title: Something
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Bruce/Dick
rating: Teen
warnings: none
summary: Dick has returned. (animated series continuity)
notes: for Van (slavelabour on lj), for Mother's day. *snugs* it's a bit short, but...

They still worked well together. Even if they hadn't intended to - the dealer he was tracking and the smuggler Dick was tracking just tracked back to the same boss. They did work well together, fluidly. It was something.

They still shared some common ground. Dick still made jokes, though he was more sarcastic now. He still said nothing. But they didn't start arguing right away, and that was something.

They still gravitated toward each other in the quiet moments. It was unconscious, and as soon as they were aware of it, they backed off, but it was still part of how they interacted. It was something.

Bruce shouldn't have asked Dick to come home with him. It was an open invitation to trouble. But Dick must have been tired. Or just done with this argument. Or maybe just sick of it all. He said he would come home, if Bruce was offering to share a bed.

Bruce had nothing to say to that. Nothing at all.

Dick had sighed. Had made a joke about renting a Catwoman suit. Had looked at Bruce.

Dick could look at Bruce, under his cowl, from behind his mask. Bruce still didn't know how he did it. He wished he could do the same.

Dick had kissed him. It had been in the corner of his mouth. He could barely feel it, much less taste it.

It was something. Bruce wasn't sure what, but something.