title: Performance Time
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Bruce/Dick
rating: Mature
warnings: sex
summary: Dick pulls out his exhibitionism.
notes: written for my beloved minion, Sue. *snugs*

It was the way his skin shone, as his ass clenched down on the other man's cock. The way his eyes sparkled, desperate to stay open and see.

It was the way he moaned, from the bottom of his belly, like his soul was being ripped into shreds and being rebuilt from the inside out.

Dick was always so happy to perform for Sue.

Bruce plowed into him, diving into Dick's body like it was his only refuge. He hated to admit to himself how much he loved Dick like this - handcuffed, masked, with the yellow cape and the little green boots as his only cover. Dick's supple body was laid out before him like a feast and his muscular legs wrapped around Bruce's waist...

It was what he lived and breathed for, what got him through the day and made the night worthwhile.

Bruce grunted, his teeth clenched as he drove in and out, in and out, again and again until he felt weak.

Dick arched and groaned for Bruce, begging for release, begging to be taken even closer to the edge. He pulled at the cuffs holding his arms above his head, wishing that he could use his hands, wishing that he could touch himself.

Wishing that he could dig his fingernails into Bruce's hard flesh.

Bruce grabbed Dick's cock, pulling it hard and using his thumb to tease the tip, and then Dick screamed out with pure, undiluted pleasure, and as he came, he squeezed his ass so hard, he brought Bruce down with him.

Bruce lay across Dick's spent body, their breathing filling the air with the constant rush of respiration.

"I think... you have an exhibitionist streak in you." Bruce sounded vaguely accusatory.

Dick chuckled. "I grew up in a circus, and you are only now figuring this out?"