title: Morpheus Rex
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Batman, Dream
rating: Teen
warnings: manymany dreams
summary: Batman meets a powerful king in the strangest of lands.
notes: this is an answer to Dark Jester's Challenge. a very, very late answer... but i had to wait for inspiration. ^_~
here are the rules:
1. It must be a hero(s) that Batman's never met before.
2. It must be in a necessary situation - something bad happened.
3. Sex isn't a must, but it's enjoyed. ;)
4. A sense of humor if you can work it in. Make it fun!
ok, i don't know if these guys have ever met before, but if they have, we'll just say this takes place before that. (isn't flouting the rules fun?) also, while the other 'hero' isn't technically a 'hero', i think we can all agree he's a pretty nifty guy.

It was always the same. The same bleak landscape. The terrifyingly loud crash of each pearl as it hit the pavement. The sounds of his mother's tears. His father's startled shout of protest. And then the thunderous sound of gunshots.

Batman was on his knees, his hands on the ground, blood pooling around him. Jason laughed merrily at the scene, his scorched flesh almost unrecognizable under the charred Robin costume. The faceless murderer in the shadows loomed every higher, his blazing gun still pointed at the dead Waynes.

Jason laughed and danced, singing jauntily, "It's all your FAULT! It's all your fault! It's all YOUR fault!" At each 'fault', he would jump in the puddles of blood, splattering Batman's face.

It was always the same. Always.

"Get up."

Well, that was different.

Batman looked up to see a man unlike any other melting from the shadows. His skin was white, pale like the moon, his hair as black as the feathers of a crow.

And his eyes... his eyes were tiny black holes, drawing all the light into their depths.

He wore a cloak of stars over a dingy Velvet Underground t-shirt and torn jeans. He looked a little annoyed, or perhaps bored.

"Get up."

Batman pushed himself up, and stood, trying to ignore Jason doubled up with laughter, rolling in his parents' blood. The man looked Bruce over from head to toe and back again, his eyes seeming not to move at all in their perusal.

"You're taller in people's dreams."

There was nothing to say to that, nothing that Batman knew anyway.

"I have need of your assistance." He didn't wait to see what Batman would say, merely turned and expected Batman to follow.

He hadn't found a way out of the alley ever since he first stepped in there, so it took him a moment to realize that he could follow. The man glared, or perhaps just looked back, and Batman found himself walking, out of the black alley, and into street...

...there was jazz music being played by a man in his boxer shorts, the club was so packed it was hard to keep up with the man, Batman just followed the trail of the cloak of stars, to the back of the room, out into...

...the bus was full, the lunatic playing the kazoo in the driver's seat clapped as he tooted, and barreled right through the mall, the windshield was plastered with broken china dolls, and the man with the cloak just kept moving forward, pulling the cord for the stop. Batman stepped off the bus with him...

...the battlefield was layered with the bodies of stuffed animals, all covered in cherry coke. The children frolicking in the field would occasionally pick up a stuffed toy and rip it to shreds, singing constantly about proper filing techniques for the 1040-A. There was a naked woman making out with Brendan Fraser in the middle. The man patted the head of one of the children as he passed, heading into the forest, where the light was filtered and shaded...

...the crowd was going insane as the small fat woman sang her heart out on the stage. She held her arms up above her head and let he whole body wiggle. Several young women in the front row fainted with pleasure. Batman watched as the whole audience seemed to meld into an orgy of Sapphic delight. The woman on stage wiggled her bum, and the crowd went orgasmic. The man nearly lost Batman as he slipped backstage, winding though the ropes and pulleys and electrical equipment...

...the classroom was completely empty save the young girl at the teacher's desk, sucking off her father's handgun. Batman tried to stop her, but it was too late. The man shook his head as he led the way to the back door in the class...

...the wedding feast was in full swing, the music swelling louder and louder, and the two young men at the center of the dance couldn't be happier, surrounded by their loving families...

...it rained, but the couple dancing through the streets couldn't have cared less, swinging each other around as they stripped bare...

...the lights swirled around madly, all the colors of the rainbow and then some, the lone girl skipping through the hall of mirrors whistling as she smashed the glass with her sledgehammer...

...they were in a room. For a moment, Batman was disorientated simply because it was so quiet. The man stood to the side, looking down with detached curiosity at the figure huddled in the corner. It was a boy wearing makeup, garishly, hugging himself as he muttered, shaking.

"I can't get rid of him. Every time I think I do, he comes back. I think he's asking for you... but nothing he says makes the slightest bit of sense."

Batman considered the scene carefully. He was obviously in the land of dreams, being led around by the King of Dreams. And the figure in the corner... well, it was probably the Joker. He had slipped into a coma in Arkham three weeks ago, and no one could discern a cause yet.

So, either this was all very real, and the King of Dreams wanted him to help the Joker, or he was even more mental than Alfred thought he was.

"Perhaps... he might be better here."

"No." There was such depth to how emphatically Dream spoke, Batman didn't even entertain any lingering thoughts of that nature.

Feeling awkward, and clumsy, he moved over to the boy, kneeling before him as he thought he ought to do. Not sure how, exactly, he was to help the child dream projection of a psychotic killer, he put his hand on the Joker's shoulder, and said, "There. There."

The Joker's pale green eyes turned to Batman. They were red and looked almost bloated, a look exaggerated by the weeping mascara lining the eyes. "Would you like to play a game with me?"

Batman could think of nothing he enjoyed less than playing the Joker's games, but he nodded slowly anyway. "But, we can't play here. You have to wake up."

The Joker blinked twice, then threw his small head back and laughed until his childish sides split, and the room disappeared.

They were in a throne room. Dream sat wearily on the inconspicuous throne. "Thank you. I tried to imitate you, but he always knew the difference."

Batman didn't react, uncertain.

"You dream the same thing every night. Don't you get tired of it?"

Dream didn't really seem that interested in how Batman used his kingdom, but it seemed impolite to ignore him anyway. "I dreamed of something else once."

"Ah, yes... That was interesting. Though, not entirely original..."

Bruce was on the hood of the batmobile, Dick's willing body underneath him. Dick wore only his mask, and Robin cape, and he wore only the cape and cowl. Dick's groans went through his body like fire. He pushed his way into Dick's body, and nearly screamed with passion.

No one else could do this to him. No one else even tried.

Bruce was so close, his eyes shut tight, and he didn't see that Dick's eyes were black with white centers.

"Master Bruce," Alfred spoke urgently as he tapped Bruce's shoulder, "you are going to be late if you do not get up soon."

Bruce blinked his eyes open, startled to see the sun shining brightly through the windows.


"You overslept, Master Bruce." There was both a statement and a concern in that statement.

Bruce half expected himself to smile as he thought back over the night. "So I did."

"Master Bruce?"

"I'm all right, Alfred." Bruce swung his legs over the edge of the bed, and stretched his arms in front of him a little. "I just had Dream."

Alfred mulled over what his charge said carefully as Bruce went to the washroom.

"Master Bruce? Don't you mean you had a dream?"