title: Punchline
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Dick, Bruce, Superman, Alfred
rating: Teen
warnings: implied underaged hinkyness
summary: Batman makes Robin leave the Superfriends party early. (yes, i said superfriends...)
notes: this is what happens when people mention stuff onlist. it plants seeds. ^_~

Robin had his arms crossed over his chest. His mouth was moving in an irritated fashion, and Batman could tell that if the boy knew how to curse and swear, he would be.

When he finally was able to speak, Robin's every word seemed frustrated by its own lack of crudity. "Gosh, Batman! Why did we have to leave the party so soon? Even hard working crime fighters have to take a break every once and a while to relax in a social setting with their peers! Gee, Batman!"

Batman narrowed his eyes, and refrained from commenting.

"And, gee, Batman, I was talking to Superman! Superman!"

Batman pushed a little harder on the gas, grinding his teeth. He wouldn't have called what Robin and Superman had been doing 'talking' exactly. While they certainly were having a conversation, Batman saw no reason for Robin to be in Superman's lap.

"He promised to show me his Fortress of Solitude!" Robin continued, desperately trying to keep the hint of whining down as much as he could.

Batman resisted the urge to growl, but only because he was a well-reared billionaire, and Alfred would certainly not approve of growling.

"He even called me a fine young man. He was going to take me flying! He said he could let me ride him all night!" With that, Robin could no longer refrain from letting a little bit of a whine into his speech.

Batman's left eye twitched, and his hands griped the steering wheel painfully. If that corn-fed farmboy wanted his own damn sidekick, he could get one himself, but there was no way Batman was just going to give him his. After all, he'd put years into this boy.

"That's enough, Robin," Batman cautioned sternly. "Growing boys need a full eight hours of sleep to be fully alert and active. And we have a lot of exercises and lessons tomorrow." Exercises and lessons that would have Robin working out in those small little shorts and completely open tank top, right under Bruce's watchful and observant eye. Just as it should be.

Robin sighed resignedly. "I'm sorry, Batman, you're right. As always. Man, I let the night get to my head, and I nearly forgot my responsibilities. Thanks for keeping me straight, Batman."

Batman did not smirk. At least not on the side of his face that Robin could see. "Of course, chum. Anytime."

When they pulled into the Batcave, Alfred was still rushing down the stairs. Robin went directly to the changing rooms to get ready for bed, merely smiling and waving at Alfred as he passed.

"Master Bruce," Alfred began, apologetically. "I was not expecting you for a few hours."

Batman grunted, allowing Alfred to help him out of his cape. "Make a note, Alfred. On Monday, I need to remove all the alcohol from the Hall of Justice.

"That Kansas boy can't hold his liquor."