title: Perchance
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Bruce/Dick, Mad Hatter, Leslie, Alfred
rating: Teen/Mature
warnings: sex
summary: Batman falls under the Mad Hatter's spell, and has a wonderful dream he can't, or won't, escape.
notes: this follows (somewhere) the animated series ep 'Perchance to Dream' (i think that's the title!) where mad hatter kidnaps the bat and puts him in a machine that makes him dream about his perfect life in vivid detail... in his dream his parents were alive and he was engaged to selina kyle... but the bat haunted him...

"Um, Hatter? I'm still confused..."

A sigh. "What now?"

"Didn't you try this before?"

Jervis Techt briefly considered slapping a mind-card on the brute and ordering him to smash his skull in, but decided that it would be better to wait until after all the heavy things were in position.

"Yes, my dim-witted friend, but this is different. This does not require a constant electrical feed, only the initial burst. Further, the previous procedure worked through stimulation of the conscious mind, creating the fantasy that, if you asked Batman, he would tell you that he wanted. This stimulates the centers of the brain associated with subconscious thought, thus it will provide a fantasy that will satisfy what the Bat truly desires, with such rich detail and in such fulfilling depth, that even he would have no reason to retreat back to the waking realm."


A deeper sigh. "More to the left. Here, put this behind your ear, it will make you stronger."

After falling through the paper-thin roof, Batman decided this was probably a trap. He had just opened a line to the cave when the darkness was quickly followed by the sharp blinding pain at the base of his neck. The outlines of his surroundings faded, and then, there was a blinding light, which slowly diffused.

When he could make out shapes and colors again, he found himself inexplicably relaxed. He looked around, trying to figure out where he was, exactly, and why it all seemed familiar.

Ah, he was standing in the surf at the beach outside his house on the coast. The last time he was here was...

"Staying in there all day?"

The teasing voice brought him abruptly down to reality. Ah, of course.

There was Dick, sitting on the beach and laughing at Bruce's attempts to relax by 'playing' in the surf.

Wait, attempt? He was relaxed.

They were celebrating, he remembered, Dick had just finished his first year of college, having done remarkably well, and they had together just brought an end to the Tomasi gang. Life was good, and that never lasted, so they headed up to the beach for r 'n' r.

He came to where Dick was laying, and plunked down, his small jokes unheard by his own ear. Instead, he was mesmerized by the easy sensuality of the body stretched out next to him. Time fluttered, he saw as if through a lens the jokes and the light horseplay, and his hand resting on Dick's hip, just over the waistband of his trucks. A flash of memory, of Dick jumping up at that point and going into the water.

Light flared, and the moment stood still. Instead of jumping up, Dick rolled into Bruce's hand, letting the palm lay flat on the skin beneath.

He stared at the hand and the firm body underneath. How had he never seen this before? How beautiful, how sweet this body was, how wonderful it felt to touch this forbidden joy...

Dick rolled his hips up slightly, and his face had a bemused teasing look, that Bruce didn't look up to see. Instead, he slipped his hand down and took Dick's trucks off, flinging them behind them somewhere. Now, his heart was pounding hard in his chest. The naked body before him was the body of the person he loved best on this earth, the person he would fight and die for, the person he would kill for if he would ever be totally honest with himself.

Sighing and impatient, Dick leaned up and kissed Bruce. Their lips nipped and caressed, then opened. Dragging his tongue over the roof of Dick's mouth, Bruce suddenly became ravenous. His hands moved over every inch of Dick's body, pinching and enticing and tickling and smoothing, as was called for. His mouth moved further down, sucking and kissing and licking and breathing, as was called for. He came to Dick's cock and he buried his nose in the dark curls surrounding the erect penis. Rubbing his chin against the balls beneath, then moving lower, to discover new territory barely dreamed of before.

He became aware of several things slowly. The heady sound of Dick's moans and groans, the unbelievable eroticism of the way Dick's body writhed so gracefully and elegantly... The smell and taste that threatened to overwhelm him... The painful crick in his back that was owed to the strange position he had twisted into to find these pleasures... The way the sand was chaffing places that shouldn't be chaffed...

Gruffly, he pulled Dick up, slung him over his shoulder, and carried him to the house, where he promptly headed for the bedroom, practically flinging him onto the bed.

There were too many stimuli, too many pleasures, all surpassed by the unfathomable pleasure of Dick's pure wanton bliss. Bruce felt sure that sex had never before been this sweaty, this heated, this athletic, this lasting, this everything. Dick had quickly taught him to master the art of sex, and no living creature had ever before known such purified bliss.

To think, yesterday he hadn't even known of his attraction to this amazing person he thought he had known, and now he didn't think he'd ever be flaccid again...

"I'm sorry, Dick, but I've done all I can."

Dick tried to nod at Leslie, but he felt so numb. It was his fault, if he'd gotten there sooner...

"The drugs are out of his system, as far as I can tell, but there's no way to counteract their effect, or to really gage the effect of the device you found on his head..."

If he hadn't called it a night early, he would have gotten Alfred's message sooner, would have responded sooner, would have gotten there before the Hatter's device had done... whatever it did to Bruce...

"It appears he is in a deep sleep, no deeper than usual, really. I can't explain why we can't wake him."

If he hadn't wasted the time chasing the Hatter, had gotten Bruce to Leslie sooner, what difference did it make if Techt was in Arkham tonight if Bruce...

"We can't give up. He will wake up. We just have to be patient. And not beat ourselves up with self-recrimination."

Her light admonishing tone required a response, so Dick looked up and smiled, as best he could. She left, blessedly, and Dick looked back down at his mentor with bloodshot eyes.

He picked up the still hand next to him, raised it to his cheek, and begged quietly, "Please, Bruce, please, I need you to wake up, I need you to please..."

The sheets were so sweaty they reeked, and Bruce really wanted to get out of that sticky bed. But Dick was there, as wanton and needy as ever, surrounded by chocolate, lube, lotion, massage oil, candles in sturdy metal containers, blueberries, a leather harness, and a teddy bear. Everything Bruce needed in this life. And he wasn't at all tired.

But he was something... He held himself above Dick trying to figure out...

Dick slid his hands up and down Bruce's arms, purring softly. "What do you want now, lover?"


"What do want? I need to know what you want, so I can give it to you," with a suggestive smile.

Bruce searched the perfect blue eyes, the face he loved so well.

"I want to make you happy."

Dick looked vaguely confused for a moment, and then continued with his seduction. "What do you want? Tell me what you need me to do..."

"All I ever wanted was to make you happy..."

Dick was trying not to cry, but it was getting harder. He cradled the hand, begging wordlessly, please, please, Bruce, please...

A soft moan, a start, and then Bruce was sitting upright.

They looked at each other for a moment, shocked.

Bruce felt out of sorts. Reality and fantasy threaded together, making it hard to distinguish. Dick was sitting next to him, looking exhausted and worried. But for the last 15 hours that he could remember, he had seen and heard and smelled and tasted so many things from this man that it was hard not to see the traces of that passion and desire and willingness here before him again.

"Bruce!" Dick almost sighed, and then hugged Bruce, while he was still weak enough to permit it.

Bruce was now well and truly confused. "Am I awake?"

"Yes!" Dick went on to discuss what had happened over the past 15 hours, babbling and apologizing and straightening Bruce's hair, and kissing his hand...

Bruce didn't hear a word, but almost by accident, put his hand behind the head next to his, and pulling it close for a kiss. Their lips touched, and it wasn't like the dream, not at all. How can you dream of perfection if you don't know what it is? The kiss itself wasn't perfect but it promised perfection in its sweet tentativeness, its blessed tenderness. Their eyes opened and fell into each other, seeking and finding and setting fears aside and bringing hope to life.

Their hands sat next to each other, fingertips caressing.

A slight cough, and they turned to find Alfred standing at the door. "Masters, I am sorry to interrupt. It is good, if I may say, sir, to see you awake. We would never doubt that you would not come back to us. Master Dick, there is call for you, from Jeremy?"

Jeremy. Dick's roommate. They had met Dick's freshman year and had a tumultuous 'friendship.' Dick insisted, time and again, that they were only friends, and since Jeremy was so discrete, and kept to himself, he was an ideal roommate. He never told any lies about the sexual nature of their relationship, but still insisted it was only friendship. Jeremy.

Dick raised his hand to Bruce's chin, and practically whispered, "I'm so glad you're back with us. I really need to talk to Jeremy, now, probably in person..." and the hopeful look in his eyes said so much when combined with his words.

He watched Dick get up and leave and never let his eyes move from where Dick had last been, while Alfred fussed and called Leslie...

While Alfred was getting him up to bathe, he finally looked at his oldest confidant with near wild eyes, his heart pounding to find a way out of his chest. "Am I awake?"

He couldn't be, this was still the dream, wasn't it? He couldn't be... but maybe...

He felt his heart pounding, his sweat dripping, it seemed real, but it seemed real before.

He only calmed, when, showering he realized something that gave him peace.

He didn't care.