title: Wild Magic Challenge: Rival Desires
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Babs/Helena
rating: G/Teen
warnings: none
summary: Part of DL's Wild Magic challenge. When the burst of light hits Gotham, strange bedfellows indeed are made.
notes: thanks go to Chicago for prodding and poking and offering The Good Suggestion. ^_^

Babs stared icily at her computer as it tracked the time remaining before the CD was done burning. She had the best equipment in the world, everything custom-tweaked to out-perform even the most state-of-the-art machines in creation. She was, to put it simply, the most technologically advanced human being in existence, and every day she got another edge, just a lit bit better, a little faster, and a little more powerful.

And if this damn CD didn't finish burning in the next five seconds, she was going to throw everything out the damn window.

"So, how's lover boy doing? You know, if you need any services rendered in exchange for this info, I would be more than happy to help out. After all, we all have our own strengths."

Babs narrowed her eyes and ground her teeth silently. Forget trashing her workstation. She's just throw the Huntress out instead.

"Gotta love a man in a uniform... especially a push-over in a skin tight uniform." The Huntress looked dreamily off into space in a gesture of relaxed recollection that was carefully being constructed to make the woman in the wheelchair in front of her as angry as possible. She took Batman's suggestion of getting the information she needed from Oracle as an open invitation to make herself as irritating as possible, and she was going to take full advantage of that.

"Well," Babs spoke with deliberate consternation, picking each word with the kind of care normally reserved for defusing bombs, "he seems to be much happier now that his temporary insanity has passed."

Huntress sneered, rolling her eyes. "Oh, I'm sure he so regrets it. Like he doesn't need all the hot memories he can hoard now that he's entertaining for the Disabled Veterans."

"Oh, that's it, bitch!" Babs pushed away from the desk and wheeled herself to face off with Helena in one quick, practiced move. "You can get your drooping ass out of my home and out of my sight before I decide to treat you like an intruder!"

Laughing caustically, Huntress flicked her hair over her shoulder. "But Daddy Bat told you to play nice and give it up, so be a good little geek and push the buttons so the active front can get the job done!"

Babs had given the first two code words for her retaliation, when a flash of light popped, and the world tilted slightly on its axis, spinning them, twisting them, and inverting them.

Helena was straddling Babs on her wheelchair. She pushed her gloved hands through Babs' red hair, tossing the glasses and headband aside. "God damn you to hell, I love it when you get feisty."

Babs grabbed Helena's cross, pulling her down for a brutal kiss. "Watch your mouth, bitch. Unless you would rather I find a decent use for it..."

Helena attacked Babs' neck with her mouth, sucking hard enough to leave a mark. "Do with it whatever you want, babe. Ya know, maybe we should just share lover boy..."

Tugging on Helena's hair and pushing on her waist, Babs shifted, sending Helena to the ground. "I don't share. Him, or you. Now, since you are on your knees, let's get that filthy mouth of yours working..."

Helena grinned, and complied. She was willing to play this round Babs' way. But as soon as this round was done, it would be her turn to play.

much inspiration taken from Nightwing 38-39, which may be outdated now, but sure was fun to re-read, especially after having read 84. ^_~