title: Move Me
fandom: Weiss Kreuz
characters/pairings: Omi/Nagi, Rex
rating: Teen
warnings: sex
summary: Nagi imparts some news, and spends the night.
notes: post-Gluhen, ignores any continuity past Gluhen. many many spoilers. past Aya/Omi implied. dedicated to genX. ^_^

He turned off the lights. He preferred the dark. He trusted it. Slipping his jacket off, he closed his eyes and allowed his senses to acclimate. He carefully hung the jacket on its wooden hanger, and placed it in the closet.

"It's been confirmed."

He wasn't surprised, but, then, he never was. It was if he always expected to hear Nagi's voice, and therefore could never be taken aback. Even though he had been sure that he was alone... That wasn't important, because he accepted that Nagi slipped under his radar.

He was safe with Nagi.

"I see. Where is he now?"

"Buried." Nagi sighed, and turned his head slightly. It was a small gesture, but with Nagi, it was always the small gestures that said that most. "He's down the hill from your sister's grave, under a sycamore. The grave is marked with only the dates."

He nodded slowly, taking in the information. "And the body?"

"I cremated it." Nagi sent a shiver down his spine. He slipped his shoes off, and smiled slightly. Nagi could feel his smile. That made it valuable. "No one will be able to desecrate it."

"And the perpetrators?" His voice was harsh, and bitter, but he knew better than to try to wear a mask in front of Nagi. Nagi would just rip it off.

"Dealt with."

He nodded. He trusted Nagi with this, the most important thing to him. He knew that Nagi understood that.

There was a brush of invisible fingers across his forehead, pushing aside that single lock of hair that refused to stay out of his face. He smiled. He knew that Nagi wanted him to cut it shorter, but he liked that way that Nagi touched him to brush at it.

"Will you be thinking of him tonight?"

Nagi's voice was soft and seductively insecure. It almost made him laugh. "How could I? You two are nothing alike..."

He was suddenly off of his feet, thrown across the room and across the bed. His clothes were shredded, and ripped from his body. Ten thousand little fingers stretched over his skin, probing and testing him.

Nagi sighed, and stood up slowly. Nagi undressed with precise care, absently sending him into the throes of ecstasy with his telekinetic powers. A vice-like grip circled around the base of his cock, holding off his orgasm until Nagi was ready for him.

He laughed with pure bliss.

Nagi strolled slowly to the side of the bed, sighing inaudibly. He tried to lift his head so that he could watch Nagi, but Nagi would not allow it. Nagi's power held him down, pinned him to the bed, and pushed him to the edge of sanity.

He reveled in it.

Nagi put one knee on the bed first, his hands behind his back. He could feel the presence on the bed, but he could not lift his head to look. Nagi's eyes had a heat to them, and he could feel Nagi exploring his body. Where his eyes trailed, the invisible presence of Nagi's touch trailed as well, and his flesh seared and burned on his bones.

He screamed with visceral joy.

Nagi's hand rested on his stomach, and it was almost too much. If it weren't for Nagi's hold on his cock, he would have come right then and there. He knew that Nagi could feel the pressure in his blood, in his body. Nagi could feel so much more than anyone else; Nagi felt everything, and showed nothing.

He was the only one who could feel Nagi.

Lips like prayers were laid on his belly, so reverently gentle that he barely felt them. A soft tongue tentatively touched his left nipple, and he shuddered with the purity of the bliss. Nagi straddled him, the tip of Nagi's long, hard cock touching his skin.

He clamped his mouth shut, and glared up at Nagi.

There was the hint of a grin at the corners of Nagi's lips, a look of blank wonder in his eyes. Nagi was nude, he could feel it, and there was something so innocent about being in bed with Nagi naked together. They were so alike, so different, so young, and so experienced.

He arched his neck delicately, and begged.

Nagi's mouth touched his, and Nagi's tongue dipped inside. The taste was like ash and chocolate, and he had enough control of his throat to suck on Nagi's tongue. Nagi lowered his body gently, slowly, and precisely, and he strained against Nagi's control.

His eyed plead his case, his muscles aching against the hold.

Nagi sighed, and shut his eyes tightly. They were beginning the descent. Nagi would soon lose the ability to control everything, and it always made him uncomfortable. He knew that, and he knew that Nagi would not trust anyone else with this moment. It wasn't so much a matter of intimacy, as much as Nagi feared that he would rip his lover in half in his passion. He had never asked Nagi if that had ever happened, but considering how powerful Nagi was, it was a concern.

He didn't have to worry. When Nagi loosened his grip, he could take the reigns.

The room seemed to tremble with Nagi, which was entirely too likely. His body quivered as Nagi suddenly delved inside of him. Nagi's telekinesis opened his body, lubricating him as invisible fingers stretched him. Nagi was breathing deeply, barely able to suck oxygen into his lungs, his eyes shut tight as his lips hovered over the skin beneath him.

He smiled. It was time.

"Let go. Let it go, let it go, let it go... Let me take care of you..."

Nagi shuddered. "I... I can't..."

"I'm not asking you, Nagi. Let go."

The room resettled with a soft thunk. Nagi was resting on his elbows over him, eyes still shut tight, every muscle tense. He moved his leg slowly, brushing it against Nagi's thigh.

"Trust me."

The words were neither a question nor a statement. Nagi opened his eyes, and he brought his arms up to touch Nagi's arms and back. His legs spread out, and he arched his back. He took Nagi's kiss, and then flipped them over.

Nagi's eyes were wild. He wanted to spend the rest of his life trapped in their gaze, but there were other needs that were more pressing. He trapped Nagi's hands, intertwining their fingers, and pushed himself down onto Nagi.

There were gasps. Nagi was never loud, not when he was killing, and not now either. Nagi just made little gasping noises, his body arching and convulsing, and his eyes rolling around unpredictably. He found Nagi so irresistibly gorgeous, so tempting and so devilishly perfect, he lost the rhythm as he tried to push down to touch his mouth to Nagi's skin.

Nagi pushed up, and took control back, and now they worked together, the in and the out and the gasp and the quiver and the sweat off their bodies melding in a musk that made their olfactory nerves break down as pleasure ripped over them in wave after wave, and everything he felt was in Nagi's perfectly contorted face.

He loved the feeling of pressure and tension, the weight on his body. There had been a time... Aya would never lay on him like this. Aya was always so careful, so very careful with everything he did... But when he was done, he would kiss and touch and it made everything seem all right.

"You're thinking of him."

Nagi's voice was not even a whisper in his ear, but he knew that Nagi was bound to notice soon. "I do miss him sometimes."

Nagi put his arms around him, and lifted him up. He wasn't sure if it was the strength of Nagi's arms, or of his mind, but he let it happen. Soon, he was embraced in Nagi's tender care, blankets and flesh cushioning him.

Nagi whispered gently kisses on his temple. "I'm sorry." Nagi held him tighter, apologizing for the inadequate nature of his words. He didn't mind. No one else would offer him condolences, after all.

He turned his face so that he could press his cheek against Nagi's chest. Nagi's heartbeat was steady and strong. "I'm not alone."

Nagi said nothing, but he didn't need to hear anything more. He would fall asleep in Nagi's embrace, and when the morning came, and he would wake up, Nagi would be gone. But, he would know that, wherever Nagi was, it was because that was where he needed Nagi to be.

Nagi would never let him down.

He dressed slowly. He brushed down his jacket with delicate care before slipping it on, running his hands down the fronts to make sure that the lapels lay flat. He did not check his appearance in the mirror. He had Rex for that.

He combed his hair absently. It didn't really matter that much what he did to it, there was always going to be that one lock of hair that would fall in his face, to Nagi's annoyance. It was just the way his hair was these days.

He closed the door behind him, waiting to hear for certain that it was shut tightly. Later, Rex would go back to tidy up. He never bothered making his own bed, since Rex would tidy it up even if he did. He wasn't sure where his grandfather found these women to assist Persia, but apparently fanatical devotion bordering on love and obsession was a requirement.

As was the ritual, Rex was waiting for him right outside the door. He kept walking past her, to the elevator, knowing that she would follow.

"Good morning, Persia. How did you sleep?" She walked rapidly, her heels clicking on the floor at a fast staccato. He resisted the urge to speed up.


She was visibly shaken by his response. He normally just said 'fine.' "Your grandfather called. He would like to see you as soon as possible." Her voice was subdued with urgency.

He knew that she was dreading giving him that message because of how quickly she spit it out. He sighed. He was expected to now jump and get to his grandfather's side as quickly as possible. It was what Persia would do, when summoned by his superior. It was what Takatori Mamoru was supposed to do, as the doting grandson.

Sighing, he smiled at Rex. "Call him and tell him I will be around this afternoon."

"B-but...!" Rex stammered, so flummoxed, she nearly missed getting on the elevator with him. "He said...!"

"Is that from the warden?" He pointed at the thick red envelope tucked under her arm. It had the seal of the prison system in the corner, diminishing the feat of deduction.

"Ah... well, yes..." Rex flushed and looked nervous. "Yes, well, this came to my desk first thing by messenger..."

He took the letter quietly. It had already been opened, but Rex was patiently not telling him what it said. He read quickly, leaning against the wall of the elevator casually. He did feel a bit sore this morning, but he didn't want to make Rex feel too badly about it.

"Ah. I see. He's finally figured it out. Good. Make the arrangement, please. Have him released, and send him to some South American country. His choice. Make sure you clear his record, and have all the paperwork done for him. Give him an account... enough for a few years, at least. Please make this your top priority." He smiled at her, handing her back the letter.

She nearly glowed. "Of course, Persia. I will take care of it right away."

"Thank you, Rex." He sighed. She sometimes hinted at things. Of course, she would never overstep her bounds, but then, eventually, he would need to marry. Perhaps his grandfather would harass him about it today. It would be the third time that they had discussed it if he did. So far, he had said that he was too young, but his grandfather was getting older, and he wanted an heir.

It wouldn't be terrible to take Rex as his wife. She would be discreet. Nagi would never agree to a domestic arrangement anyway, and would not be bothered by his marital duties.

His eyes became distant. It was not how he had envisioned his future. There had been a time... He had thought that they could continue to travel, selling flowers and living together in the van... Of course, Ken needed his freedom. He was glad that Ken had rediscovered his first love. And Yohji, whether he had his memory or not, now had the life he had always craved.

But he and Aya... Still. It was a dream that could never be, not anymore.

At least he had Nagi. Nagi never expected anything from him that he couldn't give.

And eventually, Rex would make an adequate wife.

The elevator doors separated, and he cleared his voice gently. "Rex, I need to run an errand. I will be back for the briefing at lunch, and then we will go to my grandfather's."

Rex nodded enthusiastically as she got her keys ready. "Fine. Where shall I take you, Persia?"

He shook his head gently. "No, I am going alone."

"No!" She objected immediately, before she even knew what she was saying. "I mean! I'm sorry, Persia, but please! You can't go off on your own! If anything happened...!"

He took her hand sweetly. "Please, Rex. I have a very personal errand to run. I can take care of myself. After all, I wasn't always Persia. I will meet you for lunch, all right?"

She sighed, fighting to control her reaction. She curled her fingers around his smaller hand, exerting no pressure on his flesh. "As you say, Persia. If you insist, I can't refuse."

"Thank you." He took his keys out of his pocket, and grinned.

She took a step back, and stared off into space. "Oh, by the way. I found a new candidate for the position in Weiss which is still unoccupied." She paused, and cleared her throat delicately. "I think that you will find her to be ideally qualified."

He stopped as he was about to get into the car. He smiled genuinely at her, sighing happily. "Thank you, Rex, I'm sure that I will."

She beamed.

He hated to say it, but he needed it done all the same. "Oh, and Rex?" He slipped into the car, buckling up right away. "Please have the sheets on the bed changed."

He closed the door, sparing her the shame of allowing him to see her blush.

He would stop at the old florist shop. Even if Aya... the real Aya... had no idea who he was, it would be good to see her. He would just have to make sure that she was alone in the shop. He couldn't say anything to her, but it would make Aya feel better to know that he was looking out for her. He hoped.

He wouldn't get many chances to see Aya, what with his schedule, but he knew that Nagi would take care of his grave anyway.

He could make the time to say goodbye, at least. It was more than he was able to do for Ken or Yohji.