title: Sightless
fandom: GetBackers
characters/pairings: Kazuki/Jubei
rating: G/Teen
warnings: sex
summary: Jubei and Kazuki alone at the hot springs.
notes: Set just before ep. 26.

The sound of the steam rising from the waters. Like a backwards misting rain. His hand moving through the waters, gently parting into waves. The water is hot and it has a feeling to it, a texture.

He can hear Kazuki stripping off his robe and towel, but his mind refused to provide a mental image. They had trekked up the hill to use the hidden, isolated spring for a reason. Jubei had been concerned about being so... exposed in public. Kazuki had worried that he could not be exposed enough.

Kazuki moving through the water. The water lapping against Kazuki's body, the bells in Kazuki's hair gently tinkling as his tails trail over the surface. Kazuki had taken down the back of his hair. Jubei had heard it falling over Kazuki's body, and then the sound of hair being gathered up, the slight sighs and grunts as Kazuki put it all in place, and the snap of the clip as Kazuki bound it in the back.

Jubei wondered what Kazuki's hair would feel like now.

Kazuki says his name. Kazuki says a million things in those two syllables, and Jubei wonders if the layers had always been there. Had he just not heard before? Kazuki is behind him, and if Jubei pushed his arm back through the water, he could brush his knuckles against Kazuki's bare hip. His arms remain motionless at his sides, his fingernails biting into his palms.

Kazuki sighs, quieter than his bells. Kazuki is standing right behind him, his hands gentle as they soothe over Jubei's skin. He can feel the air that came from Kazuki as it dissipates over the hair on the back of his neck.

Kazuki touches him. It's electricity and comfort and fire and ice. Kazuki's fingers are impossibly fine, tapered, and strong. He massages up to Jubei's temples, coaxing at the bandages that bind Jubei's eyes shut.

Kazuki speaks, but Jubei listens to him, rather than the words. He waits patiently, letting Kazuki do as he would, but not relenting. He does not want his bandages removed. There is balm in the way they press tightly against his eyes, and he fears the dim starlight breaking his perceptions as much as he fears the lack of it.

Kazuki leans over his, his arms trailing down Jubei's chest. Kazuki is cruel, very cruel, and Jubei is weak, always weak before his beloved.

Kazuki's tongue touches his ear, and he can hear the rushing of his blood through his veins, he is deafened by the power of it.

Water spraying over tile and ceramic. Kazuki is in the shower. Waking up without the light is alien and strange, like drifting from one dream to another. He cannot be sure he is awake. Jubei stretches out over the bed, letting the cotton sheets drag over his flesh, over his skin, over the little hairs that can't even be felt, but that tell him so much about the softness of the sheets.

The softness of Kazuki's skin.

The humming rush of hot air. Kazuki is being vain. Or perhaps he is being practical. Jubei's hair has never been longer than his shoulders. He suddenly aches, in a palpable way. He can remember watching Kazuki's hair grow, and grow, as if each inch were a mile marker in his memory. Without the distraction of vision, the taste and the smell of the past consumes him, and he is back home, just a child, still innocent and hopelessly in love. Quiet kisses in dark rooms when no one was looking haunt his lips, his tongue tingling at the taste.

It was all so long ago.

He remembers when he was less tainted, and his heart was more pure. He remembers tasting Kazuki's body for the first time, and how his blood burned. He longs for the fire that can clean him, and his traitor body reacts.

He curls over in shame, hiding himself. This isn't what he wants.

Quiet again. A hand on a knob, and then a door opening. Kazuki hums, oddly tuneless for one so skilled with strings. But Kazuki's voice is music, as he pulls his fingers through his hair.

Jubei throbs. Desire becomes him. Kazuki is gentle, he asks before touching, before pushing Jubei down and opening him up. He asks, but Jubei has no power to say no to him.

Kazuki's body thrums. There is a way that he breathes that can be felt in how his stomach shivers. Jubei cannot resist.

They fit together. They mold to one another. They were born for each other. No, Jubei was born for Kazuki... Kazuki was born for greatness. Jubei knows that he can only drag Kazuki down with him, but he is weak, so terribly weak, and Kazuki is so willing, so lithe, so elegant.

They move together. Everything synthesizes: Jubei's pounding heart, the grunts he can't swallow, the wet slap of his thighs against Kazuki's, the smacking sound as he enters and parts, Kazuki's low growls, Kazuki's arms moving, his hands on Jubei's skin, scratching and clawing, Kazuki sliding over the sheets, Kazuki's hair falling over the bed, and Kazuki's bells as they knock into each other.

He shuts his eyes tight, despite the bandages; he doesn't want to see the light, he doesn't want to not see the light, he just wants to hear, but the world is white and crashing, and he can't control the spasms of his body.

The sound of Kazuki breathing in his ear. The sound of Kazuki's lips on his body, the fire and the ice of their wet touch. Kazuki's fingers soothing his flesh. Kazuki saying his name again, exhaling it gently.

He will not refuse Kazuki anything, but he does not want to heal. He never wants to see again.