title: Tahiti
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Heero/Duo/Trowa
rating: G
warnings: aftereffects of violence
summary: ...the waiting is the hardest part.
notes: for sunhawk, for Mother's Day. *snugs* ...turned out kinda angsty, m'dear, sorry... and it went long. ah well!

Waiting was a cause of death. He was sure of it. He stumbled around, ignoring his crutches propped up against the wall. Quatre had called in five times, Wu Fei had even checked in twice, even though this wasn't his mission.

The last time he'd heard from Duo, all he got was "Oh, shit!" and then static. Trowa hadn't checked in for hours.

Heero hit his thigh, cursing his stupid leg for getting shot, keeping him out of the field. He regretted it a moment later, but still. The leg needed to learn.

He heard the bay doors open, and he was off and running, as best he could. He got there just in time to see Trowa carrying Duo in to the infirmary.

Duo was limp in Trowa's arms. Trowa didn't seem to be straining, but Heero knew how heavy Duo was, and how strong Trowa was. Something must be really wrong.


Trowa paused, and looked at Heero, blinking. "He caught the tail end of his own blast, but he'll survive. He's unconscious now, though. Should you be on your feet?"

"Want me to take him?"

Trowa frowned. "You'll drop him."

"Why didn't you check in?" Heero asked irritably. Just because it was the truth, didn't mean Trowa had to say it...

"Transmitter broke."


Trowa began to shuffle off to the infirmary again, and Heero shuffled behind him. He heard the chuckling, and he shuffled faster, to walk astride Trowa. Duo cracked open one eye.

"Damn," Duo smiled shakily. "Lookit us. One's gimpy, one's banged up, and one's... Hey, Trowa, what's wrong with you?"

"Horny," Trowa replied wryly.

Duo choked on his laugh. "Damn! Well, maybe Heero c'n sort you out..."

Trowa placed Duo down on the medical bed. He placed his hand on Duo's head gently. "Maybe. I think we'll be waiting for you."

Duo looked small and young on the bed, his face bloodied and bruised. Heero reached out to take Duo's hand.

Duo smiled shyly at one than the other. "That could take a while, guys."

"I think we need some leave after this, anyway. Like you said, the three of us aren't exactly in fighting shape as it is." Heero emphasized his words by wobbling a little on his bad leg.

Trowa nodded solemnly. "Yes. This horniness will kill me if I keep ignoring it."

Duo leaned back in the bed, chuckling fitfully. "Well, as soon as these butchers are done with me, we'll steal off to Tahiti and fix you up in the sun. 'Kay?"

Heero leaned down and kissed Duo's lips, tasting the blood there. "Promise us?"

"Promise," Duo swore.

Trowa ran his fingers against Duo's cheek. "Good. We'll get ready, then."

"Butchers, eh?" Sally sighed dramatically. "And you now expect me to help you?"

Heero glared at her, but Trowa smiled.

Duo groaned, equally dramatically. "Fair lady, I am helpless in your clutches! Do what e'er you intend, but have mercy on my fond lovers, for they are weak of constitution, and have poor social skills without me!"

Sally shook her head. "You boys know the drill. I'll take good care of the brat, but I need room. Don't worry, I wouldn't want to dull the Maxwell charm, after all."

They slipped away reluctantly. Heero waited for Trowa to get his crutches, out of generosity. They waited for Duo together outside the infirmary, falling asleep on each other's shoulder.

It was hard to be without each other, even in part. Heero was going to make sure Tahiti happened, no matter what. Screw the colonies; his lovers needed the time.