title: Prize
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Duo/Trowa, Catherine, Quatre
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Trowa wins.
notes: for laura -- 525 words

It was a prize in a booth in the fairway. The circus regularly just joined up with a carnival that was in the area to reduce overhead. Trowa had been wandering through the booths on his night off when he had seen it.

There were three different sizes, although only the largest one had enough detail to be interesting. Of course, there were seven kinds total, but Trowa was only interested in the one.

It was a remarkably good replica of the original Deathscythe -- the one that he had destroyed. As soon as he saw he it, he knew that he had to give it to Duo.

It took him three hours at the booth to win the large one. Three hours during which he knew the whole time that the game was fixed, but hoping that eventually the carnie would take pity on him.

It took him six months to track Duo down. The logical place to start was on L2, with Hilde, but Duo had apparently only stayed there long enough to get the business on its feet. Trowa denied to himself that he was glad to hear that Duo wasn't with Hilde now, but it did present a problem. Duo wandered all over the place, and most of the time, he didn't leave behind a single trace of his passing.

It took him four days, once he had located Duo, to work up the courage to talk to him. Duo was tending bar at a remote space station on the fringe of occupied space. The clientele were a mix of pirates, scavengers, and lost souls, and Duo ruled over all of them with his trademark sarcastic smirk. Trowa watched Duo from the darkest corner of the bar the first night, forgetting that he had never been close to Duo in the past.

Duo was surprised to see him, and at first Trowa was afraid that he had made a mistake, but Duo threw his arms around Trowa's neck, and it was like they had never lost contact. Better, it was like they had been in constant contact their whole lives.

Duo held his toy Gundam in his hands with reverent care, and he kissed Trowa's cheek as a thank you.

Trowa never seriously considered leaving Duo after that.

Catherine thought it was strange, and so did Quatre. Everyone probably would have thought it strange, but Trowa didn't listen to that many people. He didn't care, though, about what people said.

It took them three weeks to go from friendly conversation to kissing on the couch.

A month after Duo offered to let Trowa stay at his place, they went to dinner and the movies together.

Three months after they slept together for the first time, they left the beaten-down space station, and bought a house on L3 together.

Catherine asked him why he had pursued Duo so intently, but Trowa didn't know how to answer that. It seemed so obvious to him, it was like asking why space was black.

It was a prize. That was all he could say, knowing that she wouldn't understand, but that, eventually, she would stop asking.