title: Rattlesnakes
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Duo/Trowa, Duo/Heero, past/one-sided Quatre/Trowa, Quatre/OFC, past/one-sided Relena/Heero
rating: Mature
warnings: violence, drugs, abusive relationship, depression, suicidal tendencies, cutting, non-con sexual situation, sex, bad language
summary: Duo and Trowa are forced to try group therapy.
notes: see below

this is based from a few lines from the song Rattlesnakes covered by Tori Amos in Strange Little Girls, originally by Neil Clark and Lloyd Cole,

she says all she needs is therapy yeah
all you need is, love is all you need

and somewhat influenced by a pic by baby pen, too. the one with Duo and Trowa on the couch together... yum.

this takes place 10 years after Endless Waltz.

just fyi, Relena's full name in this fic is Relena Peacecraft Darlian. why am i mentioning this? just so that, if when reading further on here, you encounter this name, you won't think, hey! that's not her name! you'll know already, in this fic, it is. why? well, remember that this is 10 years post-EW. in endless waltz, Relena was referred to as Relena Darlian - which made sense given that her mother was still alive and kicking. also, as far as i know, the Sanc kingdom had been destroyed. however, in the ten years post-EW, Sanc has been rebuilt (in some fashion), and Relena has taken on the role as Queen of Sanc. Therefore, to honor her birth parents, and to maintain the line of succession in Sanc, she is using her birth name as her middle name, but she retains her last name to honor her adoptive parents, and because she used that name in her political career. so, there ya go. ^_^

also, a *snuggle* for my ever-lovin' mistress, rithy, who was most helpful as i was wrestlin' with a line that just... it just wasn't right. she figured out what the deal was lickity-split. she's so smart. ^_^

slight quatre bastardization ahoy! oh, ok, it's prolly not slight... but it is how i see him. well, one way i can see him growing up, i should say...

special thanks to my best friend, who daylights as Nurse Ratchet, for the medical info. ^_^

Epilogue takes place about ten years after the end of part 14.

Duo's 'colony boy' comment... this is my own little theory about colony life, and why the gundam boys might all be gay/bi. several times in the series, there are comments about how different life is in the colonies than on earth; duo mentions how people on the colonies are more laid back, and when zechs goes to the colonies as Sanc's representative, milliardo peacecraft, the colonial people want to explain to him how people on the colonies feel... at first, this seemed a bit odd to me, since people are people, right? but then i got to thinking...
when the colonies were first formed, the people who went to them were probably scientists, engineers, and the like, ya know, people who could build, repair, and operate the colonies. but there were probably other people, too, people who, like in our past, have left their homes to escape persecution or bigotry.

for instance, the people who formed L5 might have been traditionalist Chinese who wanted to escape the communist regime in China. L4 might have been formed by Arab people who wanted to live in peace, away from any fighting or war.

and hey, maybe a lot of gay/bisexual people left so they could live their lives in peace, too.

then we throw in another fact. in the episode zero trade, when talking about Quatre's past, they mentioned that when the colonies were first formed, people were not able to have children by normal biological methods. they had to use alternative methods, like test tube fertilization, to reproduce. so, it's reasonable to assume that a) colony life would have really appealed to people who couldn't biologically have children anyway, and b) that people in the colonies would have become really open to alternative families, life styles, etc, because of conditions out there.

now lets toss in one more fact... the colonies are all really far from earth, and their societies and culture might have been somewhat cut off from earth. people had to raise their kids, and the what not, without ever going to earth, probably, so since their educational systems would have been completely separate from earth, their tv and other media would possibly have been as well, and so... it's not unreasonable to think that the people who ran and formed the colonies (like the original Heero Yuy) might have seen them as something of a social experiment. like, in how to eliminate bigotry and racism through education and the media. if all their television shows were colorblind, and had gay/bi people in 'em, and they were taught in school with all sorts of people, and maybe even their children's stories were altered to be more all-encompassing, maybe it would mean that the people of the colonies were more open-minded and tolerant of their fellow man. maybe.

and maybe the people on earth would be just as intolerant and prejudiced as we are today, and maybe they would hold it against the people of the colonies that there were so many gay/bi people up there, and they couldn't reproduce naturally in space (until fairly recently, gundam wing timeline...), and they were racially mixed...

so maybe people in the colonies sorta 'evolved' to be bisexual, or at the very least, not concerned with a person's orientation, and maybe the people of earth would still be pretty rigid in regards to orientation, so maybe it might be considered an insult to call someone a 'colony boy/girl' as it would suggest that they were gay/bi, like the people in the colonies were all assumed to be.


anyway, the more i thought about it, the more sense it made to me (and only me, i admit... ^_~ ) until it got to the point where i just sorta accepted it as fact. yup. the colonies were more open-minded and tolerant, and most people in the colonies just didn't think about sexual orientation, just went with their feelings and whoever they ended up with, boy or girl...

the sex scene in the garden in Part 8 was inspired by this pic by Wingless the Flightless isn't it nifty beyond words? happy sigh goes back to staring at pic

i started this 'little' fic on January 5, 2003, at 11:33pm, and finished it October 27th. it's 1136KB, 291 pages (a bit longer than i'd hoped...), and 159,289 words. (this includes the chapter headers, which i am too lazy to cut out. meh.)


but ya don't finish something like this on your own... there are people you keep going for, and people who keep eggin' ya on. so, i' going to take a quick moment to say thanks...
as always, i start with my lovely mistress rithy, without whom there would likely be very little, if any, fic. *snuggles*

to all the kind people who host this monstrosity on their sites... Dacia, who was the first. ^_~ Sonny and Aya for always wanting more! Netta j who was always so kind. n1k1ta, that saucy monkey ^_~ and cyn who simply rocks. and finally, Anria who is all of the niftyness. you guys rock. ^_^

to everyone who has shown an interest in this fic, people who would have hosted the fic if i didn't have issues, and people who have rec'd it, and people who commented, and people who have read it at all... i would mention some by name but my brain is flooey and i would forget someone, so just assume that if you fit in any of the above categories, i'm talking about you. cuddles

in this fandom, alternative pairings are a bit 'taboo,' so i'm grateful for every like-minded fan who thinks that duo and tro look so nice together, and for every 1x2x1 fan who took a chance on my fic.


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