title: Sharing
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Duo/Wu Fei/Heero
rating: Teen
warnings: bloodplay
summary: Fei teaches Heero and Duo about sharing. (Bloody Kisses Ficlet)
notes: for Kearin, a Bloody Kisses Ficlet. and a damn good choice...

He could tell that Duo wasn't wearing any underwear. It was the way his jeans hugged his hips, the way he smirked at Heero when he bent over to make his shot, the way Heero watched him with patient, hungry eyes.

It would have made him jealous before, but Fei was amused to watch the extended foreplay now. He lazily chalked his cue while he waited for Duo to finish his turn, and enjoyed the show.

Duo was directly across from him, and when he bent over, his t-shirt rode up his torso, and there was a small gap between the jeans and Duo's skin.

Fei felt his heart beat.

He watched Duo and Heero kiss at the bottom of the stairs. Duo was being a tease, leaning into Heero's body even as he pulled away. He was grinning and swinging his hips as he walked away to the kitchen, looking over his shoulder at Heero watching him.

Fei had been watching them for a long time, now. His whole life, it seemed like, and certainly all his death.

He strode after Duo silently.

Even at his stealthiest, Fei couldn't take Duo completely by surprise, but he did get closer to the other man than he expected to. Duo was definitely startled, but he instantly grinned. "Heya, Wu Fei. Getting something to eat, or just drink?"

Fei suppressed the urge to make an obvious joke, and peered into the refrigerator over Duo's shoulder. "I'd like a mango, actually."

"Ok!" Duo turned back to the fridge, setting down his bottle of water so that he could lean in, reaching for the fruit at the back of the crisper at the bottom.

Fei took exactly three and a half seconds to enjoy the view before moving in. He was at Duo's side in the next instant, his hand on the bare skin between Duo's t-shirt and his jeans. "Mm, Heero is a lucky man. And you," Fei sighed, sliding his hand down into Duo's jeans to cover his ass, "you are very naughty."

Duo meeped, but Fei put his other hand on Duo's back, holding him in place, for the moment.

"Are you all ready for him? Did you lube yourself before we went out?" He shoved his hand down deeper, slipping his fingers into the crack of Duo's ass so that he could touch his anus. "Did you keep yourself languid and needy, thinking about Heero's cock being shoved right here?" He probed gently with the tip of his finger, being mindful of his nails.

Duo moaned, and shot up. Fei let him, but he kept his hand in Duo's jeans, and his other hand on Duo's skin. As Duo spun around, his hand slipped over his skin to cover Duo's stomach.

Fei pulled him over so that he had Duo pinned against the freezer door. He pushed Duo's t-shirt up, running his hand over Duo's chest, bumping against his nipple ring.

Duo's eyes were wide, dilated, and shaking. His mouth was forming into a little 'o', which could either be a choked denial, or a strangled moan.

Fei grinned wickedly, and twisted the tiny ring of metal that pierced Duo's nipple. Duo's eyes rolled back, and he made a gurgling noise like a drowning groan. He leaned in close, bringing his other hand around to stroke the skin of Duo's hip and upper thigh. He pressed his nose against the skin under Duo's ear, and breathed heavily. "I've wanted you so much. Even in the war... Remember when the three of us were in the Oz cell? I watched you, and I watched him, and wanted the both of you. At times, I thought that you two wanted privacy to be together, and I would beat off pressed against the wall, thinking about the two of you naked together. I still think about you together." He popped the buttons of Duo's jeans, and pushed his hand between Duo's legs. "I think about his hands on your body, and I start to sweat." He slid the nipple ring back and forth as he licked Duo's neck. "I just want a taste. You two have been so generous to invite me into your home... How generous will you be?"

"What the hell is going on here?!" Heero stood in the doorway of the kitchen in his silk boxer shorts, staring blankly at Fei and Duo, clearly unable to comprehend what was going on.

Fei grinned at Heero over his shoulder, baring his fangs, and then he turned back to Duo. He bit hard into the soft flesh of Duo's neck, reveling in the vibrant burst of blood across his tongue. Duo groaned and bucked, but Fei held him fast, grabbing a hold of his cock. He beat Duo off in time to the pounding of Duo's heart, savoring the spilled blood in his mouth.

Duo came with a scream, his fingers clutching at Fei's shoulders.

They sank down to the ground together, and Fei released Duo gently, setting him back against the fridge, his shirt stuck up under his armpits, his pants sagging at his knees, his neck raw and bloody, and cock completely spent.

Heero growled, and charged at Fei. It was amusing, really. For so long, everyone in the universe had admired and respected Heero as the best there ever could be, but now Fei was leading him on a merry chase as if he were just a child. He laughed as he pinned Heero to the floor, holding his wrists together. Heero squirmed beneath him, and he just laughed harder. He grabbed Heero by the neck, and pulled him up into a sitting position in his lap, still holding his wrists in one hand. "Look at him. Isn't he beautiful?" He ran his thumb over Heero's jugular as he winked at a bleary, disoriented Duo. "It's not nice to hoard, Heero. And look at you... You're not so bad yourself. You should be more willing to share."

Duo was watching them, his eyes watery with either pain or fear or bliss. Fei grinned widely at him before sinking his teeth into Heero.

He carried them both up to bed when he was done, stripping them bare and washing them clean before pulling the blankets up over them and tucking them in. He perched himself on the giant footlocker against the wall, watching them sleep as their blood pounded through his veins.

He wasn't going to spend any more time on jealousy, that was for sure.