

When he started to speak, he had no idea where the words came from, but he rushed through them, fearing that if he didn't finish now, he would never again be able to get it all out. "What happened with Cheshire... It was a mistake. I can't regret it, because it's what gave me Lian, but... I lost you, and I can never stop regretting that."

Dick placed his palm over the words on Roy's ass. He looked like he was going to start to speak, but instead, he just leaned forward, until his forehead was resting on Roy's shoulder. "I thought that I would never be able to trust you again, but the truth is, I never really stopped trusting you. There aren't... that many people in the world that I can trust. And I can't regret bringing Lian into the world, either, even if... it did hurt."

Roy shifted over, placing his hand on Dick's side. The world seemed to be swirling around him, and he was momentarily concerned that he might faint from the heat that was burgeoning in him, but he had been wanting this like he wanted air to breathe for so long, and for so long he'd been sure that he had ruined everything. "I'm sorry, Dick."

Dick sighed, and Roy could feel the air from Dick's lungs on his skin. "Me too."

They stayed like that for an absurdly long time, until Roy was sure that he wasn't dreaming, and then for minutes longer. Their bodies brushed against each other, somehow managing not to tease each other as each remembered the feel of having the other man's flesh pressed close against his own.

When their mouths touched and they began to taste each other for the first time since their explosive breakup, it was like they had returned to the home they had made for themselves.

Roy felt Dick's arms wind around him, and he couldn't have hoped to hold back the whimper that broke out from his chest. He needed Dick.

Suddenly, Dick was pulling on Roy's ass, grinding their groins together aggressively. "What do you think, Roy? Should I get a matching tat on my ass? 'Insert Roy Here'... Appropriate, don't you think?"

Roy growled, feeling the last vestiges of the hangover washing away rapidly. His hand grabbed the back of Dick's head possessively, and he thanked all the gods of earth and sky Brave Bow had taught him about for giving him this totally undeserved second chance. "Now that is definitely a suggestion, and a proper name..."

Dick grabbed Roy for a long kiss, sucking on Roy's lips long after the need for air had torn them apart. "You fuck around on me again, Harper, and I'm gonna castrate you with a rusty spoon."

Roy nodded seriously. "Deal. Shall we fuck here, or in a room?"

Dick pushed Roy against the sink roughly, tossing the towels aside he devoured every part of Roy that he could reach. "Fuck here, fuck in a room, fuck back in at my place, back at yours... When is Donna bringing Lian back?"

Roy grinned. He couldn't wait to tell Lian that Uncle Nightwing was going to be staying over a lot more now.

...what the fu... where the hell did that come from???!?! this was supposed to be funny, and fluffy. there was supposed to be a garth threesome joke. stupid angst... le sigh.