title: Outside the Lines: Knowledge
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Grace/Roy
rating: Teen
warnings: very vague sex
summary: Grace considers.
notes: fourth in a series. takes place in the vicinity of Outsiders 4.

Grace already knows. She knows by the way he looks at him. By the way he says his name. By the way his whole body changes when he even thinks about him.

She's not so sure about the object of his affections. He is unreadable to her, which is disconcerting, given that she made her living off knowing who was who from the get go. She thinks sometimes about what he is like when he isn't in his mask, but she has no idea.

She doesn't understand it. She doesn't see the attraction. But she knows, and respects it.

She can take advantage of it, too. Because of how he feels, she can throw him in the back of the jet, bend him backwards, and take what she wants from him. He's willing to let her have her way with him, because he's desperate for him to have his way. She understands this. She's lived this long enough.

She's not in love with him. That would be stupid, on a grand scale. But he's exciting, and limber. He's more fun than doing it by herself, which she can never enjoy as fully.

She thinks that one day, she'll say something to the impenetrable wall of a 'team leader.' She's not subtle, so she'll just lay it on the line. Then she thinks, they've known each other for years. That's obvious from everything about them. What if it ruins his friendship? What if he never forgives her?

If it were her, she would do it in a heartbeat. No point pining for something that's right there. But because it's him, she bites her tongue.

She thinks that maybe she's dumber than she gave herself credit for, getting all worked up over someone else's love life, even if it is her lover.

She thinks that maybe she can see what he sees, sometimes, when he's in the middle of some incredible acrobatic jump. The boy has a fine, fine ass.

The others talk about what his meta power might be. They don't seem to realize that he's perfectly ordinary.

She can understand why they don't.

She sees how ordinary he is, and how well the two of them would go together.

She may say something someday. She may continue to bite her tongue. She might bite the damn thing off one day.

She knows she spends too much thinking about it, and she's not sure how much she cares.

No one said she had to be smart.