title: Quiet
fandom: FAKE
characters/pairings: Dee/Ryo
rating: Teen
warnings: none
summary: Dee and Ryo share the quiet.
notes: for imochan, her ficlet on demand. ^_~ hope it's what you were looking for, dear!

Ryo put his head down on Dee's shoulder. Fingertips trailed lazily over skin, tracing muscle. A man's body, he discovered, was not so dissimilar to a woman's. It was harder, stronger, but it had the same nerve endings enervating it. A touch to the nipples had the same general effect, and when he put his hand between his lover's legs, it began the same general cycle of events.

The sheets were all tangled around them. The air seemed just a little cold, and he felt drowsy and languid. There was the sharp, musky odor permeating everything that was there regardless.

Not so different.

He hadn't been fully prepared for everything that had happened to him, but it was good that way. It had been like losing his virginity all over again.

It wasn't a question of man or woman, even with the soreness in his rear. It was about him, and Dee.

He could see that now that it was quiet, and it was all over. It made sense.

Dee's hand was moving absently over his back, and Ryo struggled to keep his eyes open so that he could feel it.

It all made sense now.

He rubbed his cheek against Dee's skin, and sighed, running his fingers up and down the middle of Dee's chest.

"So that was it." He sounded drowsy, like he was already half asleep. Dee chuckled silently in amusement, creating a rumble that shook through Ryo. "That was what all the fuss was about?"

Dee ran his fingers through Ryo's hair. "Yeah. What didja think?"

Ryo put his mouth on Dee's skin, reaching out with his tongue to wet the flesh. "I think... I'll want to try it a few more times before making up my mind." He grinned against Dee's neck, and put his arms down flat on top of Dee.

Dee laughed. "Whatever you say, Ryo, whatever you say..."