title: Nine Tenths
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Duo/Trowa
rating: Teen
warnings: bloodplay
summary: Duo goes back to scratch an itch. (Bloody Kisses Ficlet)
notes: for laura, my darling dear, for the Bloody Kisses Ficlet Giveaway. also, mild warning for spectacularly unoriginal title. sorry, dearie...

Music pulsed through him, pounding inside of him. It was dangerous, of course. Everyone knew that. You didn't go to this sort of place alone.

Once bitten, though, didn't always work like they said. Duo needed more.

The pale, pretty ones were the prey. It was the darkened, hollowed eyes that stared hungrily that masked the true danger.

Duo was not pale. He had even been in the sun that afternoon, tanning naked on the roof of his building specifically for tonight. He had dressed for the occasion, too, wearing his ripped blue jeans and transparent shirt he didn't bother to button up. He wove through the crowds with vigor, exciting everyone around him. He could see the wave of reaction all around him. Oh, it was dangerous, and it was deadly. But it was so, so exciting.

He had left his fond lover at home, dreaming dull, lifeless dreams in their too cold bed. He didn't think about it at all. He only thought about him. He thought about him during the day, when he was working on the planes. And he thought about him at night, when he drifted off into dreams. He thought about him when he touched his body in the shower, and he thought about him when he cut his finger in the shop.

He needed to bleed for him again. He wanted him to take it all away.

So he was reckless, and he was arrogant. He raised his arms above his head and danced amongst the dead and the dying, and waited.

Hands reached out for him. He was touched just about everywhere, fingers slipping into the rips in his jeans to probe at hidden places. He threw his head back and closed his eyes, and he waited. Tongues touched his skin; thick, cold tongues that promised the kiss of teeth. Fingers like steel ran over his chest and tweaked his nipples. His hair was clawed at until the black band fell away and the braid unraveled.

Strong arms encircled him. He opened his eyes to see the cold, dark gaze of the one who enthralled him.

Hissing, Trowa lashed out at the crowd. "He is mine. Whoever touched him will die." It was less a threat and more a promise coming from Trowa, who had a reputation. He pulled Duo through the throng, the masses parting before their steps.

Duo felt his heart pumping, the blood hot and fast in his veins. He anticipated the release of Trowa's touch, the ecstasy.

It was hard to hide the marks. The scratches, the bites, the puncture wounds. People knew from looking at him; they knew from the sallow paleness that came the next day, from the hungry, needing twitches that he couldn't control, from the way he flinched from the light at noon...

They knew, but Duo cared less and less. Trowa led him up the stair and tossed him against the wall. It was a private area of the club, reserved for truly exceptional hunters and their chosen prey. It was dark, but Duo could still see the fervor in Trowa's eyes. He leaned against the wall where he had been tossed, and smirked.

Trowa leaned in over him, placing a hand over Duo's shoulder and his other hand next to Duo's hip. "My, my. We are playing with fire, aren't we, pet?"

Duo was heaving now, his stomach pushing in and out with each breath. He hadn't been eating properly since he had started to frequent the alleys and corners where he might find Trowa. "Wanted to see you."

"I have a phone," Trowa idly reminded as he dragged his gaze down Duo's body, leaving a trail of heat.

"This is more fun," Duo suggested, jutting his hips out.

Trowa moved his hand quickly, pinning Duo in place with a thumb on his neck. "Your fun will get you killed. And then where will my fun go?" Trowa tapped a finger on Duo's shoulder. "Strip."

Duo blinked. "H-here? There are people..."

"You seemed to want to show off your body a minute ago." Trowa dug his thumb into Duo's throat, breaking the skin and making it harder to breathe. "Now strip."

Duo's eyes never left Trowa's. Who cared who was stopping to watch? He had Trowa's attention. He unbuttoned his jeans, sliding the zipper down. He had just been a poor grease monkey working away at a private airstrip. He'd had a rough childhood, but he'd thought the days of excitement were over. He wiggled his hips from side to side to slip the jeans off. He'd been ready to settle down to nice, normal life. But who needed normal when he could have this? He slipped off his shoes and his jeans, and shrugged his shirt off.

Trowa licked his lips.

Duo placed his palms down on the wall, and lifted his chin up. Oh, it was so damned hot here, but he had Trowa's cold presence to ground him. Maybe Trowa was just using him, taking his pleasure and leaving Duo bare. Duo was loving every second of it.

Trowa's tongue dipped down and scooped up the drop of blood that was leaking from the wound in his neck. "You must be more careful, pet." He ran a finger around Duo's nipple, cutting the skin. "You are mine. I don't like sharing, especially not with the riffraff." He opened his mouth to take in the blood, pressing his long teeth against Duo's nipple. "You can't just give away what isn't yours anymore."

"So mark me," Duo gasped. "Please!"

Trowa lifted his head, and pressed his forehead against Duo's. His eyes were startling emeralds, clear and sharp. Duo whimpered and Trowa smirked. "As you wish, pet." He pressed his thumb against Duo's cheek, digging in. He made a long line straight down, curling it up at the bottom into a small teardrop loop. He then crossed it, and kissed Duo's cheek, sucking off the blood.

Duo bucked against him. It hurt, sure, but it wasn't just pain. He wasn't stupid. There was a tingling delight that froze his nerves and set his belly on fire.

He was so freakin' alive.

He grasped at Trowa's long coat, and gasped and moaned and Trowa finished sucking on his cheek, and dipped down to bury his teeth in Duo's neck. Such bliss! There was no sensation that could be compared to it! Duo's eyes rolled to the back of his head, and he barely felt Trowa's hand on his rigid cock. Trowa sucked him hard, each heartbeat pulsing hot and fast between them.

Duo could feel himself begin to get drowsy, could feel his limbs going slack and his vision blurring, but he wanted more. Someday, Trowa might give it all to him, but right now, all he cared about was stretching this out for as long as it could last.

He didn't feel Trowa pull away, or lift him up into his arms. He didn't feel anything at all except for the dull thudding of his heart in his chest, and even that got fuzzier and weaker as he slipped into unconsciousness. He didn't feel Trowa place him in bed, or the cool, elegant silk sheets being pulled up to cover him, nor did he hear Trowa giving commands to his faithful to kill certain vampires from the crowd. He did feel it when Trowa came into bed next to him, because he felt the ancient chill of Trowa's bare flesh as it pressed against his.

He heard Trowa whisper into his soul. "Never forget; you are mine."

(i seem to have a need to strip duo naked in public. i don't think anyone minds. much. ^_~ )