title: Paper Offering
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Duo/Wu Fei
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: It's been a whole year.
notes: for my darling aisoku, to celebrate one whole year of Death and Passion. woot! ^_^

Wu Fei ignored the sound of the door sliding open, but only because he recognized the non-sound of Duo's silent footsteps across the wooden floor. He still had dozens of admission letters to read through, but he knew that Duo knew that, and would interrupt or not based on the importance of his visit.

He did not expect Duo to place a scroll tied in red silk ribbon down in the middle of the paper he was reading, but there was nothing too extraordinary that Wu Fei had not learned to expect Duo might be capable of after all. He quirked one eyebrow up and looked at Duo, but Duo was just sitting there, waiting patiently.

He unrolled the scroll, laying it out flat in front of him. It was obviously hand made paper, of the finest materials, and boldly placed in the center was the Chinese character for rock. It was done in the style of formal Chinese writing, expertly swathed with confidence. The paper was lined with red and gold foil, centering the character perfectly.

It was, simply, exquisite.


"Do you know what it is?"

Wu Fei furrowed his brow, seeking the hidden question. "Did you make this?"

Duo leaned forward expectantly, a manic grin bursting loose. "Yes. Did it come out all right?"

"It's perfect," Wu Fei proclaimed solemnly, "But that doesn't explain..."

"Rock. Which is what you are to me... the rock on which I have placed my foundation." Duo was capable of making such profoundly stunning statements with such casual ease, it took Wu Fei's breath away. "It's American tradition to give paper for a first anniversary."

Wu Fei thought. He was so overwhelmed by the gift, but there was still the lingering trace of mystery. He felt like he had missed something critical, something absolutely essential, and he didn't even know what it was to start looking for it. "A-anniversary?"

Duo grinned in his trademark fashion, and began to stand up. "A year ago today, you called me Duo for the first time." He winked at Wu Fei, mirth virtually reeking from his every pore. "Someday, I hope to celebrate the anniversary of when I first inspired you to shout it from the top of your lungs."

Amusement trickled up and down Wu Fei's spine, and suddenly admission letters didn't seem too important. "Do you? Well, far be it from me to stand between a man and his goals... and Duo. Thank you."

Duo inclined his head, accepting the thanks with relaxed formality. "You are most welcome."