title: Sacrifice
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Dick/Babs, one-sided Dick/Tim
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: 50 word challenge fic.
notes: rithy put out a challenge, that originated from aya. i just can't resist rithy. i need to work on that, actually...
here's the challenge from aya: 50 WORD Challenge! (yep you read it right, 50 words) smut optional, but worth pats on the head, using the following line as your first sentence: Holy S#!^! You're a virgin?

"Holy S#!^! You're a virgin? But... I thought... Steph?"



"... She's cautious. Now. And I..."

Babs knows. She thought it was harmless. A crush.

She didn't know he was hurting.

"I... understand."



"With you. You guys... work."

Barbara bit her lip.

Tim smiled. "I only want him to be happy, after all."

ha! that's fifty words!! er, if you don't count the opening five... well. they're part of the challenge. yup.

eh, it's not very good, but oh well...