title: Sunday
fandom: Fruits Basket
characters/pairings: Ayame/Shigure/Hatori
rating: G/Teen
warnings: threesomey
summary: Shigure has the house to himself, but he's more than willing to share the quiet.
notes: for nemiko, her ficlet on demand. *snugs*

The birds were chirping away outside. Shigure lounged lazily in his easy chair. He loved his little house. He had fought long and hard for the right to live on his own, and when he'd won, he'd searched every property within a 20 km radius of the Sohma complex, looking for the perfect blend of comfort, tradition, and quiet. He loved the soft swoosh of the traditional sliding doors, the isolation of living out, essentially, in the woods, they way the light filtered down from the canopy, and best of all, the sound of his bare feet on the hardwood floors.

Yes, he loved his little house intensely, but of late, it wasn't really his. First, Yuki had descended upon him, and if he had even entertained the possibility of saying no to his younger cousin, Ayame would have made sure he had changed his mind. Then Akito had asked him to let Kyo stay with him as well, and even though Shigure could see perfectly well that Akito was up to something, he had little choice in the matter. And of course, coincidentally, Tohru had come to live with them; even though she made things much easier with all the housework and cooking she did, not to mention brightening the place up with her lovely smile, she was a young lady, and that did limit what he could do in his own home.

He had become a de facto den mother to a small brood of angsting teenagers, which was fun from time to time for sheer amusement purposes, but it could also be taxing. For one thing, he was going to have to start working on them soon... They would need to learn the great value of a comfortable threesome if they intended to coexist peacefully.

Shigure grinned at Hatori, crinkling the newspaper as he read in the other easy chair across the room. In the distance, Shigure could hear the melodic singing of Ayame as he prepared the tea.

Yes, the children needed to learn the wholesome values of the threesome.

Thankfully, this week was their spring break, and they had gone to the mountain resort with Momiji and Haru. Shigure could only imagine what mischief was afoot on that trip, and it never once occurred to him to try and tag along. He was enjoying having his house back to himself far too much.

And having his house back to himself meant, naturally, that Hatori and Ayame were each taking a day off to share the quiet. Sundays were the best days for quiet; even Akito had released Hatori with a wave of his hand as plunged into the latest volume of his favorite series.

Ayame was whistling as he came back with a tray loaded down with goodies. Neither Hatori nor Shigure made the slightest move to help, as Ayame had trained them not to interfere with him and his tea rituals anyway. He placed the tray on the short coffee table, and kneeled next to it, preparing a cup for each of them, as well as a plate of sweets and treats.

Shigure watched Ayame's long, delicate hands working. Ayame was deceptively strong, especially now. There had been a time in their youth when Ayame had been waifish to the extreme, and it had played well with his large eyes and shimmering white hair, but there was something unerringly masculine about the strength of Ayame's hands now. Shigure shifted position, spreading out his legs a little.

Ayame handed Hatori his cup first. Hatori did not look up from his paper, merely taking a hold of the saucer when Ayame bumped it against his fingers gently. Hatori placed the cup down on the table next to his chair without even the slightest bobble. Shigure watched Ayame's open and naked admiration of Hatori. He loved to watch Ayame watch Hatori. He always had, even when they were small, and there wasn't the suggestion of lust in Ayame's eyes. Shigure knew that Ayame preferred Hatori to him, but he and Ayame had more fun. It was all about balance.

When Ayame handed him his cup, he flirted with him shamelessly, calling Shigure 'darling' and 'lover.' Hatori's eyes drifted up covertly to watch them. Shigure had never been able to figure out if Hatori had a preference between them, but he never failed to feel a bit warm when Hatori's eyes fell on him like that.

For his part, he loved both of his cousins, nearly equally, but he could never imagine life without Ayame. Aya just always knew how to make things more fun.

"So!" Ayame grinned brightly. "We all have a precious day off. We have this big, beautiful, secluded house all to ourselves. What shall we do today?"

Hatori sighed, flipping the page in his newspaper as if he weren't playing along. "Get caught up on our reading, perhaps."

Shigure sipped Ayame's tea. As always, it was the perfect blend of fruity, tang, and mellow. "There are a few home projects I was going to catch up on."

Ayame nodded at each suggestion seriously. "Let's have sex in Kyo's bed first!"

Shigure burst out laughing, but Hatori furrowed his brow. "We can't do that, Aya!"

Ayame frowned. "Tohru's bed? But that seems a little crass. And we certainly can't do it in Yuki's bed..." Ayame shivered, and delicately bit into his shortcake.

"How about I push you down onto the ground where you are sitting, rip your clothes off, and take you right there?" Hatori spoke in his usual dull monotone, his eyes never leaving the page he was reading.

Ayame visibly shuddered, and Shigure felt his skin tingling. He loved it when Hatori took charge...

Ayame pushed the coffee table aside, and cleared out a safe space to protect his tea. "Just be careful of the buttons. They're an import from Venice."

Hatori nodded absently. "Just a minute." He casually crinkled the newspaper page back and forth, appearing for all the world to be totally engrossed in what he was reading.

Ayame pouted, petulant. "You aren't seriously going to make me wait, are you Hari!? That's cruel!"

"Hm," Hatori grunted. "And what's screwing around on Kyo's bed?"

Ayame beamed. "Fun?"

Hatori shook his head, and turned the page.

Ayame whimpered, and scooted over to Hatori, putting his hands on Hatori's knees. "Please, Hari. I've been good..."

Hatori snorted. "You've never been good in your life."

"On the contrary," Ayame winked, "there are times when I've been very good."

Hatori smirked, and Shigure knew that Ayame had won. Hatori ran his hand down Ayame's cheek, and then suddenly, he pushed Ayame down, and fell forward on top of him.

Shigure watched them squirm on the floor, feeling his arousal burgeoning, but sipping his tea regardless.

It was damn good tea.

Hatori looked up, peeved. "Are you just going to sit there?"

Shigure shrugged, smiling. "I thought I would finish this," holding up his cup.

Hatori grunted. "Get down here."

"Yes, sir!"

The house was not quiet for a long time after that, and Shigure gained a few more home projects for the upcoming week, but it was worth it.