title: Surprises
fandom: Tokyo Babylon
characters/pairings: Seshirou/Subaru
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Ficlet on Demand! for Noel
notes: 614 words.

He felt the younger man's presence, like a bright beacon, before he entered the office, but he still acted surprised. It would do no good to let on yet.

"Subaru-kun!" Seishirou smiled broadly. "What a nice surprise!"

Subaru looked up, bashfully begging Seishirou wordlessly. "Sei-san, please forgive me for interrupting your work." He bowed low, which was difficult given that he was wearing a bright yellow vinyl hat that was easily twice the size of his head.

Seishirou's lips twisted in a restrained smirk, and he put his hand on Subaru's shoulder. "Nonsense, Subaru-kun. I'm always glad to be distracted by you. I see... Hokuto was feeling rather... creative this morning."

Subaru blushed, and he trembled a little. Seishirou felt every instinct in his body swarm, driving him to swoop in and take advantage, but he restrained himself to just sitting down next to Subaru.

The young man swallowed hard, and crossed his arms over his chest in a useless attempt to hide the front of the 'jacket' his sister had dressed him in that morning. It was black silk and yellow vinyl, made up of complex strips that crisscrossed over each other. It seemed like a straight jacket to Subaru. It seemed like bondage gear to Seishirou.

"Well, you look very cute," Seishirou smiled as he reached for Subaru's hat, "but I think you might be more comfortable if we took this off for now. Is Hokuto with you?"

Subaru blushed again, his cheeks now the color of cream, honey, and blood mixed together. "Ah, no, she's in school." He leaned closer to Seishirou, whispering, "I'm supposed to be in school, too, but I had to go out on a job."

"I see," Seishirou nodded, putting his arm behind Subaru's back. From this close, Subaru's eyes were wide and clear, and the scent of his soap off his neck tantalized Seishirou.

Subaru looked sheepish. "I should go back, since I'm done, but..."

Seishirou put his hand on Subaru's chin, lifting his face gently toward him, his other arm tightening behind Subaru's back. "Stay with me, Subaru-kun. You can go into the examination rooms with me, and help me with the animals."

Subaru's whole body beamed with excitement. "Really? Are you sure it wouldn't be a bother?"

Seishirou leaned in, pressing his side against Subaru's side. "Of course not! You know how much I love to have you around, Subaru-kun."

Subaru blushed again, looking away, but Seishirou noted with glee that Subaru did not try to pull away from him. "Thank you, Sei-san. I... I appreciate your kindness."

"You are the one being kind, Subaru-kun. After all, you could be in school, learning and spending time with people your age, but you are willing to be with an old man like me. I consider each moment with you a gift." Seishirou hoped he wasn't laying it on too strong. Even Subaru would have to get suspicious eventually.

Subaru sighed silently, and nodded. He placed the back of his head against Seishirou's shoulder very, very gently. "That's how I feel about you, Sei-san."

Subaru's voice was a fleeting whisper, a puff of sound that gave the impression of daydream. Seishirou was startled by Subaru's sudden intimacy. He looked down at the top of Subaru's head in confusion. There was some sensation related to the way that Subaru was sitting in his arms that was hard to pin down. There was a kind of warmth that seemed to emanate from the young man's body that was permeating Seishirou's skin.

He kissed the top of Subaru's head, and wondered if they were getting to the point where he could reasonably expect Subaru to give up his virginity.