title: Routine
fandom: FAKE
characters/pairings: Dee/Roy, Bicky
rating: G
warnings: frustration
summary: Ryo goes through his daily rituals.
notes: why is it so difficult to find the proper spelling of dee's last name? why does the English-language version of the anime/manga change his last name? that... makes no sense. it's an English name in the series, regardless of what language you are reading it in. and is it bikky or bicky? why do i think i've seen bikky? anyway...
takes place around manga 3 or 4...

Ryo rolled out of bed with the first alarm, granting him a whole forty-five minutes to get ready for work. He did thirty push ups, and thirty sit ups, ate an English muffin and a cup of yogurt, brushed his teeth, flossed, rinsed with Listerine, showered, shaved, using four precise upward strokes per side, and three careful strokes over the chin, rinsed with the moisturizing toner, put the volumizing gel in his hair, combed, and checked his nails for any cracks and his cuticles for hangnails.

Exactly as he did every morning.

He put all of his toiletries back into their proper place, closed the mirror that concealed the bathroom cabinet, and stared himself straight in the eye.

"You are not attracted to Dee Latener. He is a male, and there is nothing wrong with that, but you just aren't like that. He is your friend. Your. Partner. He is a charming, intelligent, courageous, dependable, attractive man, but just because you know he's attractive, that doesn't mean you are attracted to him.

"He is a friend. That's it. Nothing more.

"So the next time he comes on to you, you are going to resist him. Just because his eyes are piercing and they make you feel like he's looking into the bottom of your soul, just because he wears that aftershave that raises the hairs on the back of your neck, just because your heart rate spikes every time he touches you, that does not mean that you are going to just let him have his way with you.

"Those are just stimuli. You are a thinking, rational person, and you know that you are not attracted to Dee Latener."

Exactly as he did every morning.

Satisfied, he left the bathroom. He had to check on Bicky, and then head out for work.

He was right on schedule.

"It's about damn time," Dee growled, still rubbing his eyes sleepily. "I thought you were going to be in there all morning."

Ryo froze. He had completely forgotten that Dee had spent the night on his couch. Dee was now standing there, hair all tousled from sleep, wearing only a loose pair of silky black boxers that were perhaps just a tad bit too big for him, as they hung low on his hips. Ryo could see a couple of curly black hairs peeking out from the top of the boxers. Dee's whole body was lax, as if he were still a bit asleep, having the effect of appearing stretched out as he slumped against the wall.

Ryo swallowed hard, trying to control his breathing, to reign in his pounding heart.

Dee's eyes opened a bit wider. It was like a switch had been flicked, as he perked up, looking Ryo up and down meaningfully. "Mm, maybe next time we should shower together. To save time."

Ryo's eyes widened involuntarily as images assaulted his brain, his skin tingling at the mere thought of the soapy, steamy possibilities. He must have gasped, because he heard the gasp, and Dee wasn't gasping...

Dee grinned, moving to lean over Ryo, putting one hand on the wall over Ryo's shoulder. Dee leaned very, very close, and Ryo knew that he was about to kissed, he could see it coming, it was going to happen, and his eyelids were dreamily heavy, and his lips were parted, and his head was tilted up just the right amount to be able to meet Dee's mouth as he...

"Yo, pervert, knock it off! Damn, you so hard up you can't even wait 'til after breakfast!" Bicky slammed into Dee, shoving him aside, and then stood defiantly between Dee and Ryo.

"You goddamn little punk!" Dee began, but his tirade couldn't gain any steam, as Bicky just blew him a raspberry, then slipped into the bathroom.

Dee's face went completely red. "Bicky! I was next! Damn it, you're gonna make me late for work, you stupid ass little punk!"

Ryo snuck back into his bedroom. He leaned against his closed door, his heart pounding.

All of his convictions had flown out the window not even five seconds after Dee was right in front of him.

Exactly like every other time.